Just In News ~ Fashion Industry feels sorry for the “Sorry” Singer due to his latest Fashion Faux Pas

Fashion Faux Pas to a Whole New Level… By L.R.


Back in 2012, Bieber had major fashion faux pas and he was duly excused – he was just 18 – but trolled all over social media. He was getting better in between with signature styles of longer tees and bomber jackets but it happened yet another time. Some glimpses of his fashion faux pas in 2012 are displayed below:


Without well-built arms, this vest really doesn’t make a macho impression. Sadly, it does the exact opposite and proceeds to give a feminine beautification.

First point to note: Monochromatic style of Red and Red don’t go very well when it is specifically in leather material and covers the entire body.

The Next Worst Fashion Faux Pas Bieber made in 2012:

P.C. :http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2157219/Justin-Bieber-dresses-occasion-wears-tiger-print-jacket-Indian-restaurant.html

Bieber wore this “tiger-print” coat to the opening of an Indian restaurant in London and it ended up being very badly – guess he did not take up the cue that he was going to a restaurant. He was trolled in social media as his coat resembled “Grilled Chicken”.

Second point to note: Be aware of the occasion and dress appropriately.

When he was just getting better…

The Latest Fashion Faux Pas: 

Justin Bieber in his Hooded Fur Coat, Geeky Specs, Acid-Wash Cut-Out Jeans and Suede Boots in LA. Source:http://www.vogue.com/13514839/justin-bieber-statement-coat-dressing-celebrity-holiday-style/?mbid=social_facebook

It was a mildly cold night in Los Angeles and the singer sported his finest fur to battle the winds while the person behind him is fine with a much thinner jacket. The Hooded Fur Coat – called “ridiculous” by PETA – would have made a statement if he had tucked his hair in the hood. With a small chunk of hair outside the hood falling right in the middle of his forehead, he had made a style error. Also, the cut-out jeans and the all-covering fur coat just don’t compliment each other. The Geeky Specs gives a stereotypical elderly look when it especially has brown frames; lets face it, it doesn’t go with the attire.

Third point to note: If you have access to the best luxury fashion brands, then pair up the accessories accordingly.

Author: L.R.@TheRink

Hey people! I am fashion blogger gliding through 19. For more about me, check the About Us page in my blog: THE RINK!!

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