February – The month to ditch New Year’s Falling (or Failing) Fashion Trends!

Hi guys!

The first month of 2017 took us to so many dimensions of fashion – Can’t blame the fashion weeks! January has already made its mark by showing several fashion trends! It started from ‘The Single Shoulder Cut-out – If it isn’t off the shoulder, then it is off the market’ trend to so many other like atheleisure, retro prints and of course, the yellow wave!

But then can everything on the ramp become a fashion statement – now that is a question! I told you that there are many ongoing trends; what I didn’t tell you yet is that most have succeeded but some are left out already!

Before the next shopping trip, make sure to erase these items out of the list.

#1. Banker Stripes

Source: The Garnette Report

It was never THE trend even when it came out on the ramp. But yes, I am not opposing it as does have its own uniqueness and formal touch. It does look sleek but believe me, stripes are great but banker strips are NOT because of a common psychology. Bankers are stereotypically boring; banker stripes?! – make you look boring! That is not an impression you want to make… unless of course, you style it up as your work outfit!

“…believe me, stripes are great but banker strips are NOT because of a common psychology. Bankers are stereotypically boring; banker stripes?! – make you look boring!”

#2. Modern Day Fashion Crocs?!

Source: http://www.allure.com/gallery/fashion-trends-2017

Jewel-encrusted is a trend you can trust… but actual stone-crusted trend – wait, what? Exactly! We aren’t living in the jungles nor are we still apes! Well, when we do accept this bizarre trend, we notice the crocs on the ramp! Crocs were never designed to be a part of fashion… it was always the comfy wear or rather the everywhere-wear! It was never a part of this industry because of its unsophisticated look.

#3. Suiting up with Oversized suits!

Source: Vogue

Again, this is a formal wear. I hate to be this person who distinguishes work wear from daily wear or party wear! But, lets face it! Suits are for work and for meetings! Yes, you can make a fashion statement even at your office but over-sized suits are a big NO-NO! All the more, you might not be able to concentrate on work or might just suffer to find your hands!

#4. Ridiculously ripped off jeans

Source: Metro

This trend did start back in 2016 – ripped off jeans. There was an immediate success with this trend! There were even patched-jeans that started making a statement. Then, the designers just went with the flow of success and ended with this – the trend I would like to call “Ridiculously Ripped Off Jeans”. The basic reason why it was created was to promote the peek-a-boo trend but instead, it revealed most of the leg instead! Why to buy this jeans when you can enjoy shorts? – I mean, you will even feel a lot freer than when you are wearing pants! Usually, less is more, but in this case, I beg to differ!

#5. Fitness Trackers


Yep, this trend started way back in 2016 too but it did seem like a hit at the beginning until our fashionistas started shedding it in 2017! Fitness trackers aren’t again a part of fashion like the crocs #2. However, as most people wore it, it became a trend by itself! Trust me, it doesn’t go with all your outfits in your wardrobe. Nope, not with your LBD. Nope, not with your skater dress. It does fit in with sports wear but please do drop it when you wear your stylish outfits!

An additional tip on choosing about the off-shoulder trend is just choose wisely! You don’t want to be dressed like this!

Source: Elle

These Single Shoulder Cut-Out Trend is one trend wherein not every outfit looks great! trust the fashionista in you when you choose an outfit in this trend!

There it is! 5 Falling or rather Failing Trends of 2017! Its time to Ditch these New Year Fashion Resolutions!


Author: L.R.@TheRink

Hey people! I am fashion blogger gliding through 19. For more about me, check the About Us page in my blog: THE RINK!!

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