Perfect Winter Outfit and Accessories from our very own M&S

By L.R.

Marks & Spencers, the established  multinational retail chain store, is almost everyone’s daily store associated with nostalgic and fond memories.  This winter, the M&S collection has designed unparalleled outfits and accessories – affordable and classy. Out of of the more than 12 outfits put together by M&S, this winter outfit is the best in terms of the colours – for it is neither too bright nor bold and it is creamy and snowy complimenting the weather – and for the accessories that go with it.

A M&S Winter Outfit

Complete with brown leather boots and G-shaped earrings, it has made it to the top of the list. However, if you want to go to a party, you need something more extravagant. The Long Sleeve Lace Blouse is the perfect one for it! Stylish, revealing yet a layer of lace – goes best with a black slip dress. Since it already comes with a cluster of cloth in the centre – almost identical to a scarf – you don’t need to accessories this look.

Long Sleeve Lace Blouse

This jacket gives us a glimpse into street fashion with a twist. Why, it can make you look graceful too with an edge to it!

Floral Print Bomber Jacket

It is winter and it is time for the beautiful scarves to make it into your outfit. This scarf is a bit more special with its snowfall – like motifs using sequins. The colours adorn Noël!

Sequin Embellished Striped Scarf

Now, for the most important factor of party wear footwear! These velvet block heel court shoes with belt-like straps in the ankles is chosen as the best of M&S collection.The velvet element makes winter more classy !

Velvet Block Heel Court Shoes with Insolia

Featuring Gigi Hadid – The most looked up fashion designer of 2016 – Who has proved to look Stellar at the Sea

By L.R.

2016 witnessed many models/actors trying their hand at fashion. It is no wonder that Gigi Hadid topped in that list. Not only that, but also, she has been the most looked up fashion designer of the year. Starting from her collaboration with sister Bella Hadid to the TommyXGigi Capsule Collection that released earlier this season, Gigi Hadid has found many fans for her designer collections.

When Taylor Swift stepped into the streets wearing a look straight out of TommyXGigi Fall 2016 collection, it was crystal that this collection is the best of all Gigi Hadid’s collections this year.

Taylor Swift wearing Printed Silk Maxi Dress Gigi Hadid from TommyXGigi Fall Capsule Collection                                                                   Source:

Gigi Hadid collaborated for the first time with Tommy Hilfiger in Welcome To America Collection. While she is named the global brand ambassador of such an iconic style, who would have known that she would also infuse her very own style with Tommy Hilfiger and create an ultimate collection!

Gigi Hadid in Tommy Hilfiger’s Welcome To America Collection   Source:

This new collection TommyXGigi is nautical themed with dashes of navy blue and white, which are two of the tricolour brand Tommy Hilfiger. The Wool Nautical Hat Gigi Hadid is the most famous accessory in this collection – owe it to Commodore Hadid. The Cotton Knit Sweaters, Roll Neck Jumper and Sailor Denim Trousers sure does give us the sporty feel. The Long Military Coat with Trench-sytle Sleeve and Shoulder Straps, 4 Star Navy and the branded nautical motifs do give us a glimpse into her notion of fashion at the sea.

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Click here to see the TOMMYXGIGI Fall 2016 Capsule Collection.

Rejina Pyo’s classic and comfortable Spring / Summer 2017 Ready-To-Wear Collection

By L.R.

A highly sought-after fashion designer, Rejina Pyo has recently released her desirable Spring/ Summer 2017 Ready-To-Wear collection, which can be seen as conventional clothes with a striking style.

“When it comes to clothes, I prefer a subtler approach and an element of surprise.”

– Rejina Pyo interview Vogue UK

The Korea-born London based designer does have a few interesting looks to look forward to the forthcoming season.

Dresses and skirts rule this collection with the feminine grace to neutral colours. With emphasis on bold and light shades alike, Pyo has nailed the needs of a women’s closet – inclusive of party dresses and daily wear. The palette of colours are neither too fancy nor too showy too wear rather, it is sophisticated and posh to sport these colours.

From Long Side fringes to Peasant top-dresses, Pyo has made a signature for herself. These fringes come with the vintage-smock-dress look, that have a special place in our nostalgic memories, in an iconic look of a top matched with a almost-perfect-circle-yet-messy cut out skirt. The Peasant top-dresses – all monochromatic – come upto the knees with an asymmetrical cut and below-waist slit. What makes this look special is that we will never feel overdressed for any event and yet hold class at every event. Pair this dress with appropriate metallic accessories like a set of long earrings or broad bracelets with a suitable choker and you will enjoy the look. Classy and comfortable.

Broad belts, from the 90s cowboy looks have come back into fashion with a woman’s elegance in this collection. Buttoned skirts and dresses are seen as her speciality in the collection. This seems to be in par with the royal dresses – crafted with dignity, pride and charm in mind. The metallic touch of these buttons and belts appears to be inspired of the street fashion look making these outfits a mix of street wear and conservativeness.

The Best 18 Looks of her collection are displayed below ~

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To see the full Rejina Pyo Spring Summer 2017 Ready-To-Wear Collection, go to

The Best 18 of Stella McCartney’s Spring Collection 2K17 for Her

By L.R.

The English fashion designer has made the day again. She has just launched the Spring Collection 2017 for women. From designing her own jacket when she was just 13 to not using animal products like leather, she has clearly steered our heart towards her and her fashion sense. While those are just glimpses of her, her famous forthcoming spring personality has already made a mark.

For spring, she has concentrated on ruffles, lace and comfy loose clothing that give a feminine edge to the collection. Her palette for this month majorly consists of hues of cream, rust, black and dark blue. The collection ranges from quilted jackets and Laci pants to Melanie dress, Khaki bags and pointed pumps.

