Guest Blog Series – For the poet in you #8

The series comes to an end… with a poem on starting from the very beginning…



P.C.: Medicine News

Umbilical cord forged our bond.

Love and hate compose our years

Constructing a strong relation.

Arguments and fights seize the day

Yet somehow I turn to you

For my heart’s solace.


The sphere has witnesses outlets

Outlets of things.

However, can it comprehend

What you go through?

Outlets of my emotion – anger – You

Never keep a grudge,

Never brand anyone,

Never give up.


You don’t merely exist

In this world nor in my mind.

You live and shine

Your way through

Me and my life.

Thank you.


After all, the

Umbilical cord forged our bond.

Guest Blog Series – For the Poet in You #7

Blind, Deaf And Dumb

Originally published at Frank Solanki


Frank Solanki

I’ve got to make a confession

I hope that you don’t mind

I can only see your face

To others, I am blind

I can hear your whispers

Even hear you in my dreams

I must be turning deaf now

For I can’t hear others scream

People talk to me all the time

But I am totally numb

I only respond to your voice

To others, I am dumb

I only want you around me

Others, I just ignore

They are all just diseases

You are my only cure

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Guest Blog Series – For the Poet in You #6

Good-bye also means letting go…
Written by Adrija Chakravarti and originally published in THE RINK

Goodbye (Sonnet)

Source: Oprah

Do you remember the good old days?

When you were the only person who understood

We were catching a few of the sun’s rays,

Looking at the blue-green sea, we stood.


You were always supportive, always there

I was always trouble but you still kept

My secrets and you always did care

And with those fond memories, I almost wept.


But, then you changed, you became heartless,  mean

Those old memories forever gone

I kept quiet, hoping you could be cleaned

From the taint of teenage change, from bullies


I was wrong, so I let go of the past

I let go, my friend, and found peace, at last.

©Adrija Chakravarti

About Adrija in her own words:

Poetry was never my favourite topic in school, but this particular one is one I am quite proud of because it was written about personal experiences. I wrote this poem about losing one of my closest friends in middle school who then turned out to bully me for the rest of the year. Even though this happened, looking back, I am thankful for it as it made me stronger. Poetry had given me a chance to express my feelings and it gave me more appreciation for the literature form.

Thank you A!! Your poem is deep and shows the brightest side of letting go…! Love your work!

Dearest readers and poets!

This note is especially for you, my dear readers and poets! Poetry of all genres are accepted! This blog series will end with just 2 more poems! What are you waiting for?! It will be featured next week!!! Send it in to !


Guest Blog Series – For the Poet in You #5


Source: Psychology Today

Do you know what is despair?

I don’t know it

but from what I see nobody does.

Do you know what is despair?

An orphaned child who enjoyed the love of mother

suddenly finds himself on the road

with no one to guide no one to provide

that is despair, despair for mother’s love.

Do you know what is despair?

A confident business man who enjoyed the wealth

suddenly finds himself in so much debt

with nothing to drive him nothing to help

that is despair, despair for the right vision.


Do you know what is despair?

A friend who enjoyed the warmth of his mate

suddenly finds himself helpless to help

with nothing to share and nothing to cheer

that is despair, despair for a lost friend.


This is the despair that torments

me whenever I see you.

©Nilesh Rajendran

Nilesh is a person, who looks beyond the outer world and looks into emotions and feelings with a philosophical touch. With all his poems centred on his life experiences, he really does not depend on cameras to capture the moment. The experiences filled with great magnitude and gravity are his special interests – poetry topics. Being just 19 years old, we can definitely say that he will keep writing and captivating his audience with words!

Thank you N!

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Guest Blog Series – For the poet in you #4

Its kinda funny that I received very less poems for this topic as I thought that most poets would start their writing journey with this topic! Guess I will change to a better topic or rather no topic at all for the last two poetry guest blog weeks. If you have a good idea, then please do type out your thoughts in the comments section!

This is one of my favourite poems… It is not a guest blog post and so, please do excuse me!

She Walks in Beauty
She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that’s best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes;
Thus mellowed to that tender light
Which heaven to gaudy day denies.
One shade the more, one ray the less,
Had half impaired the nameless grace
Which waves in every raven tress,
Or softly lightens o’er her face;
Where thoughts serenely sweet express,
How pure, how dear their dwelling-place.
And on that cheek, and o’er that brow,
So soft, so calm, yet eloquent,
The smiles that win, the tints that glow,
But tell of days in goodness spent,
A mind at peace with all below,
A heart whose love is innocent!
Written by Lord Byron.
Source for featured image: Pinterest

Guest Blog Series – For the Poet in you #3

Dark Fantasy

Source: Dark Beauty

Oh may I plunge?

