Instagram Tricks #04

You know you thought it was all fine… until you saw it! #2 is essential. By L.R.


Hey guys! Sorry that I have not been here in a while! Coz it was vacation time!!! Back to college now and regular stress has resumed! Hahahaha!

In this post, it is going to be about Instagram captions!

1. It’s all about the size

*Paper Towns* Source: Pinterest

You don’t need to write volumes of books under that one picture or escape without writing one at all! This is the place to show how witty you are as a person. Once you take the picture, you are bound to be excited to share it and you wouldn’t spare much time for the caption. You know what? You should coz that is when you can prove that you are beauty with brains. ALSO, do not write your caption for more than 20 words. NO. Refrain from long captions. What you can do instead is, break it into different lines.  The easiest way to do this is to type it in the notes app in your mobile and to copy and paste in the caption box. Ta-da!

Common Captions (from which you can drive your inspiration!)

  1. I can be your princess and your worst nightmare.
  2. Too sweet to handle.
  3. A smile is a blessing.
  4. Without you, I can be anybody but with you, I am someone special.
  5. I know that I’m so cute!

2. Different Tricks into writing a good caption!

Source: Pinterest

Some questions that I get asked frequently is how to write a good caption. The best is to steal the golden lines from poems, quotes and lyrics!

“Would you die for me? No, that is too easy. Would you live for me?” *Suicide Squad*

That caption would catch anyone’s attention! Make sure the quotes aren’t bland and they have emotions attached to it!

“Real men don’t take selfies” is another common caption. It is assertive. It makes the caption good stuff. It has humour to. Humour is a good thing to work with. It makes the caption memorable! Humour with rhyme is Genius!

3. Hashtags – The Functional Number found!

The number is *11*. At least 11 hashtags per post will get you a good number of engagements! The best would be 11 but you can put up to 30. After 30, it may not be worth it. Try not to make the hashtags look spammy. You can do this either by inserting them as the first comment or use the ‘dots’ or ‘hyphens’ to separate them from the caption. You can do this using the notes app. So, the hashtags will not be seen until the other users click the See more option.


Author: L.R.@TheRink

Hey people! I am fashion blogger gliding through 19. For more about me, check the About Us page in my blog: THE RINK!!

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