5 steps into Autumn!

Wardrobe changes are about to begin!

#1 Mid-length skirts

We are done with summer dresses… but skirts? No! It’s a great time to invest in mid-length skirts. Pair it with boots and you are ready to go. For shorter girls, you would look shorter if you go for a full-flair skirt. So, make sure that your skirt has a slit.

#2 If you really wanna wear those dresses!

Some of you, like me, love dresses and I hate to see them go for a waste at this season and in winter too… Tried and tested, wear your dresses with tights (choose fishnet/thin translucent if you can bear the gusts of wind!). Or, you can wear above-the-knee boots! It works perfectly well too!

#3 Now that we got the outfits done, accessories come in!

Big belts can easily be your statement piece this autumn. Better to go with bolder accessories than the thinner and delicate counterparts! Try on a few scarfs and ta-da! This autumn is all about making a statement. Be a minimalist when it comes to the number of accessories. Wear just one or a maximum of two.

Source: Pinterest

#4 A Trench can never be less than Iconic

A good trench coat is a must-have! You can wear it into winter as well! For this season, I would recommend you to have a thinner coat like a duster. However, a trench would give you a great look. It gives you a standard look that you can wear it to any place regardless of whether it should be formal or not. Living in the tropical part of the northern hemisphere, I don’t really experience harsh winters. For those like me, we can go for our trench coat cousins – the trench-coat look-alikes but with a thinner material to suit our season!

#5 For those into Street Style

A good bomber jacket and trainers is essential. A staple look would be a crop tee, jeans, bomber jacket and your favourite trainers. To dress up your look, you can wear boots. Top it off with a cap! Wear dimmer colours. Bright colours or colour pop is not in. Maybe button-me-down clothes or zipped clothes can lift your look. One of the best styles for this season to look chic and casual will be Street Style.

Source: Pinterest

Top 5 picks for each style from Stella McCartney Pre-Fall/Winter Collection 2017-18

Stella McCartney has come up with the brand new collection that just released a few days ago. It is all about fall and winter this time!

Fringes, blazers and weather-bearing fabric encrusts this collection to its ultimate! Black, white, faded red and camel brown are the dominating four colours on the palette reflecting winter.

Casual Style: 

This is the daily-wear style. This came as a complete surprise to me that Stella McCartney has Casual styles in this collection. This usually festive brand does come up with great daily-wear clothes…. daily-wear clothes that wouldn’t get you cringes but glances of pure admiration.

This is the most casual outfit that I found in the collection. Not great but still chic.

Source: Vogue

This is the most futuristic of Stella McCartney’s closet of casual outfits. It is my favourite as it has a unique style that may come up to be the trend soon. Also, it goes with the weather. You don’t want to wear short exposing clothes this winter!

Source: Vogue

Gothic style:

For all those who scream black, Stella has got a lot for you to choose from. It goes from sleek black to black with golden dots and sequins. The range for black is from head-to-toe full-sleeved collared black ensemble to leather black cape.

You can never go wrong with this outfit.

Source: Vogue

This is my favourite black outfit as it has the flavour of gothic and punk in it; yet, it is so elegant and graceful, all at once.

Source: Vogue

Prints and Fringes to enliven the Fall and Winter:

Yes, you are right, there are quite a few prints and fringed clothes. The prints do not overpower the mood of the winter/fall but it’s presence is felt. Fringes on the other hand dominate the outfit and makes sure it has the spotlight.

Girly style:

Stella McCartney is not Stella McCartney without a lace outfit. This is the only lace outfit but it does have a edgy effect to it. It shows the feminine side in a powerful and bold way. It is not completely girly but it can be put under this style as who loves lace more than the girly girls?! The pleats complete the girly side to the dress.

Source: Vogue

Fur to the fullest:

Don’t get me wrong! I love animals and I don’t encourage killing them! This collection does include a few fur coats. I am not sure if it is real fur or not but from a fashion point of view, it would not be right for me to not review it.

