Instagram Tricks #03

When you pose in front of graffiti walls, you must do this. By L.R.


Hey guys! I have been noticing lately that there are many of you bloggers who love to take pictures by standing against the graffiti walls….Hmmmn. That sure is quite interesting. Make these pictures stand out!

1. Avoid the Common Mistake

Source: Daily Telegraph

This picture can be a classic example of what is right and what is wrong. Still don’t get it? Many people do not get the colour schemes right. They need to outshine the graffiti behind them to actually be seen. The guy in grey is more prominent than the guy in black. Do not wear darker shades only because you look good in them…. Think about what would be different from the art’s colours… What would pop out…Also, another major part of this mistake is positioning yourself. Position yourself in such a way that there is lesser distraction behind you. You neither want to restrict the screaming art nor let it scream more than you. Choose well, readers!

2. Lighting – Get it right

Source: Pinterest

Natural lighting is the best when it comes to these pictures. With black being the ultimate favourite colour of most graffiti artists, you can see a lot of black up there. So, if there is too much black, then avoid the “vignette” option. If there isn’t, then use it to a level that it teases the picture and adds on to the mystery of the picture. You can add a little bit of saturation for the colourful walls. Do not add much exposure as either you might disappear or the art may fade away… While editing this picture, keep in mind that the wall must pop out – not you. When the wall looks great, you will be seen definitely!

Waiting to see your Instagram feeds with this trick! Keep me updated!


Author: L.R.@TheRink

Hey people! I am fashion blogger gliding through 19. For more about me, check the About Us page in my blog: THE RINK!!

14 thoughts on “Instagram Tricks #03”

  1. Yes, the old classic graffiti wall IG pics lol. I love them, butI have to agree with you that people generally end up disappearing among all the lovely art because of the colours they are wearing themselves! You can never go wrong with white or very light shades!

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