Trade Secret: Lips

By S.C.


Sorry for the long break guys! I’m back on with the series this week with hacks on prepping your lips in style! With Valentine’s day soon I think this post will be of great use.

IF YOU’RE IN A HURRY¬†avoid wearing dark coloured lipsticks as they require precise applications. Go for neutral tones!


GIVE YOUR LIPS A TOP COAT of vitamin E oil. This will seal the colour and create instant shine. An added bonus is that it helps protect and condition your lips too.

IF YOU HAVE NARROW LIPS use paler shades as these tend to enhance the shape of the lip, giving a fuller look.

BRIGHTLY COLOURED LIPSTICKS ARE AWESOME – WHEN DONE RIGHT, to avoid bleeding of the colour around the lip-line, define and coat your lips with a liner before applying lipstick.

p.c.Stylish and Trendy

IF YOUR LIP LINER IS TOO DARK tone it with a small amount of foundation, then proceed to apply your chosen lip colour.

See you soon with another post in this series!

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