Trade Secrets: Eyebrows

By S.C.


In continuation of last week’s series, this week I am going to share some awesome tips with you guys on eyebrows, because chances are that when someone looks at your eyes they will notice your eyebrows too.

SHARPEN BLUNT TWEEZERS by running sandpaper over the inner tips. This will give you a much smoother overall experience when plucking.

IF PLUCKING IS TOO PAINFUL, smooth on some baby’s teething gel to numb the area temporarily. This will make plucking a more endurable process.

p.c. Good Housekeeping

SUBSTITUTE A TOOTHBRUSH for a brow comb to groom your brows if you need a new one or just can’t be asked to get one.

IF YOU ARE A SLAPDASH when applying brow pencil, rub the pencil on the back of you hand. Run over these marks with a brow brush or a cotton bud and use this to shade the brows instead.

This is the penultimate post of this series, but I am still willing to post update posts if you want any extra tips on a specific subject, just leave a comment and I will get to you asap!


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