The Art of Disguise #9: H & M turns elite and fashionable with the Conscious Exclusive Collection 2017!

Truly Exclusive… By L.R.


Hey people! We have come to the very last post in the series!

H & M is the place I usually go to find good daily wear and rarely part outfits… When i went on one of my visits to the store, I was amazed with this new collection: Conscious Exclusive 2017!

It is said to be inspired and made from recycled waste – Who knows if this is a rumour or not! It first came to the stores on the 20th of April. And fate sent me to shopping on the very same day!

My favourite dress

This was my very favourite dress in the collection! It was available when I went to the stores… Sadly, my size was not there!!! Anyhow, being a fashion lover, I wanted to try it on and ta-da! I wore the one with a bigger size!

Source: Pinterest

The dress that sold out in one day!

Party dress? Yes, for sure! The pink sequinned dress was and is still eyed by many! It was sold out the very first day in UK!

The Other ones in the collection

These outfits are equally good and some are so good that celebrities have walked on the carpet wearing them! I don’t have all of them in the gallery – The best ones are here!

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I was so happy to walk in on the first day of the release! This collection did not become very popular here, I guess, because people are more exposed to the advertisements for H & M spring collection. The Conscious Exclusive 2017 collection is a little bit elegant, a little bit playful, a little bit exotic and a little bit ethereal!

You’re right! Audrey Hepburn was the Fashion Icon all along – Here’s why!

5 reasons to love her style By L.R.

It is 2017 alright! But Audrey Hepburn was always and still is the Fashion Icon and here is why! Let it be her fringes or her big brows or her innocent looks or her big beautiful pair of eyes that draws us, she has always won us over!

#1: Her love for pleated dresses

Source: Daily Mail

Pleated skirts have become the fashion trend since the time Olivia Palermo and other celebrities started sporting them. But hey! Audrey has done it back then and kept the style! A neat pleated rose quartz skirt matched with pearls. It is best for Pear-shaped women as it doesn’t really show the shape! The flair serves its purpose.

#2: Floral dresses pave the way


Latest designer collections of Elie Saab and Ralph & Russo have now explored the depths of the floral motifs and have made them fashion statements. Floral themes seems to be the theme of the year complementing the Pantone’s colour of the year – Green standing for greenery. Flowers are of course girly but the theme works well for the evening parties!

#3: The belt is something to talk about.


The Belt has forever been a part of Audrey’s wardrobe! Her dresses always have the companion of the dear belts that clings to her slender waist. It is perfect for hour-glass and rectangle-shaped figures. It elongates your structure and shows you tall and slim. It quite does the job!

#4: Less is More

Source: Pinterest

Minimalistic fashion gained high recognition from then onwards. Good news: The parts with fabric includes layers of net and flair that works best with all body structures! The neutral royal festive colours of cream, off-white and gold is always on the racks – thanks to Audrey!

#5: A yet to come predicted fashion trend – The Rise of Gloves

Source: Telegraph

Gloves are now usually seen as royal. Well, it is going to come back into fashion just like the over-the knee boots. Reason? It is seen to be very luxurious and especially exquisite. The delicate darling – will soon be back!

These are just 5 reasons. There is so much more! Yes Audrey, you are the Fashion Icon.

Do you guys think there is a better reason? Please do leave your comments below!