When Disney Characters can inspire fashion…

…we know that it is time to rethink our wardrobe choices and get inspired! By L.R.


Walt Disney Productions have come up with very concept based characters like Peter Pan is all in green and princesses all in dresses. But, it is really something else other than these stereotypical clothes that draws our attention and that something is how these dresses, which the characters wear all day long, everyday goes with a variety of scenes! We can implement these styles in our life too and create our very own Disney-inspired wardrobe collection. These can make statements when worn for different occasions in different seasons and scenes!

Let’s start with the glimpse of upcoming most awaited release Beauty and the Beast.

P.C.: Walt Disney Productions

Emma Watson or Belle sports a high-neck bow-like red satin cape with her hair tied to the back.

Simple implication: It is best to tie your hair when you wear a high-collared top or dress.

Something to think about: When it is a high-collar, it shouldn’t be higher than the tip of your ear and it can be supported with a deep cut in the front.

Best Season to Wear it: Winter/Autumn


P.C. Walt Disney Productions

Elsa wears a dress with a shimmery translucent extension.

Simple Implication: It is all shiny and it goes well with all patterns with a solid background colour.

Something to think about: The glitter is paired with the shattered-glass effect and so, the whole dress looks connected. Frills, Appliqué work and ruffles will go well too. Avoid beads, sequins and other shiny crystals and accessories are unnecessary.

Best Season to Wear: Spring

High School Musicals

P.C.: Walt Disney Productions

Gabriella wears a glossy slip V-neck blouse with a Crayola orange stiff jacket, which has minimal floral motifs.

Simple Implication: Contrasting colours like orange and green can go with each other when they are not bold shades.

Something to think about: Not only the colours but also, the texture and the patterns must be of similar consistency. Just like how the colours are not bold and complement each other, the texture to pattern ratio should be maintained – in this case, minimal motifs of the jacket is paired with minimum design texture of the blouse.

Best Season to Wear: Summer

Next time, look closely at these Disney costumes to style your wardrobe!

Author: L.R.@TheRink

Hey people! I am fashion blogger gliding through 19. For more about me, check the About Us page in my blog: THE RINK!!

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