Time To Learn From Oscars 2017

Oscars 2017 can catch you off-guard! By L.R.


Warning: The first thing I learnt from Oscars may seem hard to digest… But it is true! The second thing is ‘awareness’ about pieces that can make a statement may go unnoticed! The last thing is about paving way for competition – not between individuals but between the dresses and the Oscar figurine! Yes, this is a fashion blog post!

Oscars 2017 is distinct for so many reasons starting from the very famous mix-up for the winner of Best Pictures to the live tweets to Trump! Some of the distinct things seen in Oscars 2017 related to fashion trends are… here!

This post is more about how celebrities styled their dresses and not about the trends they chose to follow! However, if you guys are looking for best designers, dresses and trends that stood out at the red carpet, check Admirably Legal‘s TRIPLE THE FUN, ACADEMY AWARDS 2017 RED CARPET RECAP by Mira! Her reviews are honest and frank – not influenced by any media! If you are looking for the best dressed celebrities at the awards function, do check out Curls, Clutches, and Champagne: My Fam & I Watch the Oscars by Lisa (Bankrupt Beauty)! This is a post I particularly enjoyed reading because of the commentary! Coming back to my post…

#1. Nicole Kidman’s Dress is altered -During the Oscars!

Nicole Kidman Source: Times of India

Flaunting her Armani Privé, Nicole Kidman made an entry into Oscars! Her sequin-embroidered dress followed the nude trend and jewel-crusted trend!! Everything was going on fine until when she was spotted again with a different style! Due to a rash thats tarted developing, she had changed the style! And she did it beautifully! It doesn’t look like she had changed it! Who else would alter such a lovely and expensive dress?!

However, it does it seem similar to something that happened a year ago at the Met Gala Party 2016 – Lets have a look at Karlie Kloss’s dress!

Karlie Kloss in 2016

#2. Emma Stone’s Planned Parenthood Enamel Pin

Emma Stone Source: Us Weekly

You can show your support anywhere! Emma Stone had accessorised in such a way that it is seen not to different from the dress itself but distinct such that it makes its mark. Also, the pin had been slightly modified (it had a golden undertone) to suit her dress! She has gone with minimalistic accessories! However, the problem with her pin was that in a flash, you might as well not notice it! But, there couldn’t have been any other colour she could have worn that pin in due to the colour of the dress she wore – gold.

#3. Pantone’s Colours and the Oscars’ Colours!

It is quite interesting to note that Pantone’s colours are yet to make its mark into 2017! It is back to the festive colours of nudes, metallic colours, the classic black and white and solid colours! The exclusive bit noticed this year is that jewel-encrusted dresses has made history! The Oscars’ figurine shined lesser than the celebrities and their dresses this year!

Source: Vogue

The Oscars’ figurine shined lesser than the celebrities and their dresses this year!

These are 3 things I learnt – #1 is heartbreaking and somewhat awe-inspiring; #2 is support is shown but not really strong… nah, not strong; #3 is that the dresses win any day over the Oscar figurine for the competition on which shines better. Lol!

P.S. I apologise for the late post! I know that I had to fit it in Feb but I couldn’t… College  work waits for no one! I will soon publish a post on the accomplishments of THE RINK in Feb 2017 and of course, I will unveil the coverphoto for March 2017! Stay tuned!

Author: L.R.@TheRink

Hey people! I am fashion blogger gliding through 19. For more about me, check the About Us page in my blog: THE RINK!!

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