5 Trends to Cruise through your Summer like You own it

I don’t like #2 but it sure is a trend. By L.R.


With the Internet flooding with trends and the sun shining through the beaches, what do we wait for? Get Instagram ready this season with the latest trends.

Personal note AND DISCLAIMER: I am not for all the trends but who knows, it may suit you and you might even comment and show me pictures of yourself reaching fame through those trends!

1. Flowers, Flowers and It’s all about the flowers

Source: Style Snap Eat

Floral prints and leaf motifs seem to be just everywhere these days! You can rock this look only in Summer and Spring. If you have missed your chance last spring, fully utilise this summer. Floral graphics are just cheerful and plain-sight happy. It gives you a very laid-back look and a not-trying-too-much look. Casual and definitely feminine! Go for it girls.

2. Eyebrow Trends

Source: NYMag

Some decades ago, women were literally plucking out their entire eyebrows. Audrey Hepburn modified this style. Cara Delvingne came and showed the world how thick eyebrows can attract attention. Now? There are different eyebrow styles! Thanks to Cochella 2017, there were glittered eyebrows.  Coloured eyebrows popped up in between. Then came the feather eyebrows. Recently I saw something known as barbed-wire eyebrows and something like mountain-shaped eyebrows… I do not go for this… Yes, I like the classic (conservative) style. But do let me know if you love it, you might change my mind about it!

3. Going to Pastel to Normal Hue colours… Not a complete no-no to the darker counterparts

This summer is not all about going for white and pale shades in clothes. People have shown up in normal hues which is usually perfect for fall. What more? They rock in it. So, girls, your closet can just have the right “in” colours for this summer! Surprisingly, this summer, I am constantly seeing more and more people wearing darker shades and black. Looks like the gothic culture has definitely made some impact.

Source: Neon Blush by Jenny Ong

4. All Eyes on the Eyewear trends

Geeky glasses and nerdy specs seem to be in vogue for this season too! The regular sun shades are more seen in the beaches while these eyewear trends are seen in the in-door events! I guess no one can have enough it!

Source: Pinterest

5. Slim and sleek does not equal to Summer

Source: New Look

This summer is all about baggy clothes. The most seen outfit this summer are the jumpsuits with the baggy pants. Its more about the boat neckline and loose clothes now. Body-hugging clothes will come back only next season. Bye bye bodycons. See you soon.

Author: L.R.@TheRink

Hey people! I am fashion blogger gliding through 19. For more about me, check the About Us page in my blog: THE RINK!!

5 thoughts on “5 Trends to Cruise through your Summer like You own it”

    1. Hey Natalie,
      Same here!!! I love the floral prints!!! And eyebrow trends… I’m not used to seeing myself that way and I find it very weird on me!! It is quite bold actually!!!

      THE RINK

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