When do you look the Most Attractive?

Secret Spilled


Hey everyone!

Exclusively for this month – Five tips for everyone, three special tips for our girls and three for the guys!

#1 Just listen

Everyone loves to talk about themselves. Don’t just hear them but also listen! Remember the small details. Ask genuine questions and not the fake ones to show that you are interested. Don’t smile with your teeth throughout even if the person is dead gorgeous. Smiling with lips closed during the talk and a flash of teeth towards the end shows natural and genuine interest!

#2 Dress in Red


Red is regarded as the third colour to be named in most languages after black and white. It signals something passionate. Originally, it was used to find the ripest of fruits (during our great ape times) and then it was associated with love and lust. It is scientifically proven that there cannot be any other colour that can trigger attractiveness like red. Now guys and girls, get your red outfits on! Don’t overdo it but don’t forget it either! Click here to find out why red is always a sensation!

#3 Be around the person

You don’t even have to speak to the person for them to find you attractive! Just be around them. Over time, your quirks and your way of things will slowly rub on them. Familiarity with the advantage of proximity is the best you can hope for!

#4 Shoes, shoes and shoes


The first subconscious thing a person notices about you is your footwear. Quick! Go spend the money on shoes rather than anything else! Guys, go for the classic closed shoes with good stitching… my dear girls, you have all the freedom in the world to choose your favourite brand; I know that I can trust your taste! But do get a pedicure session ASAP!

#5 This is a bit weird but wait to be approached… it will make you look 10 times more attractive. Science IS weird.

So, have you seen these playboys who talk to every person in the group and leave out that one hot girl? He is using the tool of avoidance. So, the girl would immediately not get the attention she is used to and decides initiate conversation with him. Trust me, when a person initiates a conversation with you, you will look 10 times more attractive in their eyes.

Now for my ladies!

z-cicek-desenli-brokar-abiye-elbise--lila--gamze-ozkul-278235-1Girls, it is a scientific fact that you look so much more appealing when you are ovulating. So bring the diva out of you during this phase.

Be self-confident because most men find this quality attractive but in the other end of the universe, there are still some communities were they find shy girls beautiful!

Remember that you don’t need to expose skin to look beautiful. You just have to be elegant, carry yourself gracefully and be charming as always!

Gentlemen —

Wear branded clothes – It just makes a man look better. Always look presentable. Subconsciously, a girl expects her man to have a status and resources. A good outfit can take you to heights.

DO NOT overdo your gym workouts. Some girls get freaked out by heavily muscled guys… Maintain the lean figure!


When you want to attract the girl you have been eyeing for weeks now, make her see you with a musical instrument even if you don’t play it. Science says that girls always associate a charmer with musical instruments!


Author: L.R.@TheRink

Hey people! I am fashion blogger gliding through 19. For more about me, check the About Us page in my blog: THE RINK!!

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