Guest Blog Series – For the Poet in you #3

Dark Fantasy

Source: Dark Beauty

Oh may I plunge?

And drown in the smooth waves,

the waves of your

Dark Dark Hair…


Oh may I gaze?

And just gaze

into the dark hues of your

Dark Dark Eyes…


Oh may I tread?

Tread till the end

on your soft, mellow and

Dark Dark eyelids…


Oh may I tether?

Tether myself to you

and let my soul be purged by your

Dark Dark Fantasies…


©Yaash Jain, 15th July 2015.


Yaash is a poet and his writing usually dwells on life and its mystics. It does sound like good song lyrics Yaash! It has a certain rhythm to it.

Dear readers, back to you again, if you guys have already written or inspired to write on the topic of April 13th’s blog post, – First Love or First Crush – then do send it in to by April 12th midnight! Waiting to hear from you!



Author: L.R.@TheRink

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