Fashion Formula for Valentine’s Day! – Can it be inspired from Fashion Weeks?

Tailoring thoughts on Fashion for Valentine’s Day! By L.R.


Hi guys!

To be totally honest, being a fashion blogger doesn’t necessarily mean that I wear fashionable or stylish clothes everyday in my life. Just like you, my readers, I look up the newest trends, the latest magazines and of course, my fellow bloggers’ articles to find interesting choices in clothes! Then I work it up in my own way and then present it… then comes my way of blogging… I explain why the trend, how to wear it and why it would suit you! I may as well be a scientific fashion blogger.


Today’s topic is Valentine’s Day and the countdown is on! Not only is that there associated with the 14th of Feb, but also, I am very happy to announce that my blog has been running for 2 months now!!

It is a ritual for a fashion blog to have a blog post to be on Valentine’s Day and here is mine! As usual, I started surfing the Internet on different Valentine’s Day outfits and found some very phenomenal outfits and trends that I could carry out! Some of my friends (also fashion bloggers) have really come up with great ideas! I found that my friend Lisa from Bankrupt Beauty has some really compelling thoughts in her latest post Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration!

These are somethings I learnt when it comes to Valentine’s Day!

What I learned from Fashion Weeks:

From Rodarte Spring/Summer 2017 Collection at New York Fashion Week – P.C. Harper’s Bazaar

1. NOT ALL Fashion Week Outfits really reflect our daily outfits. Sometimes, no it is not the best look you want on this really special day.

2. Some trends can be copied but be sure to know each trend’s season or purpose! You really don’t want to pair a fitness tracker with a dress!

3. Some outfits are just too metallic or gaudy! Choose wisely.

4. Sometimes,the outfits don’t shout-out YOU. You know yourself well! See through various outfits until you find something that expresses you.

5. Just because some great designer designed some outfits doesn’t mean that you have to wear them! Sometimes, the dress shops down the street can have the best clothes for you!

What I learned from different Fashion Magazines:

Fashion Magazine Source:

1.You get tips from actual fashion experts!!

2.They give us a full style guide, which is actually the best for people who don’t want to look at different sites to learn about the best dresses or for those people who are lazy to see any other opinions!

3. They display pictures of different celebrities and talk about their fashion sense! It is amazing to know about celebrities’ style but shouldn’t we discover our very own style?! However, it can help us craft out our own style!

4. Many women see the same style guide section from these magazines and you might not stand out!

5. The advice they give is essential! But we should really know that we aren’t their stereotypical readers and so, we can change the advice to suit us!

What I learned from fellow Fashion Bloggers:

1. They are the ones, who are experiencing reality from our lens! We can trust their advice hands down!

2. They give us simple-to-follow rules and its magic!

3. They don’t give us false hopes! And no, they aren’t playing around photoshop to make the dress look amazing!

4. We can actually interact with them and find out the best styles for your body! I am tired of waiting for replies from the big fashion magazines and even the small ones!

5. There are these amazing blog posts on fashion with budget! We are not all millionaires!

Personally, I would bet on fashion bloggers on advice for this special day! Wish you a lovely Valentine’s Day! And if you find a perfect outfit, please do share it with me! I would love to know your styles that make you YOU!


Author: L.R.@TheRink

Hey people! I am fashion blogger gliding through 19. For more about me, check the About Us page in my blog: THE RINK!!

37 thoughts on “Fashion Formula for Valentine’s Day! – Can it be inspired from Fashion Weeks?”

      1. Hey Ahmed,

        Well-dressed men are gentlemen… the rest are boys… Women go for the men. A full-sleeved shirt with sleeves folded right after the elbow does the trick many times. And do remember that we can find a gentleman by his shoes! Not a men’s fashion blogger but I am a woman and I guess that is one of the key criteria, that is required!!

        THE RINK

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    1. Hey Diwakar!

      Thank you! Your poetry is deep, raw and is is the darker ones of its kind… The free-structure flows unusually normally for you which is quite a talent of the extraordinary!! The sensitive topics couldn’t have been expressed in a better way! It is great to meet you!

      THE RINK

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    1. Hey Melody!

      Thank you so much!! Your blog is lovely! I ❤ your latest post on gifts for valentine's day and more than that, I loved your after-thoughts written beneath your pictures in "Mood: Getting Back into Things" blog post! These blogs display our passion and yes, of course, they are our outlets! I loved it a lot and so, I have subscribed to it with my blog's mail address!

      THE RINK

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey KT!!

      Thank you!! Saw your Valentine’s Day outfit and you just rock the off-shoulder style! Love your Daily Dose section too!! Looking forward to read your upcoming posts!!

      THE RINK


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