Correct the Colour to get More Attractive

(Based on Scientific Research!) Exclusive Scientific Tips! By L.R.


Hi guys! As you have read in my previous posts, you get only 0.03 seconds to make an impression!  This is the start of the idea that We Dress to Impress. With the same old scientific stats, lets unfold the truth.

During the beginning of evolution of mankind, we dressed to make us feel dry and warm or to protect us from the winds; then, we evolved to wear clothes to protect us from shame (thanks to the Apple!); now-a-days, we dress to impress.

Source: Pinterest

Dress to Impress

It is a known fact about why wear our old PJs at home and not outside. We don’t want to be perceived as having a sloppy persona.

We do not need to be fashion maniacs to know how to dress. We just know how to presentable and how to kill it with clothes! We are not going to wear the trending bomber jacket to the beach or the animal prints to a Wildlife Conservation Meeting!

Yep, this common psychology is present in every human’s subconscious mind.

Scientific Tip: We all agree with Marc Jacobs that we express ourselves through our clothes. When we are bold, we would go with the monochrome primary colours while when we are sceptic, we usually go with grey or purple or the indefinite colours. Now that you have a hint of how to manipulate minds with colours, come lets learn more!

2 Reasons Why we work on our Dressing Style:

  1. It influences the way we perceive ourselves! Wear a white shirt and a blazer and look at yourself in the mirror. Now, replace the shirt with a tee and gaze into the mirror. Does the tiny difference influence the way you think about yourself and give you different ideas of where you are headed to?

    To Know 5 ways to Style the Blazer, look up here. Source: YvesofStyle  (An online magazine on fashion, beauty and lifestyle)
  2. It marks our image in the society. When we dress to impress, we are not only going to impress ourselves but also our society, our work place, our friends and acquaintances. We create a signature for ourselves! This is also an essential factor of mate-selection!


If the way we dress is going to be of such importance, then it is the best that we need to know the colours and get them right. Lets now work on Trompe-l’œil!

The Psychology behind Colours We Wear

There are several interesting psychological studies and experiments that work on the colours that attract other people. Lets look at the psychology behind 4 colours, that trend.

Black: Firstly, you are seen as an authority and a powerful person. In terms of attraction, it makes the other person feel vulnerable and that person will admire you and look up to you. You have already won the game. Of course, it does make you appear slimmer (to know more click here). Attractiveness level: Stylishly cool. Tip: Wear a full black outfit to maximise your style!

Red: The colour of love and passion – red. It is the colour that draws attention and it slowly emerged as all powerful and energetic. It makes other same-sex people feel you as a threat to their attractiveness. Attractiveness level: Awesomeness. That is why it stays long as the trend. Tip: Always balance your red with a pairing colour; If you want wear full red, minimise your accessories.

Orange: Orange is the New Black. It shows that you are optimistic and energetic. It is the new-attention grabber! However, you can wear it only for certain occasions but at those “occasions”, you have to wear it correctly to make a statement! Attractiveness level: Rugged charm. Tip: Only when you style it well, can you make a statement.

Street Fashion (To Wear Orange Right, click here) Source: Styleinus

2017 Special:

 Green: This is the colour that relaxes you – the colour of nature – the colour speaks grace, fertility and beauty. It gives you an earthy look and it gets you connected to the special someone in no time. It is homely and it makes the other person feel good about himself / herself. Attractiveness level – Gripping.

Chrome Yellow: It is best worn in bold shades – the newest red carpet colour. It increases the other persons heartbeat literally giving an infused adrenaline rush, which is present only during excitement or fear; make good use of it! Attractiveness level: Ravishingly Beautiful. Tip: You will always receive mixed reactions but it will never be about you looking average – the talk will be about you looking extraordinarily beautiful or ultimately disastrous; So choose your yellow dress well before you sport it.

(Source for psychology behind most colours:

The Right Colour For You

Of course, there is one colour out of these trending colours, that stands out in level of attractiveness. That is RED.


Red-Tipping Effect:

This is based on the hypothesis wherein the results show the correlation of the colour of the shirt of the waiter/waitress and the incresed tipping of the opposite-sex customer ; It also highlight the attractiveness and sexiness of the waitresses (Gueguen and Jacob, 2013).

However, this didn’t work with men. Waiters, who wore red, got that same tips as the other waiters. Nevertheless, the classic pair of colours – white and black – received better tips. So for the men out there, black and white works better than red.

To know more about the study (Lynn et al., 2013), click here.

Women, You are intelligent!

“A competency explanation might also account for why female (but not male) subjects perceived the opposite sex server as less attractive when the latter wore red, because women, more than men, find achievement and competence to be important determinants of attractiveness in the opposite sex (Buss, 1989).” (Quoted from Lynn et al., 2013)

Red-Attractiveness Effect:

Red is looked upon as the Most Attractive Colour only in specific contexts! Love has come from a long way from being just fondness and affection to erotism and seduction. It has changed from Pink to a more Daring and bold Colour Red. It brings forth the electricity, mystery, chemistry and drive.

“In a set of studies published last year (2012), the researchers Adam Pazda, Andrew Elliot and Tobias Greitemeyer found that men perceive women in red as more sexually receptive, and that they perceive sexually receptive women as more attractive.” (Quoted from Psychology Today)

The Occasions when Red is NOT the Colour:

#1: On the Red Carpet: Red on Red is too much Red.


#2: During Interviews: You want to look professional and not like the attention-grabber.

Source: Pinterest



With my fashion blogger friend Madeline’s suggestion, I would love to share the two places where she thought red is inappropriate!

#3: Funeral: Only the roses get to be red that day.

Source: Altrusa Club of Appleton

#4: Weddings: Its fine unless all eyes are on you and you are not the bride!

That red dress in the blurred background! Source:

Thank you Madeline! To visit her blog and see her fashion tips, click here.


I can only think of these two occasions because Red is just a magnificent colour. However, in terms of attractiveness in colours I have to tell you guys that culture does play a huge role in which colour looks attractive to the people of particular countries. Red would work best in India as it has a strong cultural connection! Singapore is known as The Red Dot – Psychologically, red would work in Singapore too! If you think it works on other countries too, then write it in the comments!

Until then, Red is the Colour of Attractiveness!


References & Sources:

Author: L.R.@TheRink

Hey people! I am fashion blogger gliding through 19. For more about me, check the About Us page in my blog: THE RINK!!

7 thoughts on “Correct the Colour to get More Attractive”

      1. I would say pretty much like everywhere else, red or black for women, and black for men. Also, when it comes to places where it would be inappropriate to wear red, a funeral would be one. Maybe a wedding too (if you’re not the bride, it’s too eye catching and seems like you wanna steal the attention haha)

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      2. Stealing the thunder! That is a definite no-no! And you are right… At a funeral, it is the best to not wear a red dress. It may even seem rude. Glad to know that Red and Black work in France! Good Evening!

        THE RINK

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