Coach 1941 predates Pre-Fall 2017 Collection intact with Rexy the Coach Dino

By L.R.


Coach 1941 finishes 75 years in style by unleashing its Pre-fall Collection 2017 For Him and Her. Celebrating this “evolution”, Veveers has brought back Coach’s new signature and mascot, Rexy the Coach Dino. While this signature style has prevailed for what looks like ages now (since 2013 – A Stuart Veveers iconic creative), Rexy has only now got its very own fashion capsule collection for Pre-Fall 2017.

#RexyTheCoachDino @Coach

There is no proper source as to why Rexy is paraded as Coach’s new mascot but lets face it – From the time Ross from Friends has been into palaeontology, half the world knows about dinosaurs and even all the T-rexes! Also, movies that feature dinosaurs like Jurassic Park or Jurassic World have been huge box office hits! Even Google Chrome promotes these prehistoric creatures by featuring a game when the server is not reachable! Somehow, these fossils instil a belief that we are evolutionary and even revolutionary. As simple as it maybe, this is why, Coach may have taken up Rexy as its signature.

The collection was popularised earlier this month in New York, where this Multinational Luxury Fashion Brand is based on. It was a huge success as it brought out styles with colours of the Mesozoic Era to compliment its mascot.

“The spirit of this collection was about togetherness, optimism and possibility”

– Stuart Veveers, Creative Director of Coach from 2013, after the Pre-Fall 2017 collection was exhibited

However classy and elegant the Ready-To-Wear collection may be, you have to be in the right group for it to be appreciated. Otherwise, it may not fit at all entirely because the colours can also be seen as old-fashioned with a twist! It belongs more to the Street Wear Culture but a high-end of the same. Such differences but not extremes.

The Bags don’t have the need to be accessorised. Rexy does the trick for you! The Shoes, Accessories and Jackets fit in well with most styles! The Fur Jacket showers in Luxury with a tinge of Vintage Look. It is Time to update your Vintage Collection with Fashion!


Author: L.R.@TheRink

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