The Art of Disguise #9: H & M turns elite and fashionable with the Conscious Exclusive Collection 2017!

Truly Exclusive… By L.R.


Hey people! We have come to the very last post in the series!

H & M is the place I usually go to find good daily wear and rarely part outfits… When i went on one of my visits to the store, I was amazed with this new collection: Conscious Exclusive 2017!

It is said to be inspired and made from recycled waste – Who knows if this is a rumour or not! It first came to the stores on the 20th of April. And fate sent me to shopping on the very same day!

My favourite dress

This was my very favourite dress in the collection! It was available when I went to the stores… Sadly, my size was not there!!! Anyhow, being a fashion lover, I wanted to try it on and ta-da! I wore the one with a bigger size!

Source: Pinterest

The dress that sold out in one day!

Party dress? Yes, for sure! The pink sequinned dress was and is still eyed by many! It was sold out the very first day in UK!

The Other ones in the collection

These outfits are equally good and some are so good that celebrities have walked on the carpet wearing them! I don’t have all of them in the gallery – The best ones are here!

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I was so happy to walk in on the first day of the release! This collection did not become very popular here, I guess, because people are more exposed to the advertisements for H & M spring collection. The Conscious Exclusive 2017 collection is a little bit elegant, a little bit playful, a little bit exotic and a little bit ethereal!

5 Trends seen in Armani Privé Spring 2017 Couture

It has been a long while since this collection Armani Privé Spring 2017 Couture has been released but hey, the season of spring has just started this month!!! I know that The Art of Disguise series is running but I had to post a Trends post because I love them! So, lets see what the trends are!

#1 The Orange Era

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 10.04.46 pm

Suddenly ‘Orange’ has started to rule and reign the world! This Armani Privé Spring 2107 Couture is dominated with this vibrant colour and sprinkled with colours like black and tan.

Why the trend? It was the In-Colour in 2015… that doesn’t make enough sense and so, I did more surfing – I just can’t seem to think of why this colour has been chosen! However, this can be a foreshadow of Trump’s presidency (they were designed before the elections) and yes, according to the saying, Orange is the NEW Black! Grazia Daily puts this colour as the “It-Colour” of 2017 due to the increase in orange-based pinboards at Pinterest and some interesting observations in the fashion runways!

Styling it as an OOTD: Originally, I thought styling with a colour should be quite easy. I would style it such that the colour doesn’t dominate the outfit – very unlike the collection presented here wherein they have emphasised the orangeness. From this collection, I would say that a 3 piece orange outfit with the layering outfit being lace or net with a tinge of grey or green would do it! As a daily outfit, I would suggest a multicoloured (with orange dominant) skirt with a pale orange top and a orangish greyish neck-scarf or head-scarf / accessory!

#2 Ruffles & Lace

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 10.07.20 pm

A pretty common trend in 2017 is the ruffles and lace from the 1850s! The sudden new-found rapid popularity of bringing back this trend has definitely aced the runway and caught millions of eyes!

Why the trend? Ruffles doesn’t show off any of your “fatter” body parts! It is all masked underneath the ruffles and rather, it is seen thinner! Also, if you notice carefully, you will see that the upper part of the body has ruffles – it may signal the rise of pear-shaped women and it will suit them better! And for the lace, it highlights the delicate feminine side of the woman. Lace, on the other hand, is styled up as a skirt in both cases here signalling lightness of spring!

Styling it as an OOTD: From the Armani Privé Spring 2017 Couture, I can safely say that when you are not an apple-shaped woman, go for ruffles in your top! Pair it with pants because skirts would make you look a bit plumpy. Lace skirts would best be seen layered with a monochrome skirt (of any size!) or even ruffled up like in the picture. Leave your arms exposed and a cropped blouse would go well!

#3 It’s time to Shine!

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 10.08.17 pm

Shiny metals are back in the fashion books! Suddenly, this trend has become a favourite of many fashion designers!

Why the trend? This trend shows luxury – almost like the elixir of outfits! There is no necessity to make a jewellery statement! Your outfit will sum it all up!