Source: Twitter                

I love allowing a location to inspire and shape the story of my shoot                              – — @Stella McCartney (Source: Twitter)

This time, 40 new looks have been released out of which, The Rink has chosen to display The Best 18.


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To see the full collection, go to

To Own the Title of Long Earrings

To bring the long earrings out of the box in an iconic style… By L.R.

Long earrings are a mark of luxury – a way to embellish your look – but if it is way too long or way too jarring, it is marked down almost immediately. So, how to avoid such a fashion faux pas?

Jennifer Lawrence at SAGs red carpet, 2014.                                                                             Source:

Adding a beautiful vintage tinge to the face, the long earrings have a specific style to display. To pull of this style, as always, there are a few fashion hacks.

First and foremost, make sure that the limelight is the long earrings. We don’t always sport these sleek beauties, so give them adequate importance. To shed light on it, tie up your hair in a bun or cut it short like Lawrence in the above picture.  The lesser the hair in the background, the more the earrings tend to stand out.

Second, for the ethereal beauty that tags along with these earrings, you don’t need lip make-up, especially the very bold colours unless your fashion designer recommends it. Nude, pale lip colours and shades that are similar to your natural lip colour are the best lipsticks to use. Angelina Jolie takes this to a brilliant level (see the picture below). To much of a glossy look can make your lips too artificial when they are alongside the long earrings.

Angelina Jolie wearing emerald green earrings. Source:

The more the neck and the collar bones are seen, the more the charm is added. Let it be the chandelier earrings or the hoops ones or even like the bold emerald ones Jolie is wearing, they are the best against our very own skin. Somehow, this exposed skin doesn’t attract attention and instead lets the focus be on the earrings.

Do we really need a chain or a choker to go with it? I don’t think so. The earrings make a statement for themselves. Let the hand ornaments like bracelets or delicate rings go with the earring than a neck “accessory”. When you wear a chain, it reduces the charm as there are too many things to look at, at the first glance.

Carrie Underwood at the CMA Awards Red Carpet in Tennessee.                               Source:

You don’t want to step into a party with the iconic long earring and without no make-up. The best feature to accentuate with make-up comes down to our eyes. Since 90% of the women in the world think that eyes are their best feature and eyes give depth to the whole face, which other facial feature can do more justice? Do your eye make-up well! Sport smoky eyes or a beautiful bash of eye-shadow with eyeliner to make your face stand out.

So listed above are all the fashion tips but if the preferred earring doesn’t go with the personality to wish to show, then there you have made a perfect error that is only seen in the lens of the unconscious mind.

Thin chandelier or thin hoop earrings usually show your delicate personality. It mostly emphasises on your jaw lines and it showers your look with elegance. It will be the best is it is monochromatic and metallic.

While the bold long earrings like Bali’s half moon earrings can be matched with bold coloured dress or ethnic wear. It shows the level of confidence you have. It shows that you don’t mind being different and you believe that you are outstanding. It shows that you are  a risk-taking experimenter and of course, the fashion pioneer.

So far, so good. Steal the show with your long earrings!

Revealed Legs with Sleeved Arms

When revealed legs give a better effect than slender exposed arms… By L.R.

Flaunting the legs has come a long way from the Audrey Hepburn’s classical style of showing off long legs in neat skinny bottoms to today’s waist-high slits in dresses. Then, dresses didn’t touch the floor or stop at the knee, they flowed to a mid length between the knee and the foot, such that grace enveloped the woman. It is also quite fascinating of how the era of skinny hands with delicate gloves is replaced now with covered fabric or fur to give the model an enriched contemporary look.

The new thought for this look is to look like normal commoners with an extraordinary element. This extraordinary factor is nothing but being the fashion pioneers or creating the entire trend. The look comes with your legs than any other body part. Covered hands and uncovered legs make the un-red carpet style statement. A simple costume like what Kendall Jenner wore on a regular Sunday morning made a news.

Kendall Jenner on a Sunday Morning in New York                                                           Source:

A plain crop tee and denim shorts are the basics but if you look closely, the suede fringed jacket and the velvet ankle-length boots accentuated the whole look. The denim shows off her long legs while the heels do justice to the look by making her legs seem longer. While the cropped tee is almost covered, the jacket takes over the look by covering her hands and most of her upper body giving the people adequate concentration to gaze at her long legs. It gives a very casual look when combined with those denim. Sexy, casual and definitely, a morning look.

If you think twice, it doesn’t only work as a morning look or casual look. It can even grace a red carpet if worn right. Irina Shayk perfects this look in the Italian Lingerie Intimissimi 20 years anniversary.

Irina Shayk at Intimissimi Italian Lingerie 20 years anniversary last month in Spain                                                                                                                                             Source:

Long legs pumped with delicate heels and the coziness of the modest deep-cut dress are the only two gateways, which reveal Shayk’s glowing skin against the dark comfy dress. The loosely covered arms adds to this look by urging us to look at Shayk’s flawless slender legs.

Since beauty competitions have been biased that tall is beautiful, the craze of being tall has started to define beauty. Exposed legs give the illusion of height and the two models have nailed the element of height with heels suiting the occasion. Also, they add an unconscious thought of the models being slim light-weighted angels. On the contrary, the above-waist clothes that combines with this look is usually a jacket or something, that has long sleeves and maybe topped with bold ornaments, that gives way to a stark contrast that makes this asymmetrical style of dressing a certain compliment.

Another interesting thing is the way the hair is styled to complete this look. Jenner has her hairstyle messy while Shayk has a laid-back look with the hair swept right to the back. Both these hairstyles are explicitly unflattering and this leaves the world to look at their prominent and ostensibly shown features!

The normal imperfection of asymmetrical style is absolute perfection in the fashion world!