Trade Secrets: Foundation

By S.C.


This is the last post in this series, I am giving to you the tips for the key part in a makeover: the foundation that keeps everything together (pun intended). I hope you guys enjoy this post too. The  response I have got for this series is very heartwarming, I hope to continue making more content that will be of use to you guys!

BLOT YOUR SKIN WITH A TISSUE after applying foundation to remove excess oils from your face. This helps to prolong the life of your make-up base. Then set with powder.

WASH SPONGES or special applicators regularly. Use warm water and a little dishwashing liquid to remove impurities and bacteria.

p.c. Pinterest

FOUNDATION CAN SLIDE OFF in time due to the skin’s natural oil secretion. Avoid this use a formula incorporating oil absorbers such as talc or nylon powders.

FOR THE BEST RESULTS WITH LIQUID FOUNDATIONS, warm it on the back of you hand and use your fingertips to smooth it on.

I hope you guys enjoyed this series, I will be back soon with another post to simplify your life!


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