Never Been On A Date

Delighted to be featured! Thank you Sarah! An episode in my life.


Helloooo everyone and happy weekend! I hope all of you are having a wonderful day so far. So in case you guys weren’t aware, my Think Spring guest bloggers series is launching on February 15th. This series has been a fun one to work on and it has given me the opportunity to make some new blogging friends, like Lakshmi from The Rink. Lakshmi will be featured in my guest bloggers series but she was also kind enough to provide me with another terrific post for lifewithlilred. This article is titled “Never Been On A Date” and you saw it here first!

Never Been On A Date:

Terms, which you won’t believe, that exist!

I am L.R. and I come from India. For those who don’t know, there is this system in India known as the “arranged marriage system” – a guy and a girl who are ‘destined’ to…

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Author: L.R.@TheRink

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13 thoughts on “Never Been On A Date”

      1. Yeah I do believe!
        Because we pattan have a tradition of only arrange marriage which has been comming from centuries and I have not seen any one in my tribe with love marrige bcause love is sin and if the lovers are caught they could face death punishment …. I know it is scary but what can we do

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    1. Hey Ahmed,

      I have never seen a divorce in this style of marriages too! When I follow the traditions, that have existed for centuries, I have a sense of dignity, honour and pride. Despite whatever and however it is… I believe that I am free to do whatever I want, but I bind and surrender myself to something that is greater than my little self…

      THE RINK

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      1. I really respect your feelings for your tradition, I still don’t care about the serious consequences if I care that is the girl I love, if you love someone you won’t let her hurt, so if the consequences were not really serious than I would go for the love marriage

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      2. Dear Lakshmi…. it is kind of you, thank you … and I also like the way that just because of your parents dignity you have avoided love, date and etc this is a sign of loyal daughter ★★★

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      3. Dear Ahmed,

        ‘Dignity’ is a word that makes a person a little artificial from the actual self for the sake of the society! I have been taught that this word is quite important.. It has been rooted a long time ago.. rebelling against it is an option that will lead to the damage of other happy things in life.

        THE RINK

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  1. Just read your article, it was such a nice read and it’s amazing to see how cultures can be different from each other. In France this doesn’t exist anymore, but in some way I understand your feeling about tradition, how sacred it is and how respected it should be. Just curious, but do you get to talk about it with your parents? Do they chose someone alone or do you have a say in it? 🙂

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    1. Hey Madeline,

      Yes, now we do have a say in it. We can even break up the engagement if we think that the marriage will not work. But, it seldom happens. Rules are relaxed… Girls can get choosy now..😉

      THE RINK

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