To Own the Title of Long Earrings

To bring the long earrings out of the box in an iconic style… By L.R.


Long earrings are a mark of luxury – a way to embellish your look – but if it is way too long or way too jarring, it is marked down almost immediately. So, how to avoid such a fashion faux pas?

Jennifer Lawrence at SAGs red carpet, 2014.                                                                             Source:

Adding a beautiful vintage tinge to the face, the long earrings have a specific style to display. To pull of this style, as always, there are a few fashion hacks.

First and foremost, make sure that the limelight is the long earrings. We don’t always sport these sleek beauties, so give them adequate importance. To shed light on it, tie up your hair in a bun or cut it short like Lawrence in the above picture.  The lesser the hair in the background, the more the earrings tend to stand out.

Second, for the ethereal beauty that tags along with these earrings, you don’t need lip make-up, especially the very bold colours unless your fashion designer recommends it. Nude, pale lip colours and shades that are similar to your natural lip colour are the best lipsticks to use. Angelina Jolie takes this to a brilliant level (see the picture below). To much of a glossy look can make your lips too artificial when they are alongside the long earrings.

Angelina Jolie wearing emerald green earrings. Source:

The more the neck and the collar bones are seen, the more the charm is added. Let it be the chandelier earrings or the hoops ones or even like the bold emerald ones Jolie is wearing, they are the best against our very own skin. Somehow, this exposed skin doesn’t attract attention and instead lets the focus be on the earrings.

Do we really need a chain or a choker to go with it? I don’t think so. The earrings make a statement for themselves. Let the hand ornaments like bracelets or delicate rings go with the earring than a neck “accessory”. When you wear a chain, it reduces the charm as there are too many things to look at, at the first glance.

Carrie Underwood at the CMA Awards Red Carpet in Tennessee.                               Source:

You don’t want to step into a party with the iconic long earring and without no make-up. The best feature to accentuate with make-up comes down to our eyes. Since 90% of the women in the world think that eyes are their best feature and eyes give depth to the whole face, which other facial feature can do more justice? Do your eye make-up well! Sport smoky eyes or a beautiful bash of eye-shadow with eyeliner to make your face stand out.

So listed above are all the fashion tips but if the preferred earring doesn’t go with the personality to wish to show, then there you have made a perfect error that is only seen in the lens of the unconscious mind.

Thin chandelier or thin hoop earrings usually show your delicate personality. It mostly emphasises on your jaw lines and it showers your look with elegance. It will be the best is it is monochromatic and metallic.

While the bold long earrings like Bali’s half moon earrings can be matched with bold coloured dress or ethnic wear. It shows the level of confidence you have. It shows that you don’t mind being different and you believe that you are outstanding. It shows that you are  a risk-taking experimenter and of course, the fashion pioneer.

So far, so good. Steal the show with your long earrings!

Author: L.R.@TheRink

Hey people! I am fashion blogger gliding through 19. For more about me, check the About Us page in my blog: THE RINK!!

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