Source: Vogue

The fur coats give a warm feeling and it makes the winter look warmer. It looks perfect with any dress beneath it – let it be a solid colour or full prints. The coats have different patterns and this pattern styles give depth to the outfit.

This is Stella McCartney pre-fall/winter 2017-18 collection for you, dear readers!!! Yes, there are the trench coats, blazers and capes. But those are all a bit too normal for Stella McCartney’s brand new collection! Meet you again with another review and top picks of a new collection!

Until next time,


P.S. To see all 40 outfits, see Vogue France.

The Art of Disguise #9: H & M turns elite and fashionable with the Conscious Exclusive Collection 2017!

Truly Exclusive… By L.R.

Hey people! We have come to the very last post in the series!

H & M is the place I usually go to find good daily wear and rarely part outfits… When i went on one of my visits to the store, I was amazed with this new collection: Conscious Exclusive 2017!

It is said to be inspired and made from recycled waste – Who knows if this is a rumour or not! It first came to the stores on the 20th of April. And fate sent me to shopping on the very same day!

My favourite dress

This was my very favourite dress in the collection! It was available when I went to the stores… Sadly, my size was not there!!! Anyhow, being a fashion lover, I wanted to try it on and ta-da! I wore the one with a bigger size!

Source: Pinterest

The dress that sold out in one day!

Party dress? Yes, for sure! The pink sequinned dress was and is still eyed by many! It was sold out the very first day in UK!

The Other ones in the collection

These outfits are equally good and some are so good that celebrities have walked on the carpet wearing them! I don’t have all of them in the gallery – The best ones are here!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I was so happy to walk in on the first day of the release! This collection did not become very popular here, I guess, because people are more exposed to the advertisements for H & M spring collection. The Conscious Exclusive 2017 collection is a little bit elegant, a little bit playful, a little bit exotic and a little bit ethereal!

Raffiey Nasir Haute Couture 2017 is nothing but Ravishing!

Singapore meets Raffiey Nasir at Singapore Modest Fashion Weekend 2017 “Gala Night”… by L.R.

Raffiey Nasir started out his journey in 2009 and here he is, featured at the Singapore Modest Fashion Weekend 2017! This is reportedly the first modest fashion show at Singapore and all the collections showcased spoke in different tones. I attended the last segment of the fashion weekend last Sunday and witnessed 3 designer collections.

This collection was exhibited at the end – people do say that best things wait for the end to happen! The Gala Night show’s hostess revealed that the collections are based on the Eid celebrations that will happen during late June 2017.

IMG_6848    IMG_6839

Guess that there were 19 outfits in the collection… Here, I have displayed 10 outfits! Nope, it isn’t that these were my 11 favourite outfits but, these were the only outfits i could catch properly in my phone camera! Although I was seated in the first row in the second tier (it was elevated – the first tier of seats were reserved for the designers’ guests) of seats, I couldn’t get snap these pictures clearly – Forgive me! Note to myself #1- Get a camera, the next time you go to a fashion show.

IMG_6890   IMG_6821

The Palette for the Night!

Shades of blue, tan and black ruled the runway! Champagne, tan and sparkly metallic colours are the indicators of festivity… the surprising colour in the palette is blue and the shades of same! Blue is always a calm colour. A colour that radiates elegance. A colour that doesn’t want to be out of the occasion. But, it sure is a colour that will not be forgotten! Nasir takes this to his advantage a features multiple outfits with this colour.

“Blue is always a calm colour. A colour that radiates elegance. A colour that doesn’t want to be out of the occasion. But, it sure is a colour that will not be forgotten! Nasir takes this to his advantage a features multiple outfits with this colour”

IMG_6901   IMG_6831

Trends the reigned the collection

All the outfits conveyed modesty with its long skirts. The reason why each of them spoke differently is because of the difference in design! The trend of ruffles seems to have an effect on this collection. Along with these playful ruffles are cheery fringes and tassels! Personally, I felt that they could be reduced as looked overdone with the dress. It looked like there was too much going on. However, they did bring life to the dress!