And drown in the smooth waves,

the waves of your

Dark Dark Hair…


Oh may I gaze?

And just gaze

into the dark hues of your

Dark Dark Eyes…


Oh may I tread?

Tread till the end

on your soft, mellow and

Dark Dark eyelids…


Oh may I tether?

Tether myself to you

and let my soul be purged by your

Dark Dark Fantasies…


©Yaash Jain, 15th July 2015.


Yaash is a poet and his writing usually dwells on life and its mystics. It does sound like good song lyrics Yaash! It has a certain rhythm to it.

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The Art of Disguise #6: Which Gossip Girl lass are you based on your fashion style?

The 4 characters’ styles decoded. Exclusive: Poetry topic for the next week and you know you love it! By L.R.

With all the hype created around the brand new show Prep very much like Gossip Girl, we just have more gossip in town. What creates the drama? What creates the gossip? What is in it? All is decoded – They don’t share the same personality. Although Blair and Serena are from the same filthy rich background, their styles clash only during soirées! Even though Jenny Humphrey could design clothes for the upper elite, did she wear those runway pieces?! Vanessa, the only character shown not to ignorant of the fashion world pacing around her, had some real style aura around her. Stay mystified and stay tuned. Discover them!

Want to be someone or find who you are….Welcome to The Art of Disguise.

To know what exactly I mean by some of the style jargons, click here to discover your tune in fashion

#1 Blair Waldorf

Yep, I know that Serena is the main character in the series but I absolutely love Blair! So, here she is at number one. Nobody can beat her in her own game! The class can never get outclassed.

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 11.44.52 pm
Source: Pinterest and Puretrend

Her fashion style is predominantly Classic. She does engage in chic and romantic fashion styles but the classic style is her. Her accessories are never out-of-place and her style is all planned out at least a week before! All of her clothes are branded. Monochrome or di-chrome is her. She carries herself with grace and elegance… And classic can also be crazy on the inside! Who cares if she is with the elite or in Brooklyn, when you know that the bow in the hair-band should always be on the right?!

Bonus – Favourite quote from Blair Waldorf:
Source: Pinterest

Quite a quote to live by!

#2 Serena van der Woodsen

The girl in the centre of drama and gossip… who told that she can’t be a fashion model too? She dresses in different styles and sure is unpredictable.


Always experimenting and styling because one style doesn’t explain Serena. She has multiple identities in the series ranging from the sweet next-door girl to the edgy girl from her past! She can be the Queen and she can be against the Queen. Every style can be found in her closet and none of them would ever be thrown out during spring cleaning because she never knows when she may regain a part of her faded identity. Nothing can explain here… why try to explain her dressing style?

Although I love Blair’s character, I am like Serena in my dressing style!

#3 Jenny Humphrey

The present fashion is just too boring. We can have some Jenny Humphrey and get the fashion industry spiced up.


Although she knows that elite has to come with grace and class, she only chose the latter. Grace is not in her dictionary as long as she shows off her edgy style and the grunge look. She can be the perfect mix of street fashion and class. A little bit of being gothic can never hurt. Legs must be shown to the world as a rule and the “I-don’t-care-look” always rests on her face. She can never go out of fashion as she is the one who makes the fashion!

#4 Vanessa Abrams

Meet Vanessa – the girl who explains fashion through accessories than with clothes.


Vanessa is mix of three different fashion styles – bohemian, artsy and exotic. She fits in perfectly with all three and does deviate a little bit from all three! Her iconic moments in the series often are outfits that have an emphasis on her accessories than her clothes. She can find a way to layer up any of her outfits and yet keep it simple. A simple chic. She doesn’t really care much about fashion in the exterior but knows when to buy a great piece of jewellery with her clothes and she has a hell of a taste in fashion. Just because she doesn’t show it doesn’t mean she doesn’t know it. Who is she? Abrams, you can take the stage.

Yes, I know that you guys know I love Blair and I am like Serena in fashion but I do like Vanessa’s fashion sense! Seems to be more like the daily-kinda-person I can relate to!

Source: The Featured image is from Gossip Girl Blogger

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