The Art of Disguise #9: H & M turns elite and fashionable with the Conscious Exclusive Collection 2017!

Truly Exclusive… By L.R.


Hey people! We have come to the very last post in the series!

H & M is the place I usually go to find good daily wear and rarely part outfits… When i went on one of my visits to the store, I was amazed with this new collection: Conscious Exclusive 2017!

It is said to be inspired and made from recycled waste – Who knows if this is a rumour or not! It first came to the stores on the 20th of April. And fate sent me to shopping on the very same day!

My favourite dress

This was my very favourite dress in the collection! It was available when I went to the stores… Sadly, my size was not there!!! Anyhow, being a fashion lover, I wanted to try it on and ta-da! I wore the one with a bigger size!

Source: Pinterest

The dress that sold out in one day!

Party dress? Yes, for sure! The pink sequinned dress was and is still eyed by many! It was sold out the very first day in UK!

The Other ones in the collection

These outfits are equally good and some are so good that celebrities have walked on the carpet wearing them! I don’t have all of them in the gallery – The best ones are here!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I was so happy to walk in on the first day of the release! This collection did not become very popular here, I guess, because people are more exposed to the advertisements for H & M spring collection. The Conscious Exclusive 2017 collection is a little bit elegant, a little bit playful, a little bit exotic and a little bit ethereal!

The Art of Disguise #8: Burberry brings the Whole Art of Trench Coats to display

Burberry, its trench coats and its history. Straight from Singapore… By L.R.

For all those who missed the Burberry Trench Coat Exhibition in Singapore at ION Orchard, here are the details! Burberry is the classic British brand that is known for its trench coats… why even the royal family owns those coats! It is recommended by the royal stylist and do I need to go further about its reputation?!

Starting with the Tools!

As soon as I entered the store, I witnessed the Burberry essentials to make the coats. It was displayed on the wall and a table on the right. All the tools were put on display and even some of the iconic straps with buckles and a few other fabric pieces made into belts and collars were exhibited.


Here is a closer look – get to see what was displayed on the table!

The Most Important part of making a Trench Coat? Assembling!

The Burberry attendant went on to take me into the journey of Burberry from its past to present. After showing these tools, he went on to show me the way Burberry cuts its fabric and the different pieces they gather to make the signature trench coat.

These pieces are to be assembled properly before the trench coat is made. Also, one thing that is amazing about this company is that all its coats are made in Britain. No, no third world country is taken advantage!

It’s more fun when it has the C-word: Customised!

A fun fact? Most of the Burberry trenches are customised! So, they do need your exact measurements! During the exhibition time, Burberry prompted that its buyers can get their monogram on their trench coats. It becomes just so special with the initials in a golden coil!

Usually, since it is customised, Burberry doesn’t really suggest the monogram concept. However, the exhibition took it to a whole new level!

Fashion. Check. Stop!

The next stop was at the different collections ranging from 2010 to 2017 were on display! There were mannequins lined up as though they were on the runway. The attendant told that personally he liked the latest collection trench with the cape the best! Who doesn’t like a bit of batman and harry potter and gothic nature? Cape has surely turned the comic enthusiasts more into fashion!

Personally, I liked the one with the lace. It looked more elegant. Another surprising thing is that all the trench coats displayed there had different fabric!

Tropical Country and Trench Coats… something is funny

I couldn’t stop myself but ask the representative about how often do these coats sell on average! Singapore can never be extremely cold. Professionals are allowed to wear shorts to work due to the weather conditions! Then, how do these trench coats sell?!

He replied that usually the spring/summer collection never faces any reduction in sales. As for the autumn/fall and winter collections, people travel to the colder countries and he just smiled. Yep, Burberry makes the cut. People do need Burberry in their lives.

The Time it became famous!


These outfits look kinda vintage today but in the past, it served great purposes! The outfit on the left was used a 100 years ago. It was used by a person to battle the cold in one of the poles, if I am not wrong. He used the same fabric to build a tent and he survived the cold! That is one of the first times when the Burberry fabric was acknowledged!

The outfits on the left belong to a certain Sir and Lady who sailed their way to a place of extreme climate. In return to the fabric and outerwear from Burberry, they named their ship as “The Burberry”!

These pieces are still there in original condition! The store attendant went on further to tell me how Burberry embraces its past. He took me to the nearest set of trench coats. He showed how the current trench coats mimic the ones made during the World War time! There were places to hold the gun and there were clutch for the arms! The shoulders of the trench coats did surely have the army like definitions!

I missed the portrait room because I went to the exhibition only during the last few days. However, this was one grand experience!