Styling it as an OOTD: I am not quite sure if this outfit would fit in daily outfit section but it does fit in festive look! Armani Privé Spring 2017 Couture highlights that you can style it such that only one part – either the upper or the lower part – is jewel encrusted and if you want the dress to be fully jewel-encrusted, then opt for a deep strapless dress. You have to be quite careful while carrying this look and walk as though you own it! It may grab a lot of attention and so, really decide which event you want to wear it too!

#4 Let’s call out for some freedom

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 10.09.44 pm

Free the nipple movement in back on track! Quite a controversial topic even now!

Why the trend? Feminism!

Styling it as an OOTD: I wouldn’t really want to style it as an OOTD and so, I really have no idea about how to style this. I would personally feel very uncomfortable. Also, I have seen this trend only in fashion weeks and not out of it. I guess very few ladies can actually carry out this look – it is a personal expression.

#5 Petalled with Jackets!

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 10.08.52 pm

The Armani Privé Spring 2017 Couture shows off its jackets! The collection is all about layering the outfits with jackets of all types from blazers to party wraps!

Why the trend? Spring jackets got its spotlight from the spring of 2016! It is the best of the other trends when it has to be styled as an OOTD because it keeps the weather in mind. In spring, the weather can go from being warm to breezy in no time!

Styling it as an OOTD:  This trend in any other way is already seen in many common OOTDS like a light trench coat, a tee, jeans and boots… But with this particular collection’s insight would be: A lighter hue or net or lace paired with a solid monochrome or print pair (a top and a jacket) with any outfit neutral pants! A short skirt would look over dressed and so, opt for a long skirt if it is for a party outfit!

These are the trends that I noticed. Pardon me if I did not add anything or rather, even better, put in the comments section!

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6 Trends Elie Saab Paris Haute Couture Spring 2017 Swears By!

The trend, Why the Trend and How to Style it as the #ootd…By L.R.

Hey guys!

Elie Saab has yet another time proved to be all what it stands for – distinguished, sophisticated & elegant. The Paris Haute Couture Spring 2017 Show that happened on the 25th of Jan shows us that 2017’s newest dress trends have made its mark. The designer collection has expressed its very own signature in a few styles and therefore shouting out to us to update our dress collection silently.

Fabric can speak out volumes when the trends are in. Lets see the major 6 signature styles in this Show!

#1 Jewel Encrusted Dresses & The Metallic Touch 

Portable Network Graphics image-6C8936097137-1.png
Source: Imaxtree

From the Elie Saab Paris Haute Couture Spring 2017: Glittery metallic designs gleam on the ramp as the models walk! The jewel-encrusted dresses adds shimmer as a dimension to the fashion of 2017.

Elie Saab’s Iconic style: Elie Saab has expressed the thought of “Shining your way through” in ways: These dresses’ styles should come with a good amount of skin shown and/ or there should be a solid colour placed alongside the gleam and glimmer.

Reason for the Style: The metallic touch should be balanced in a 1:1 ratio so that the dress wouldn’t look very gaudy and at the same time, this ratio expresses the perfect mix of festive look and modesty.

Best way to wear it as the #ootd: Of course, we may not go to the red carpet and show off such dresses. However, we can also inculcate this trend in our daily wear. A metallic gold jacket over a black top and a thin strip glittery or jewel-encrusted belt over a solid colour dress would be a good way to wear it!

“Given the amount of shimmer here (as on other couture runways this week), it appears as if the Oscar figurine won’t be the only thing that shines at this year’s Academy Awards.”

Vogue Writer Mark Holgate (click here to see his full article)

#2 Belts

Source: Imaxtree

From the Elie Saab Paris Haute Couture Spring 2017: There are glimpses of big and bold belts with solid colour and a jewel-encrusted centre. However, the ones that labelled the look are the thin belts with the visible big holes!

Elie Saab’s Iconic style: Visible holes on the frame of the thin belt & The Big and Bold Belts with the Signature Jewel Encrusted Motifs on a solid colour elastic belt.

Reason for the Style: The visible holes on the thin belt make the waist look thinner than it actually is – works almost like vertical stripes. The jewel-encrusted belts connects unmatched top and bottom of the dress. If you notice the dresses with these kind of belts in this collection, then you will notice that without this belt the dress will not make it into the red-carpet – the look is just poor without the big belts.