IMG_6864  IMG_6859

For the ‘Shape of you’

Are you Apple-shaped woman or Perfect hour-glass? Then, these are made for you – the waist part is usually covered with layers of dress or fringes and so, it gives a fuller appearance! I wouldn’t suggest the Pear-shaped gals to go for this collection as it might make your hips and waist appear broad….but the first pic in this post (with the pants) maybe your best chance. My rectangle lasses, this is the match made in heaven! This collection sculpts to show you off as a shapely woman.

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 1.50.08 pm

My favourite bits and pieces

One of my favourite outfits is a pink one, but I couldn’t snap a non-blurry picture of it… Sorry guys.. However, I did get a picture of this dress (look below the next para!) It was the only dress of the its colour – It had a certain punch to it.

My two other favourite parts of the show was the tan-brown outfit (displayed as the first picture in this post) and the totally futuristic collar-lines! The tan-brown outfit is particularly spectacular for one, it has a beautiful contrast between the colour and the sparkly silver and two, it is an outfit that people can rock in even on days outside the entire festivity!

Most of the neck lines were the basic necklines.. there were of course some boat-shaped neck lines.. and then there were these collars that stole the show! People do love long necks… but there will soon be a time when the collars are back in fashion! The broad collars show majestical elements. It is combined with the boat-shaped necklines and this is quite an interesting twist… But do remember, while wearing this kind of neckline, DO NOT wear statement earrings! A neck piece (a big and bold one) would do the job… and do be considerate of it because you don’t want to overdo the dress.


Next up is THE dress that stole the thunder of the show! With a special introduction (a mystical song) and a huge round of applause, I can safely claim that this dress was a  definite hit. The metallic patterns graced the dress as though fabric has never seen its finest in fashion. It did hug the body like most of the displayed outfits but had uniqueness added to it.  It had the metallic light on it and the tan in the dress showed itself off too! It was elegant and it stood out compared to the rest of the outfits. This was a perfect outfit to close the show.

“The metallic patterns graced the dress as though fabric has never seen its finest in fashion”

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 1.47.06 pm

The designer, later on, brought to light that even though this collection may embrace the occasions, it is nothing but the Raffiey Nasir Haute Couture 2017!

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication. Nasir was one of the only designers who met his collection’s admirers after the show was over! He was kind enough to engage in a small talk with us.


You guys do remember Vindhya, the vlogger, right? Yep, we went together for this show! She is standing to the right of Nasir! Having a friend with you is a good thing! Having a friend with the same interests and craziness is the best thing ever! We were thrilled to take a photo with Nasir and to find our way to a pita place twenty minutes away! This whole experience of going to a fashion show was super fun! Raffiey Nasir, if you are reading this, then I must say that you made our day when you talked to us and posed with us for a picture!


Guest Blog Series – For the Poet in you #1

When tailored garments meet the raw Earth…



Almost as though she were a part of the woods,

And a part of the tailored culture —

She stood in grey to her viewers.


While her cherry red lipstick spoke volumes,

The floral dress floated around

The whiteness exposed the nature

And there was a miracle found.


Against the ethereal happenings, the green made its case

That a fairy tale photo cannot exist

When a forest doesn’t have a face…


©THE RINK 2017

Voila! That is the first poem on THE RINK’s guest blog series on poetry! The writer prefers to be anonymous and has handed over the copyrights to THE RINK. Remember, you don’t need to hand over the rights to get publish on this platform! To check out the topics for April 6th, click here. Also, the poet got stuck in naming this poem. Can you think of a good title? Yeah? Put it in the comments section below!



The Art Of Disguise #5: 10+ Fashion Styles Explored!

If this series had a prequel, this should have been it! By L.R.

Sherlock Holmes could judge you based on what you wear… what if you could trick him into thinking you were someone else? Welcome! 10+ Fashion Styles to explore and to discover who you really are! Are any of you in for a social experiment? Scroll all the way to the bottom of this post to know what it is about!

