8 Ways to Look Slim Instantly

Play with the tricks and illusions – Become slim instantly… By L.R.


Women these years have grown to be intelligent: They don’t want to be skinny and they want to be slim. Today, they know that skinny women are for modelling while the ones who are slim excel in daily life! Women have started to embrace their body and looks!

Not every girl wants to be the “plastic” from Mean Girls. They want to be attractive, not stick-thin. 

These fashion hacks concentrate on showing off your bodies slimmer. Science says that slimmer women are more confident than those who feel that they are plumpy.

For all of you beautiful and confident women, this article is for you.


Source: Because Im Addicted

Stick to the darker paletteThis is exactly why your silhouette looks thinner than you! You can either dress up in an all-chromatic dark outfit or dress only the part, where you don’t want to emphasise on, in darker colours. This will leave you look slimmer than usual!


Source: DHgate.com
Mercedes Fashion Week Madrid Primavera/Verano 2015
Source: WardrobeLooks.com

Vertical Stripes your way through.

The reason why horizontal stripes are quite unappealing especially for broader women is because they make you broader than you actually are! Vertical Stripes make you look thinner – it concentrates on your curves and is very flattering! It takes on the dimensions like conturing your face.


Source: Cuded

Wear heels. This classic tool helps you look taller and in turn, makes you look slimmer! It is proven that as humans we are inescapable to the illusion that taller people are slimmer. Get the heels out of your closet and rock the night!


Source: Pinterest

Wear fitted clothes than the baggy oversize clothes. Of course, you look cute in a baggy sweater – because you look small in that overwhelming sweater! However, when you want to flaunt your body shape, that does no good! At the same time, do not wear skin-tight dresses – you want to be comfortable in style! Wearing fitted clothes help you to look slim!


Source: Iconic Patterns PoshMark

Jeans with back pockets. When you have a bigger derriere than you wish to have, please do stick to the back pocket denim rule! With pockets, your butt will appear to be thinner than it actually is.


Source: Maxi Dresses

Absolutely No Full Skirt for short women. Shorter women deserve better than full skirts. Full skirts emphasise on your waist and you might look broader and henceforth, shorter than you actually are. A strict no-no to that section!


Source: Fashion

Show your legs! The higher your dress, the taller you look! It doesn’t always mean that if you wear a full dress, you will look short but if you aren’t taking chances, go for the shorter dresses. To know more on how to show your legs in style, click here.


Source: PromGirl

A deep cut Dress. This is the show stealer classic technique of appearing to look thinner. The more you emphasise showing off your skin in the right places, you will look slimmer. The primary reason behind this tailored thought is that the skin distracts the other people into making you look thinner or slimmer than usual!

These are 8 fine tips into becoming slimmer in another’s eyes! Confidence just slips along into you as you gradually feel slimmer and slimmer throughout the day! Good day!

Author: L.R.@TheRink

Hey people! I am fashion blogger gliding through 19. For more about me, check the About Us page in my blog: THE RINK!!

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