Best way to wear it as the #ootd: Belts have come back into trend. It never left the fashion world but it wasn’t given importance until recent years. Elie Saab has done its own very justice to belts. The best part? It is a convenient daily wear! It just goes with anything! Points to keep in mind: When you wear the thin belt with visible holes, make sure that your dress has a great design and style as the belt doesn’t distract your admirers from your dress; When you wear the big and bold belt, you can pair any top with any bottom! But make sure that both have equal amounts of patterns or solid colours!

#3 Dress Code: Nudes

Source: Imaxtree

From the Elie Saab Paris Haute Couture Spring 2017: Pantone’s Colour of the Year doesn’t seem to influence the Elie Saab Paris Haute Couture Spring 2017 Show! Other than the only other two colours (pastel blue and navy blue), nudes ruled the collection!

Elie Saab’s Iconic style: The nude dress has to be two shades lighter or darker than your skin tone to be perfect on you. The nude dress should be paired with a metallic touch.

Reason for the Style: When the nude dress is two shades lighter or darker than your complexion, you will look highlighted. Otherwise, if you go for more shades darker or lighter, there will be a huge contrast, which usually doesn’t look great. Also, if it is less than two shades closer to your skin tone, it wouldn’t look like you are flaunting your outfit. The only dress that has this exception of being almost exact skin tone has compensated this style with lots of metallic touch to save itself from monotony! Metallic touches give a brighter look to the dress!

Best way to wear it as the #ootd: Nudes are usually designed for festive looks. If you want to inculcate this in daily wear, you can style it as a coat with boots!

#4 Round-neck dresses

Source: Imaxtree

From the Elie Saab Paris Haute Couture Spring 2017: While all of us go around shopping the off shoulder look or the asymmetrical look, Elie Saab’s collection has given us head-turner with round-necks.

Elie Saab’s Iconic style: Back-in-style is the basic cut of round-neck! If you notice closely, you will find that the round-neck ends exactly at the collar of the neck.

Reason for the Style: While the fabric brushes the collar of the models’ necks, it may look unassuming for others but the designers have deliberately done so to highlight the girls’ necks!

Best way to wear it as the #ootd: Don’t wear those tees with round necks! They might just make you look like a toddler again! Find a shirt with a round neck… like blouse or a top!

#5 Capes

Source: Imaxtree

From the Elie Saab Paris Haute Couture Spring 2017: Capes have made a come-back along with the latest movies like Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them and Dr.Strange.  Girls walk the ramp with capes just like they are from the other world!

Elie Saab’s Iconic style: Sizzle the ramp with a back-caped dress!

Reason for the Style:  It is not just to feel like a princess but also to highlight the waist against a background that neatly distinguishes the waist.

Best way to wear it as the #ootd: Pair it with jeans!

#6 Narrow Pants Under Dress Slits

Source: Imaxtree

From the Elie Saab Paris Haute Couture Spring 2017: From the back, she is dressed in a dress while in the front, it is a jumpsuit with a cape!

Elie Saab’s Iconic style: Monochrome is the theme. The pants come for a good inch or two above the ankle while the skirt of the dress doesn’t necessarily come down to the floor. Paired with a belt and another accessory/different neck line, this style made its way down the ramp!

Reason for the Style: The monochrome attire with the belt has always been the most elegant look you can adopt! The narrow pants under the dress slits is to receive that element of surprise from the people who assume that a person is either wearing a dress or a pant. Also, as you thrust your leg forward when you walk, you feel more important! 😛

Best way to wear it as the #ootd: This style is wearable to the office! Not really the outfit you would want to wear to the office but it can be worn! A black monochrome outfit like this can make you feel like you are in-charge and busy – if course it is an office attire.

These are the different outfits out of the 58 showcased outfits in this collection! My favourite is this outfit. It isn’t a daily wear or a festive wear. I am not exactly sure to where you can wear this outfit but to me, it looks the best. It maybe because of its uncanny resemblance to the Indian bridal attire!

Source: Imaxtree

Thank you for reading this post!


JACQUEMUS – A brand that is futuristic and vintage at the same time

When farmlands meet city, a new style is sewn. By L.R.

His life can be summed up from the farms to the halls of fame! His roots of living in near farmlands in South France have tailored his ideas, concepts and thoughts.

