Guest Blog Series – For the Poet in You #2

When the Beauty meets the Beast…


Beauty and the Beast


As the lenses come off,

The mascara is removed,

The eye liner is cleaned,

And The eye shadow is mysteriously gone,

The Real Beauty under the fake one

Reveals itself…

Under its eyelids, we can sense the sin

Of how appearance rules the world today.

The Beast makes its place in the mirror

Telling the Beauty that she is no good,

She wouldn’t have a chance in the outside realm.

What the Beast doesn’t know is that

Without the Beauty or her thoughts,

The Beast can never exist…

© S. J. Trent 2017

Thank you S for this poem! Looking forward for more poets to contribute! Look up for the next week’s topic in Saturday’s post on Fashion!






Guest Blog Series – For the Poet in you #1

When tailored garments meet the raw Earth…



Almost as though she were a part of the woods,

And a part of the tailored culture —

She stood in grey to her viewers.


While her cherry red lipstick spoke volumes,

The floral dress floated around

The whiteness exposed the nature

And there was a miracle found.


Against the ethereal happenings, the green made its case

That a fairy tale photo cannot exist

When a forest doesn’t have a face…


©THE RINK 2017

Voila! That is the first poem on THE RINK’s guest blog series on poetry! The writer prefers to be anonymous and has handed over the copyrights to THE RINK. Remember, you don’t need to hand over the rights to get publish on this platform! To check out the topics for April 6th, click here. Also, the poet got stuck in naming this poem. Can you think of a good title? Yeah? Put it in the comments section below!



And April Begins! Aphrodite Enters the Frame!

This is the month of Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Beauty! Well, lets say, charm and fashion too! Beauty and Fashion may go hand in hand but without charms, she wouldn’t have been herself! For this charm, we need some words. Do you have a way with words? Then, we need you!


Poetry (not more than 30 lines) on the Topic I announce during the weekend along with the blog post under Fashion Category! So, stay tuned!

8 lucky guest bloggers will get to show off their work on THE RINK! It will be published every Tuesday and Thursday!The topics will swirl around Fashion Trends or Beauty! You will be contacted if your work is selected! Do follow the blog (in WordPress or subscribe through e-mail) for your work to be considered!

The topics might be in words or in pictures – get your imaginations all set and those fingers on the keyboard! We are waiting to see your work! What are you waiting for? Send in your poems to !

Topic for 4th April and 6th April:

This is based on the photoshoot that happened recently for THE RINK Coverpage for the month of April! It can be based on the model H’s beauty or the dress she is wearing or her feelings or yours… But at least one third of it should be based on fashion or beauty!

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Fashion from India to Singapore

Written by L.R. Originally published in lifewithlilred

Dressed with my thoughts and draped with my experience, I present to you my guest blog post Fashion From India To Singapore – originally published in lifewithlilred. Thank you Sarah for the opportunity!!

Hello hello and welcome to a poignant and thoughtful post by my friend Lakshmi from The Rink. Spring is always connected to transformation and new life. In this personal excerpt from Lakshmi, she discusses the metamorphosis of her personal style after she moved from India to Singapore. Miss Lakshmi has been featured here on lifewithlilred […]

via Fashion From India To Singapore — lifewithlilred

Never Been On A Date

Delighted to be featured! Thank you Sarah! An episode in my life.


Helloooo everyone and happy weekend! I hope all of you are having a wonderful day so far. So in case you guys weren’t aware, my Think Spring guest bloggers series is launching on February 15th. This series has been a fun one to work on and it has given me the opportunity to make some new blogging friends, like Lakshmi from The Rink. Lakshmi will be featured in my guest bloggers series but she was also kind enough to provide me with another terrific post for lifewithlilred. This article is titled “Never Been On A Date” and you saw it here first!

Never Been On A Date:

Terms, which you won’t believe, that exist!

I am L.R. and I come from India. For those who don’t know, there is this system in India known as the “arranged marriage system” – a guy and a girl who are ‘destined’ to…

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