RALPH & RUSSO for the festive winter season

Ralph & Russo’s white magic spell for the season… By L.R.


The haute couture fashion house Ralph & Russo showers with silver lining for this season. Before you are snowed upon by different fashion luxury brands, it is high time you steal glances of the handful of Ralph & Russo creations in line with this festive Christmas-New Year week.

When you are making this season the best of all seasons, it is good to mix and match!

P.C. Glass Magazine

From the racks of the Spring/Summer Season Collection, this frilled dress does come a long way. This elegant ruffled maxi suits any occasion but especially its winter counterparts because of its peach shade and monochromatic look.

Beginning the tour into Ralph & Russo’s embellishment collection!

“Crystals, glass beads ash ice-white pom poms” – ┬áP.C. Ralph & Russo

The Hiver season is now ready for you to be adorned with this winter warmer! Draped with this #ralphandrusso coat, you will be crystallised amidst the snowy setting!

Outfits become better with the trench coat topping.

P.C. Ralph & Russo

This white cashmere trench coat is the Ralph & Russo’s highlight for the theme of Christmas but nobody told that you cannot wrap yourself up with it for the entire season! Pearled, sequinned and embroidered with flowers and┬ámetallic thread work, this trench coat does not belong to the closet collection but to your body this whole season!

Coming down to your hands…

“Evening Essential” – P.C. Ralph & Russo

When you need a perfect bag, you just need to see the Ralph & Russo collection. The leaf shaped hand clutch is the perfect charm for your unaccesorised hands. The indigo scaled purse with the metallic finish is the best match for your winter season mono/dichromatic dresses this season!

Your legs need some Ralph and Russo too!

“Eden Pumps” – P.C. Ralph and Russo

Experience paradise on Earth with these Eden Pumps. Stroll your way through parties and grace the stage!

Now you do know what you need as a New Year’s Present!

Author: L.R.@TheRink

Hey people! I am fashion blogger gliding through 19. For more about me, check the About Us page in my blog: THE RINK!!

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