“JACQUEMUS is not about nightlife and clubbing and things like that, it’s more about fruit and vegetables and rolling in the grass”

– Simon Porte Jacquemus, the Brand Founder and Fashion Designer

He emphasises more on “purity” and “innocence” in a “Provence” Style and has named his Spring Summer Collection 2017 Les Santons de Provence. He further coated his words by mentioning that the whole collection is about figurines and the traditions of South France. No wonder, his model Rose Van Bosstraetan, is shown in a village ensemble.

This simplistic approach towards designing has seen great heights being vintage in thoughts and futuristic in style. While most designers concentrate more on the art of clothes paired with aesthetic and nature-oriented backgrounds, he has taken a different approach of clothes being in sync with the nature.

Recently, when singer Rihanna met Prince Harry in the Carribean lands,  their meet had extended to the next day as well with both sporting white shirts. Rihanna wore JACQUEMUS top for that day.

Prince Harry Visits The Caribbean - Day 11

Due to the style and elegance that enfolds each of JACQUEMUS’ garments, a timeless appeal is naturally brought forth. The reason why JACQUEMUS stands out is that it adds a country flavour to our wardrobe collection and it just breaks the monotony of city clothes.

Les Santos de Provence is for daily life. It has been designed for the people of various occupations in the country side like the lavender seller or pot seller. Something unique about this collection is that it has a “painterly” notion to it – something that is straight from art and fantasies of the countryside. 

JACQUEMUS has rebuilt the traditional styles of Countryside South France and let it flow on the thoughts of its very own values. 






Rejina Pyo’s classic and comfortable Spring / Summer 2017 Ready-To-Wear Collection

By L.R.

A highly sought-after fashion designer, Rejina Pyo has recently released her desirable Spring/ Summer 2017 Ready-To-Wear collection, which can be seen as conventional clothes with a striking style.

“When it comes to clothes, I prefer a subtler approach and an element of surprise.”

– Rejina Pyo interview Vogue UK

The Korea-born London based designer does have a few interesting looks to look forward to the forthcoming season.

Dresses and skirts rule this collection with the feminine grace to neutral colours. With emphasis on bold and light shades alike, Pyo has nailed the needs of a women’s closet – inclusive of party dresses and daily wear. The palette of colours are neither too fancy nor too showy too wear rather, it is sophisticated and posh to sport these colours.

From Long Side fringes to Peasant top-dresses, Pyo has made a signature for herself. These fringes come with the vintage-smock-dress look, that have a special place in our nostalgic memories, in an iconic look of a top matched with a almost-perfect-circle-yet-messy cut out skirt. The Peasant top-dresses – all monochromatic – come upto the knees with an asymmetrical cut and below-waist slit. What makes this look special is that we will never feel overdressed for any event and yet hold class at every event. Pair this dress with appropriate metallic accessories like a set of long earrings or broad bracelets with a suitable choker and you will enjoy the look. Classy and comfortable.

Broad belts, from the 90s cowboy looks have come back into fashion with a woman’s elegance in this collection. Buttoned skirts and dresses are seen as her speciality in the collection. This seems to be in par with the royal dresses – crafted with dignity, pride and charm in mind. The metallic touch of these buttons and belts appears to be inspired of the street fashion look making these outfits a mix of street wear and conservativeness.

The Best 18 Looks of her collection are displayed below ~

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To see the full Rejina Pyo Spring Summer 2017 Ready-To-Wear Collection, go to

The Best 18 of Stella McCartney’s Spring Collection 2K17 for Her

By L.R.

The English fashion designer has made the day again. She has just launched the Spring Collection 2017 for women. From designing her own jacket when she was just 13 to not using animal products like leather, she has clearly steered our heart towards her and her fashion sense. While those are just glimpses of her, her famous forthcoming spring personality has already made a mark.

For spring, she has concentrated on ruffles, lace and comfy loose clothing that give a feminine edge to the collection. Her palette for this month majorly consists of hues of cream, rust, black and dark blue. The collection ranges from quilted jackets and Laci pants to Melanie dress, Khaki bags and pointed pumps.

Source: Twitter                

I love allowing a location to inspire and shape the story of my shoot                              – — @Stella McCartney (Source: Twitter)

This time, 40 new looks have been released out of which, The Rink has chosen to display The Best 18.


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To see the full collection, go to