#1 Casual

For the girl who thinks just 10 times before picking out her dress for the day! Usually girls take a longer time! We are girls and its worth it!

Source: Pinterest

#2 Sporty

When Athleisure takes the centre stage and gymming is in trend!

Source: Pinterest

#3 Romantic

For the ones who search for love and respect equally… for the ones flaunting womanhood! They have elegance, style and a tinge of girliness that makes them the synonym for lady-like!

Source: Pinterest

#4 Girly Look

For the young girl in you, who likes frills, ruffles and lace! For the princess in you!

Source: Pinterest

#5 Grunge Look

When you have the “I-don’t-care” look and still look great!

Source: Pinterest

#6 Exotic

Time to be one of the kind! Go bold and dress yourself in the never-seen-before!

Source: Fashion Blog

#6 70s is back in trend

When they say that fashion doesn’t die, we know that it just comes back… fast forward a half century!

Source: Pinterest

#7 Edgy

A little bit of attitude doesn’t hurt! When you are a trendsetter and not a trend follower!

Source: Pinterest

#8 Tomboy

Comfort comes first. Who told that we need to be fancy to be right?

Source: Pinterest

#9 Chic

Fashionable as always. Stylish is a word that belongs to you.

Source: Pinterest

#10 Artsy

Layering is an art.

Source: Pinterest

#11 Bohemian

When Exotic is running mildly in your veins… You just have to adjust your inner free spirit with the one projected outside!

Source: Pinterest

#12 Vibrant

You can never miss this girl!

Source: SkyscraperCity

#13 Classic

Always elegant and poised… the royals of the fashion industry! When you know that you can never be outclassed…

Source: Pinterest

#14 Gothic

Can we include more black? Yeah? Then lets do it!

Source: Pinterest

#15 Street Fashion

Lets just get this over, shall we? No more words exchanged!

Source: Pinterest

This series will be there till the first week or maybe the second week of April! So, all the fashionistas who are up for a social experiment for trying on a different style, do send in a guest blog post! Record the reactions you receive, record what you feel and put the pictures (one of your style and the one you flaunted with for the social experiment!) in!


The Art Of Disguise #4: Disguising Winter with Spring

Originally posted on Styled by McKenz:
Boy oh boy am I bummed that the weatherman is calling for a half a foot of snow tonight… all I want is warm weather so I can start wearing some spring pieces and begin packing away my boots! (Is that too much to ask?!) In the meantime, I have…

Featured Image -- 2962

Originally published in StylebyMcKenz and written by McKenzie Morgan

This Art Of Disguise post is different from the rest in the series just like the last one about the Duchess of Cambridge. It is not about how you perceive a person differently with their appearance… this post is about how the season influences change in outfits!

Do check out this blog StyledbyMcKenz! It has many more of these transitions, make-up and fashion tips and an interesting segment named “Weekly Wrap”! Don’t miss it!

If any of you fashionistas are doing any blog post of Style Swap, do send a link or the article to therinkfashion@gmail.com ! I’ll get in contact with you about publishing it or re-blogging it in my blog!


Styled by McKenz

Boy oh boy am I bummed that the weatherman is calling for a half a foot of snow tonight… all I want is warm weather so I can start wearing some spring pieces and begin packing away my boots! (Is that too much to ask?!) In the meantime, I have been dreaming of warmer weather and putting together a few spring outfits plus coming up with a handful of tips that will help you easily transition your winter wardrobe to spring.

Outfit Details- sweater: Banana Republic, statement necklace: Francesca’s, jeans: Hollister, shoes: Palm Beach Sandals, bracelets: Alex and Ani 

I know for a lot of people right now it is much too cold to neglect their sweaters all together which is why my first tip is to start breaking out the color. By adding a colored sweater to your wardrobe you can continue staying warm during those brisk mornings but won’t…

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