Instagram Tricks #04

You know you thought it was all fine… until you saw it! #2 is essential. By L.R.


Hey guys! Sorry that I have not been here in a while! Coz it was vacation time!!! Back to college now and regular stress has resumed! Hahahaha!

In this post, it is going to be about Instagram captions!

1. It’s all about the size

*Paper Towns* Source: Pinterest

You don’t need to write volumes of books under that one picture or escape without writing one at all! This is the place to show how witty you are as a person. Once you take the picture, you are bound to be excited to share it and you wouldn’t spare much time for the caption. You know what? You should coz that is when you can prove that you are beauty with brains. ALSO, do not write your caption for more than 20 words. NO. Refrain from long captions. What you can do instead is, break it into different lines.  The easiest way to do this is to type it in the notes app in your mobile and to copy and paste in the caption box. Ta-da!

Common Captions (from which you can drive your inspiration!)

  1. I can be your princess and your worst nightmare.
  2. Too sweet to handle.
  3. A smile is a blessing.
  4. Without you, I can be anybody but with you, I am someone special.
  5. I know that I’m so cute!

2. Different Tricks into writing a good caption!

Source: Pinterest

Some questions that I get asked frequently is how to write a good caption. The best is to steal the golden lines from poems, quotes and lyrics!

“Would you die for me? No, that is too easy. Would you live for me?” *Suicide Squad*

That caption would catch anyone’s attention! Make sure the quotes aren’t bland and they have emotions attached to it!

“Real men don’t take selfies” is another common caption. It is assertive. It makes the caption good stuff. It has humour to. Humour is a good thing to work with. It makes the caption memorable! Humour with rhyme is Genius!

3. Hashtags – The Functional Number found!

The number is *11*. At least 11 hashtags per post will get you a good number of engagements! The best would be 11 but you can put up to 30. After 30, it may not be worth it. Try not to make the hashtags look spammy. You can do this either by inserting them as the first comment or use the ‘dots’ or ‘hyphens’ to separate them from the caption. You can do this using the notes app. So, the hashtags will not be seen until the other users click the See more option.


Instagram Tricks #03

When you pose in front of graffiti walls, you must do this. By L.R.

Hey guys! I have been noticing lately that there are many of you bloggers who love to take pictures by standing against the graffiti walls….Hmmmn. That sure is quite interesting. Make these pictures stand out!

1. Avoid the Common Mistake

Source: Daily Telegraph

This picture can be a classic example of what is right and what is wrong. Still don’t get it? Many people do not get the colour schemes right. They need to outshine the graffiti behind them to actually be seen. The guy in grey is more prominent than the guy in black. Do not wear darker shades only because you look good in them…. Think about what would be different from the art’s colours… What would pop out…Also, another major part of this mistake is positioning yourself. Position yourself in such a way that there is lesser distraction behind you. You neither want to restrict the screaming art nor let it scream more than you. Choose well, readers!

2. Lighting – Get it right

Source: Pinterest

Natural lighting is the best when it comes to these pictures. With black being the ultimate favourite colour of most graffiti artists, you can see a lot of black up there. So, if there is too much black, then avoid the “vignette” option. If there isn’t, then use it to a level that it teases the picture and adds on to the mystery of the picture. You can add a little bit of saturation for the colourful walls. Do not add much exposure as either you might disappear or the art may fade away… While editing this picture, keep in mind that the wall must pop out – not you. When the wall looks great, you will be seen definitely!

Waiting to see your Instagram feeds with this trick! Keep me updated!


Instagram Tricks #02

You love food. Food loves you. Show the love with these tricks. By L.R.

Has the chef and waiter frowned upon you for taking pictures for so long that the food becomes cold? Are people staring at you when you snap pictures of food? Get it done fast with these handy tricks.., as usual, there are only two tricks revealed in this post.

1. If it is not in the right angle, then it is in the wrong angle!

Source: Tablescrafter

Yep, thanks to Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. for the tip! Photos of food especially with circle plates or circular arrangements look the best from the exact top. If you don’t have the camera lens pointed right on top of your food, then you are getting it wrong. The second way to do food-porn photography is to place the camera such that the lens sees the utensil, the dish and the background in a 20-50-30 ratio. Focus on the dish and blur the background!

Rachel Korinek | Two Loves Studio
Source: Digital photography


2. It has to be sharp to make the mouth water

Source: Turmeric n Spice

There are a few tricks to make a normal photo look good. In case of food photography, please find a good table as a background or a good café! This is essential. Next, make sure that the camera is focussed so good that the dish looks sharp. If it is not, DO NOT add sharpness to it later on! This can make the picture look bad. So, get it right on the first go. BLUR the background! Increasing the exposure and adding a little bit of contrast and highlight give additional “likes” and “hearts” for sure.


Now, if people are still glaring or staring at you, then give them a lesson on Instagram food photography and they will forever be indebted to you. Go enjoy your photography and eat your delicious food!

Instagram Tricks #01

Each of these posts have two tricks! I didn’t want to make these posts long… so, here is two, there will be two in the next and so on. Enjoy your walk to fame!

1. Gain perspective

There are some shots that will be the best if it is taken with the background while some are the best when it is taken with a microscopic lens (that is a little bit of an exaggeration!). Choose every picture carefully.

The first picture is only of the woman. This is the common mistake. Give your photos some space to breathe!

Some shots like this are the best when you see the best in small things! This gives the pictures an aesthetic appeal!

Source: weheartit

2. Don’t worry about the different Lighting!

Whether natural or artificial, all the lightings do look aesthetic in different scenes. So, choose your scenes well. Usually, people try to block out the light from the yellow lights in a concert or some event. It might seem to be flashy. But, it is time to embrace it and take a picture of it in the best way! Use it as a filter!

Source: Gear Diary

This is not the best picture with lighting… Fade it through the background and focus on a darker object because it is anyway bound to be dark, it is better to have a darker object. People will recognise it better. Also, focussing on it will give the highlight and take the picture away from the dreaded flashes! So, choose to do it this way!

Source: Medium “Indie Bands”

Natural lighting is the best! The separate sun rays are kinda the best! Although, you have to choose which ones look better in which lighting – faded or highlighted. Here, the rays are more highlighted than the trees.

Source: Honkiat

Keep waiting for more!