Trade Secrets: Blusher

By S.C.


Hi guys! I am starting a new series called Trade Secrets for the next few days. This section is to show you guys what are the hacks professionals use to create that perfection within minutes, we will also look at alternative solutions for emergencies. This post I am going to talk about tricks used with blushers. I hope they give you that special factor the next time you need it in seconds.


CREATE YOUR OWN BLUSHER by using a natural pink or apricot shade of lipstick and dab it onto your cheek apples. Blend thoroughly using your finger.

TO FADE A DOUBLE CHIN, blend a shader onto the area to make it less dominant. If you darken the double chin, it will recede into the background.

USE CREAMY EYESHADOW in natural shades if you run out of cream blusher in the last moment.

TO TRANSFORM DAYTIME BLUSH into evening glamour, dust a shimmery gold powder as a blusher and gradually build the colour.

FOR A FLATTERING FINISH if you don’t wear eyeshadow, sweep blusher over your eyelids to give subtle definition.


Hopefully these tips help you, leave a comment for tips on any specific issue you would like in the coming weeks.

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