4 Fashion Tips to learn from “The February 2017 Collection” by Ralph Lauren

By L.R.


“February 2017” isn’t only celebrated for major award functions and of course Valentine’s Day but also for Ralph Lauren’s latest collection!

“My February 2017 Collection was inspired by a nomadic spirit, an exotic sophistication contrasting pure shapes with rustic textures, burnished golds, shades of the desert, and artful, one-of-a-kind jewelry. It embodies the spirit of the woman I design for, always seeking a style that is bold and personal.”

– Ralph Lauren on the collection: The February 2017 Collection

Maria Borges sporting Ralph Lauren’s newest collection down the runway during New York Fashion Week on February 15, 2017 – Source: Zimbio

#1. Get the shade right!

Well, the Pantone’s Colour of the Year suddenly seems to have not much power on our famous designer collections! There is no Green or Chrome Yellow (the top 2 colours in the Pantone’s 10 Top Colours of the Year list)! Instead, walking down the runway was shades of ivory, tan, white, cream, khaki, metallic colours and the dominant black. Looks like this year’s colours are on the safer side of the line – these colours are not daring or audacious – instead, they are elegant and classic. They add charm to the felinity of these models! So yes, these colours show the promise of to prevail this year despite any of the top-colour-of-the-year list!

#2. Crochet is back!

Ralph Lauren has found a key to the pathway of the old crochet – and now, it is back into fashion. Similar to lace or net, crochet is a style that promotes the peak-a-boo fashion trend. Since all of the pieces from the collection are hand-crocheted, it is a ton more special and delicate. Elegance? It is the epitome of that element! Fancy? Well, see it for yourself!

Source: Harpar’s Bazaar Singapore

#3. Layering is an art

Just like how my friend in one of the previous posts Top 5 Fashion 2017 Q & A answered By Two Leading Bloggers mentioned that layering is important, Ralph Lauren mentions it in his own unique way – the runway NYFW. Layering is the best during the winter season. It builds a mystic and a suspense aura around you. Also, you have to do it right to stand out!

Source: Popsugar and Zimbio

#4. It is the Monochrome Maxis this time!

Even though there were a few knee-length dresses, that caught our sight, it was the maxis that stole the show! The special thing about these maxis are that it is of course monochrome – and absolutely zero prints. Therefore, it is a classic and you can pair it with any accessory or like the models here, with no accessory at all! You have all the freedom to do pair it up however you want it to be! The metallic touch to most of the maxis showcased gives a sense of mystical happenings!

Source: Zimbio, Getty Images, Midco

The 4 tips for February are out and yes, fully inspired from Ralph Lauren’s Latest Collection 2017 – Straight from the New York Fashion week!



Author: L.R.@TheRink

Hey people! I am fashion blogger gliding through 19. For more about me, check the About Us page in my blog: THE RINK!!

4 thoughts on “4 Fashion Tips to learn from “The February 2017 Collection” by Ralph Lauren”

      1. Hey Dolores!

        Wow! That dress is so fine and is ruffled with elegance! The darker shades Long cardigan touch breaks the monotonous Colour of the dress! The chain is a bold accessory… Along with the animal print bag & footwear and the cardigan, the bolder tinge rightfully complements the light nature of the dress! You have eyes for well-designed outfits,my friend! My Favourite are the first two outfits in this post!

        THE RINK

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