Fashion Hacks for the Best First Impressions

Make it work from the very first look… By L.R.


Hey guys! Its time to make the best first impressions! The first impression is made in about 0.03 seconds and yes, this is even before you can say a complete “Hi” or even sustain eye contact. Science does say that this influences how the other person feels about you, knows about you and responds to you. When you go to meet someone important and dear to your whole life, do you really want to mess it up before the first second? No! Of course not and these fashion tricks will make you look impressive and will leave you impressed!

Before we start with the fashion hacks, there are two types of first impressions you would want to know about. One which you know you are going to make like going for a meeting maybe and another one which you have absolutely no idea – so yes, you never know when you meet a special someone.

Lets start with how to dress when you know that you are going to see one of your old long-lost friends or even a blind date. You really don’t know what they like. For those people, who go around saying that they dress for themselves and for them to feel good. I totally agree with that but hey again, I feel good about myself in my pyjamas snuggled in a cosy couch. There is a clear-cut difference. When you go and meet someone, it is inbuilt in us to make the best first impression.


Monochrome dresses at the Golden Globes 2017! Source Credit:

Start looking for a monochrome look for the best. Keep it simple with a full black outfit or if you want to go to the maximum, just let it be dichromatic. With loads of colours, you would attract attention to your dress and guess what? I’m sorry but that person may not like the exuberance. Also, when you are in the meeting where you showcase the best of your personality, the person gets distracted by your dress. It is just like the ads on a research paper… that distracting! Stick to the simplistic colours!


Model: S. Venkat

Lace works well! Cut out pieces follow in a close second! It gives you a delicate look and at the same time a confident look. Paired with a solid colour, you are ready to go! It doesn’t speak volumes and it doesn’t be without giving a personality. You have got this situation under your control!

Lets skip to the next part of the discussion! What if you have no idea that you are going to meet someone!! Gear up for the best looks that you can carry forward and be comfy!


Model: S. Venkat

When you are into Street Fashion styles, you will love jackets! Make the best out of them! Trending right now are the bomber jackets. Yes, the printed ones! If you don’t know how to get the look, please wait for one of my next posts (16+ Ways to Update Your Look this Year). Until then, stick to the solid colours! A couple of solid colours mixed together give you a sophisticated look!


Model: S. Venkat P.C.: V. Raamanathan

Sleeve it right! Just like how the Queen’s former stylist advices, always keep the sleeves right. A small sleeve or a cap sleeve is only good if you have toned upper arms while the ones that end right before your elbow shows of the elbow crease, which is not a great thing.. Come on, it is a crease! The best sleeves end right after the elbow crease and also, it gives the lady elegance. This picture shows the sleeve ending right after the elbow crease with a flared sleeve finish (which is up in the trend – inspired from the Korean World of Fashion!)

With these simple 4 tips in mind, you now know what to do to create the best first impression whether you you know it or not! If you guys have great first impression fashion ideas, then please do leave a comment!! Looking forward to hearing from you’ll! ❤


Author: L.R.@TheRink

Hey people! I am fashion blogger gliding through 19. For more about me, check the About Us page in my blog: THE RINK!!

20 thoughts on “Fashion Hacks for the Best First Impressions”

    1. Hi Hannah! First impressions do leave a tremendous effect when you go for auditions! I’m pretty sure that you know all about the first impression hacks like smiling and body language… with these fashion tricks, you can impress people when on stage as well as outside of it!! All the Best Future Actress! Hope to see you on screen in the near future! Do send me the link if it is on screen!!

      THE RINK

      P.S. I am 18 too! I instantly love people who follow their dreams!


      1. That is the aim! I love to learn new things, languages and yes, I have always been a fan of what happens in the air! I used to watch a TV show about Plane Crashes and how they survived or tragically died, when I was a kid… Your blog brought me so many memories! Thank you! We live in the same part of the world but I still don’t know your name… You are quite a secret blogger, my friend!

        THE RINK

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      2. Guess my friend, the model, caught your attention as the Indian lass!

        Wow!! Its amazing that you see Indian movies and know about my culture! “Khan” is a big name in the industry, Mr. A Khan!

        THE RINK

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  1. Bonjour jeune fille
    Je t’emmène du bonheur
    il est à côté de toi
    Surtout ne bouge pas
    Tiens ! il s’est glissé dans ton sourire
    Oh ! Le voilà dans ta belle demeure
    Pour embellir ta journée de joie et que ta soirée te soit de tout repos
    Pour toi je me dis que c’est la meilleure raison
    Alors partageons ensemble ce bonheur avec tous ceux que l’on aime et que l’on apprécie
    Regarde il brille soit comme le soleil au lever du jour ou une étoile dans la nuit
    Que Ce Bonheur restent l’histoire d’un beau jour
    Je te souhaite
    Une très belle journée ou une belle soirée

    Bisous Bernard Ton Ami


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    1. Bonjour Bernard,

      Merci beaucoup pour visiter mon blog! Je ne suis qu’une débutante dans de langue de la France… Pardon moi pour les erreurs! Je vous souhaite une très belle journée ou une belle soirée! À bientôt!

      THE RINK


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