The Art of Disguise #7: 3 different Fashion Styles with responses from friends, S.O., and OKCupid!

Originally published in Bustle and written by Marie S. Ospina… Exclusive news on poetry submissions for the guest blog series.

This article was published on August 21st 2014 in Bustle. Marie tells about her three days with three styles and three responses from three different people/platform! And here you go!

P.C.: Bustle Feed – Marie S. Ospina’s post. 21. 08.2014


I Dressed as a Goth, a Party Girl, and a Manic Pixie Dream Girl — Here’s How My Friends, Partner, and OKCupid Reacted

This is actually based on an experiment but a story worth reading! Find out her art of disguise and if really did work!

Exclusive news: Poetry of all genres are accepted! This blog series will end with just 4 more poems! What are you waiting for?! Send it in to


The Art of Disguise #6: Which Gossip Girl lass are you based on your fashion style?

The 4 characters’ styles decoded. Exclusive: Poetry topic for the next week and you know you love it! By L.R.

With all the hype created around the brand new show Prep very much like Gossip Girl, we just have more gossip in town. What creates the drama? What creates the gossip? What is in it? All is decoded – They don’t share the same personality. Although Blair and Serena are from the same filthy rich background, their styles clash only during soirées! Even though Jenny Humphrey could design clothes for the upper elite, did she wear those runway pieces?! Vanessa, the only character shown not to ignorant of the fashion world pacing around her, had some real style aura around her. Stay mystified and stay tuned. Discover them!

Want to be someone or find who you are….Welcome to The Art of Disguise.

To know what exactly I mean by some of the style jargons, click here to discover your tune in fashion

#1 Blair Waldorf

Yep, I know that Serena is the main character in the series but I absolutely love Blair! So, here she is at number one. Nobody can beat her in her own game! The class can never get outclassed.

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 11.44.52 pm
Source: Pinterest and Puretrend

Her fashion style is predominantly Classic. She does engage in chic and romantic fashion styles but the classic style is her. Her accessories are never out-of-place and her style is all planned out at least a week before! All of her clothes are branded. Monochrome or di-chrome is her. She carries herself with grace and elegance… And classic can also be crazy on the inside! Who cares if she is with the elite or in Brooklyn, when you know that the bow in the hair-band should always be on the right?!

Bonus – Favourite quote from Blair Waldorf:
Source: Pinterest

Quite a quote to live by!

#2 Serena van der Woodsen

The girl in the centre of drama and gossip… who told that she can’t be a fashion model too? She dresses in different styles and sure is unpredictable.


Always experimenting and styling because one style doesn’t explain Serena. She has multiple identities in the series ranging from the sweet next-door girl to the edgy girl from her past! She can be the Queen and she can be against the Queen. Every style can be found in her closet and none of them would ever be thrown out during spring cleaning because she never knows when she may regain a part of her faded identity. Nothing can explain here… why try to explain her dressing style?

Although I love Blair’s character, I am like Serena in my dressing style!

#3 Jenny Humphrey

The present fashion is just too boring. We can have some Jenny Humphrey and get the fashion industry spiced up.


Although she knows that elite has to come with grace and class, she only chose the latter. Grace is not in her dictionary as long as she shows off her edgy style and the grunge look. She can be the perfect mix of street fashion and class. A little bit of being gothic can never hurt. Legs must be shown to the world as a rule and the “I-don’t-care-look” always rests on her face. She can never go out of fashion as she is the one who makes the fashion!

#4 Vanessa Abrams

Meet Vanessa – the girl who explains fashion through accessories than with clothes.


Vanessa is mix of three different fashion styles – bohemian, artsy and exotic. She fits in perfectly with all three and does deviate a little bit from all three! Her iconic moments in the series often are outfits that have an emphasis on her accessories than her clothes. She can find a way to layer up any of her outfits and yet keep it simple. A simple chic. She doesn’t really care much about fashion in the exterior but knows when to buy a great piece of jewellery with her clothes and she has a hell of a taste in fashion. Just because she doesn’t show it doesn’t mean she doesn’t know it. Who is she? Abrams, you can take the stage.

Yes, I know that you guys know I love Blair and I am like Serena in fashion but I do like Vanessa’s fashion sense! Seems to be more like the daily-kinda-person I can relate to!

Source: The Featured image is from Gossip Girl Blogger

Now for the topic for poems that will be featured next week… First love or first crush… It can be something in your imagination or something that had really happened. It can be about a movie star or your neighbour. It can be about anyone! Remember that the requirement is to be under 30 lines… Send it in to and remember to follow me! XOXO, L. R.

