For the Desi women – Why Anita Dongre is your stylist for 2017?

Indian thread in a Western Needle…By L.R.


Mixing Indian (Desi) and Western colours and styles, Anita Dongre is The Fashion Designer for Indian lasses and of course those Westerners, who love theA mystics of India! She heads and designs the four known famous brands:

AND – Designs more western in thought


I recently had the opportunity to wear the outfit and it does look great on anyone!

Global Desi – Designs that a more to do with the Desi grace and elegance

Global Desi display during Lakme Fashion Week P.C.: Global Desi

Anita Dongre – The ultimate fashion for Indian Brides and Grooms

Source: Anita Dongre

Pink City – A centre for exquisite jewellery with intricate craftsmanship


AND and Global Desi have come a long way and they are the best known of the four. Then the question comes: Does it mean that Dongre is good? Well.. why? You just want reasons to know why AND and Global Desi are fashion pieces to wear and here they are:

Reason #1: Her designer collection is always a blend of West with India.

Desi prints in a western style clothing and western dress with Indian twists are her favourite kind. India has a rich culture wherein the young ladies want to look Indian yet fashionable and stylish to the Western world. Welcome abode ladies! Anita Dongre is here!

A Global Desi Wear. P.C.: Global Desi

Reason #2: It has style and precision.

Modest with style, Dongre has expressed her definition of fashion in fabric! A collection of monochromatic or dichromatic style for most western clothes and work wear while the Desi collection is fun-free and colourful!


Reason #3: It has all what you want for a closet collection.

Recently, AND has released its lookbook after its display of the dressiest collection and it features women wearing different attires for specific stations like work, play and party.

Source: AND

Reason #4: It is red-carpet material!

It is luxurious and royal. Well, you can’t oppose it when Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge steps in Desi Clothing!

Kate Middleton sways her way in Desi clothing

Author: L.R.@TheRink

Hey people! I am fashion blogger gliding through 19. For more about me, check the About Us page in my blog: THE RINK!!

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