Trade Secrets: Eyes

By S.C.


This week I am going to look at tips to aid perfecting the most defining part of ones face (in my opinion). They say that your eyes are the windows to your soul, so if many people are going to look into them we need to maintain them in style. However who has the time to do so in the rush of daily life? Thus I present you with this week’s post!

TO LIFT DROOPY EYES, shade the outer corners of the eyes, tapering colour upwards and outwards.

IF YOUR EYE PENCIL CRUMBLES as you are using it, don’t fear: clasp the nib between your fingers and run it under cold tap water. This process temporarily hardens the nib and allows you to continue perfecting your look.

TO ENHANCE SMALL EYES, avoid using dark eyeshadow and concentrate colour on the socket lines and outer corners of your eyes.

p.c. Style Motivation

IF YOU ARE SHORT-SIGHTED, corrective lenses will magnify your eyes, so opt for eyeshadows with muted colours.

IF YOU ARE FAR SIGHTED, glasses make your eyes seem smaller so go for brighter eyeshadow and several coats of mascara to make your eyes stand out!

Hope these tips will be of help to you guys and stay tuned to collect more tips on this series.

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