April with a Silver Lining

When a blog completes 3 months, it is already a success! Running into the 4th month!

The three lovely things to emphasise on are back! As per the ritual, it starts with the months’s coverpage, it goes on with my follower count and eventually to the blogger award!

#1 Coverpage for April

The chosen theme for this month is our Greek Goddess, Aphrodite. It is all about beauty and love for her… Of course, it does come with poetry in the olden era and right now, it would go hand-in-hand with fashion!

The Rink April Coverpage.001

#2 Follower Count and Likes Count!Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 2.30.28 pm

200+ followers is something amazing!! Thank you so much guys! It is all because of you that the blog is running well!!!

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 2.30.06 pm

#3 Blogger Award


Thank you so very much Y!! Y writes at The Catalysts for Change – A blog that doesn’t deal with the small and petty things but it deals with the bigger and deeper stuff… Every post comes along with the tagline – Bringing Awareness to mental illness and sexual assault. Quite powerful, right? The words bring out meaning that touches our soul and it brings about a pretty stimulating change! Check out the latest post here!


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Answer the 11 questions posted by the blogger.
  3. Write 11 random facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 11 bloggers who deserve this award.
  5. Let them know about the nomination.
  6. Give them 11 questions to answer.

Eleven Questions posted by Y:

1.What brought you to the blogging world?/How did you start blogging?

I always knew that I have to start somewhere to get into a magazine as a writer or maybe even head a magazine… The problem was that I knew this for ages and I never did anything about it. Eventually on the night of 14th December 2016, I just sat down and voila! The Rink came into existence!

2. What is your favourite post?

My favourite posts are 10+ Fashion Styles Explored and Fashion Formula for Valentine’s Day – Can it be inspired from Fashion Weeks? and the guest posts that I wrote for other blogs. In these posts, it is really me… I didn’t assume the identity of a fashionista when I wrote those… I wrote it in the point of view of just another girl in the fashion world.

3. What is your favourite thing about blogging?

Blogging is when you leave the creative juices flowing! It is all about passion! There is absolutely no compulsion and it is about your voice, your opinion and your freedom!

4. What is a topic that you’ve always wanted to write about (but haven’t yet)?

I don’t have the itch to write about one particular topic right now… But if I did, it would be about a girl battling between the traditional culture and modern culture.

5. If you could go to any city/country right now, where would you go?

As of now, I want to explore Europe…

6. What is your favourite book?

I ❤ Jane Eyre… It was the first book that made me cry, laugh and feel every kind of emotion… A Thousand Boy Kisses is a close second!

7. What is a quote that really speaks to you?

I love several quotes and all those quotes inspire me… these are quotes ranging from normal people to dialogues in tv shows and movies and by famous people. I always awe at specific verses in poetry. One of the quotes would be,

“Imperfection is beauty, Madness is genius, And it is better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring” – Marilyn Monroe

8. Who is your role model?

Role models… I don’t have one… If there is one, then it would be the future me who is ten years older than me. I have some goals and expectations for the future me. So, right now, she is my role model.

9. What do you believe is your purpose?

To spread news, emotions and everything subtle and deep through words and art!

10. What is your favourite characteristic about yourself?

I will never give up on a person. Every person is worth the hope!

11. What accomplishment of yours are you most proud of?

I have been acknowledged for most of my accomplishments like getting awards for being a part of the student body council, academics, sports and everything… However, I was pushed to get those awards because who does’t love to win competitions! I guess blogging would be my biggest accomplishment biggest because there is absolutely no competition… Just genuine liking and passion fuelled this entire process!

For random facts about myself and S.C., check the About Us page!

Nominees for the Award: (In Alphabetical Order)

A Brash Attitude


Elisa Ruland



Lipstick For Lunch

Natalie Vinh

Okoto Enigma’s Blog

Pink For Days

Thoughts From Jasmine

Your 11 Questions:

  1. What was the inspiration or event that made you believe to want to be a blogger?
  2. Do you ever think that you could have started this blogging journey much before than you actually did?
  3. Which is your favourite post and why?
  4. Which blog/ blog post (blog post that you read and not wrote!) made you think deep?
  5. What is the one secret of blogging you never told anyone?
  6. Which movie/story has inspired you in the past?
  7. What is the one thing in your life that you are always aching to do?
  8. What is success in blogging to you?
  9. Do you write other stories, books and poems too (apart from publishing them on your blog)?
  10. What is the one characteristic you find in all your close ones?
  11. What makes you believe in yourself?

