The Art Of Disguise #5: 10+ Fashion Styles Explored!

If this series had a prequel, this should have been it! By L.R.


Sherlock Holmes could judge you based on what you wear… what if you could trick him into thinking you were someone else? Welcome! 10+ Fashion Styles to explore and to discover who you really are! Are any of you in for a social experiment? Scroll all the way to the bottom of this post to know what it is about!

#1 Casual

For the girl who thinks just 10 times before picking out her dress for the day! Usually girls take a longer time! We are girls and its worth it!

Source: Pinterest

#2 Sporty

When Athleisure takes the centre stage and gymming is in trend!

Source: Pinterest

#3 Romantic

For the ones who search for love and respect equally… for the ones flaunting womanhood! They have elegance, style and a tinge of girliness that makes them the synonym for lady-like!

Source: Pinterest

#4 Girly Look

For the young girl in you, who likes frills, ruffles and lace! For the princess in you!

Source: Pinterest

#5 Grunge Look

When you have the “I-don’t-care” look and still look great!

Source: Pinterest

#6 Exotic

Time to be one of the kind! Go bold and dress yourself in the never-seen-before!

Source: Fashion Blog

#6 70s is back in trend

When they say that fashion doesn’t die, we know that it just comes back… fast forward a half century!

Source: Pinterest

#7 Edgy

A little bit of attitude doesn’t hurt! When you are a trendsetter and not a trend follower!

Source: Pinterest

#8 Tomboy

Comfort comes first. Who told that we need to be fancy to be right?

Source: Pinterest

#9 Chic

Fashionable as always. Stylish is a word that belongs to you.

Source: Pinterest

#10 Artsy

Layering is an art.

Source: Pinterest

#11 Bohemian

When Exotic is running mildly in your veins… You just have to adjust your inner free spirit with the one projected outside!

Source: Pinterest

#12 Vibrant

You can never miss this girl!

Source: SkyscraperCity

#13 Classic

Always elegant and poised… the royals of the fashion industry! When you know that you can never be outclassed…

Source: Pinterest

#14 Gothic

Can we include more black? Yeah? Then lets do it!

Source: Pinterest

#15 Street Fashion

Lets just get this over, shall we? No more words exchanged!

Source: Pinterest

This series will be there till the first week or maybe the second week of April! So, all the fashionistas who are up for a social experiment for trying on a different style, do send in a guest blog post! Record the reactions you receive, record what you feel and put the pictures (one of your style and the one you flaunted with for the social experiment!) in!


Author: L.R.@TheRink

Hey people! I am fashion blogger gliding through 19. For more about me, check the About Us page in my blog: THE RINK!!

14 thoughts on “The Art Of Disguise #5: 10+ Fashion Styles Explored!”

  1. I love all of these styles and would wear any of them. My favs are the ‘trendsetter’ and ‘chic’. The girl in the picture for ‘chic’ I’d even mistake for myself walking down the street, that is how apt I am to wear that style. Great article!

    Liked by 1 person

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