Rejina Pyo’s classic and comfortable Spring / Summer 2017 Ready-To-Wear Collection

By L.R.


A highly sought-after fashion designer, Rejina Pyo has recently released her desirable Spring/ Summer 2017 Ready-To-Wear collection, which can be seen as conventional clothes with a striking style.

“When it comes to clothes, I prefer a subtler approach and an element of surprise.”

– Rejina Pyo interview Vogue UK

The Korea-born London based designer does have a few interesting looks to look forward to the forthcoming season.

Dresses and skirts rule this collection with the feminine grace to neutral colours. With emphasis on bold and light shades alike, Pyo has nailed the needs of a women’s closet – inclusive of party dresses and daily wear. The palette of colours are neither too fancy nor too showy too wear rather, it is sophisticated and posh to sport these colours.

From Long Side fringes to Peasant top-dresses, Pyo has made a signature for herself. These fringes come with the vintage-smock-dress look, that have a special place in our nostalgic memories, in an iconic look of a top matched with a almost-perfect-circle-yet-messy cut out skirt. The Peasant top-dresses – all monochromatic – come upto the knees with an asymmetrical cut and below-waist slit. What makes this look special is that we will never feel overdressed for any event and yet hold class at every event. Pair this dress with appropriate metallic accessories like a set of long earrings or broad bracelets with a suitable choker and you will enjoy the look. Classy and comfortable.

Broad belts, from the 90s cowboy looks have come back into fashion with a woman’s elegance in this collection.¬†Buttoned skirts and dresses are seen as her speciality in the collection. This seems to be in par with the royal dresses – crafted with dignity, pride and charm in mind. The metallic touch of these buttons and belts appears to be inspired of the street fashion look making these outfits a mix of street wear and conservativeness.

The Best 18 Looks of her collection are displayed below ~

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To see the full Rejina Pyo Spring Summer 2017 Ready-To-Wear Collection, go to

Author: L.R.@TheRink

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