Yeah! That is it! Your blogs are fascinating and lovely! Would love to know your answers! There are so many bloggers and blogs out there but I could nominate only 11… But I would soon if your blog has caught my attention..! I don’t nominate bloggers/blogs that I have already nominated… so, excuse me!

Recent Update on the Poetry Guest Blog Series: 

Some poets told me about how it is hard to base poems on the topic I had given for April 4th and 6th… And so, I have decided to take in poetry on beauty and fashion trends too for the two dates! So, shall we tie the string of words and attach it to pearls?!


The Art Of Disguise #5: 10+ Fashion Styles Explored!

If this series had a prequel, this should have been it! By L.R.

Sherlock Holmes could judge you based on what you wear… what if you could trick him into thinking you were someone else? Welcome! 10+ Fashion Styles to explore and to discover who you really are! Are any of you in for a social experiment? Scroll all the way to the bottom of this post to know what it is about!

#1 Casual

For the girl who thinks just 10 times before picking out her dress for the day! Usually girls take a longer time! We are girls and its worth it!

Source: Pinterest

#2 Sporty

When Athleisure takes the centre stage and gymming is in trend!

Source: Pinterest

#3 Romantic

For the ones who search for love and respect equally… for the ones flaunting womanhood! They have elegance, style and a tinge of girliness that makes them the synonym for lady-like!

Source: Pinterest

#4 Girly Look

For the young girl in you, who likes frills, ruffles and lace! For the princess in you!

Source: Pinterest

#5 Grunge Look

When you have the “I-don’t-care” look and still look great!

Source: Pinterest

#6 Exotic

Time to be one of the kind! Go bold and dress yourself in the never-seen-before!

Source: Fashion Blog

#6 70s is back in trend

When they say that fashion doesn’t die, we know that it just comes back… fast forward a half century!

Source: Pinterest

#7 Edgy

A little bit of attitude doesn’t hurt! When you are a trendsetter and not a trend follower!

Source: Pinterest

#8 Tomboy

Comfort comes first. Who told that we need to be fancy to be right?

Source: Pinterest

#9 Chic

Fashionable as always. Stylish is a word that belongs to you.

Source: Pinterest

#10 Artsy

Layering is an art.

Source: Pinterest

#11 Bohemian

When Exotic is running mildly in your veins… You just have to adjust your inner free spirit with the one projected outside!

Source: Pinterest

#12 Vibrant

You can never miss this girl!

Source: SkyscraperCity

#13 Classic

Always elegant and poised… the royals of the fashion industry! When you know that you can never be outclassed…

Source: Pinterest

#14 Gothic

Can we include more black? Yeah? Then lets do it!

Source: Pinterest

#15 Street Fashion

Lets just get this over, shall we? No more words exchanged!

Source: Pinterest

This series will be there till the first week or maybe the second week of April! So, all the fashionistas who are up for a social experiment for trying on a different style, do send in a guest blog post! Record the reactions you receive, record what you feel and put the pictures (one of your style and the one you flaunted with for the social experiment!) in!


The Art Of Disguise #4: Disguising Winter with Spring

Originally posted on Styled by McKenz:
Boy oh boy am I bummed that the weatherman is calling for a half a foot of snow tonight… all I want is warm weather so I can start wearing some spring pieces and begin packing away my boots! (Is that too much to ask?!) In the meantime, I have…

Featured Image -- 2962

Originally published in StylebyMcKenz and written by McKenzie Morgan

This Art Of Disguise post is different from the rest in the series just like the last one about the Duchess of Cambridge. It is not about how you perceive a person differently with their appearance… this post is about how the season influences change in outfits!

Do check out this blog StyledbyMcKenz! It has many more of these transitions, make-up and fashion tips and an interesting segment named “Weekly Wrap”! Don’t miss it!

If any of you fashionistas are doing any blog post of Style Swap, do send a link or the article to ! I’ll get in contact with you about publishing it or re-blogging it in my blog!


Styled by McKenz

Boy oh boy am I bummed that the weatherman is calling for a half a foot of snow tonight… all I want is warm weather so I can start wearing some spring pieces and begin packing away my boots! (Is that too much to ask?!) In the meantime, I have been dreaming of warmer weather and putting together a few spring outfits plus coming up with a handful of tips that will help you easily transition your winter wardrobe to spring.

Outfit Details- sweater: Banana Republic, statement necklace: Francesca’s, jeans: Hollister, shoes: Palm Beach Sandals, bracelets: Alex and Ani 

I know for a lot of people right now it is much too cold to neglect their sweaters all together which is why my first tip is to start breaking out the color. By adding a colored sweater to your wardrobe you can continue staying warm during those brisk mornings but won’t…

View original post 285 more words