Guest Blog Series – For the Poet in You #6

Good-bye also means letting go…
Written by Adrija Chakravarti and originally published in THE RINK


Goodbye (Sonnet)

Source: Oprah

Do you remember the good old days?

When you were the only person who understood

We were catching a few of the sun’s rays,

Looking at the blue-green sea, we stood.


You were always supportive, always there

I was always trouble but you still kept

My secrets and you always did care

And with those fond memories, I almost wept.


But, then you changed, you became heartless,  mean

Those old memories forever gone

I kept quiet, hoping you could be cleaned

From the taint of teenage change, from bullies


I was wrong, so I let go of the past

I let go, my friend, and found peace, at last.

©Adrija Chakravarti

About Adrija in her own words:

Poetry was never my favourite topic in school, but this particular one is one I am quite proud of because it was written about personal experiences. I wrote this poem about losing one of my closest friends in middle school who then turned out to bully me for the rest of the year. Even though this happened, looking back, I am thankful for it as it made me stronger. Poetry had given me a chance to express my feelings and it gave me more appreciation for the literature form.

Thank you A!! Your poem is deep and shows the brightest side of letting go…! Love your work!

Dearest readers and poets!

This note is especially for you, my dear readers and poets! Poetry of all genres are accepted! This blog series will end with just 2 more poems! What are you waiting for?! It will be featured next week!!! Send it in to !


Author: L.R.@TheRink

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