5 Confessions of a Fashion Blogger

By L.R. ❤


Hey guys!

It has been a long time dear readers but I am back! I really can’t believe it that this semester is still super intensive.

Now for the secrets…

#1 Guilty as charged

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Hmmmn…… On any normal ‘ordinary’ day, I do NOT dress up. It is hilarious when I introduce myself as a fashion blogger and I’m not in the most fashionable clothes that day. I know that some fashion bloggers are extremely motivated to dress up every day and every day is a gift to wear something special. I completely agree with you but it’s just not me. On any given week, at least 4 days would be good and I can’t assure you about the rest 3 days!

#2 Hahahaha… you wanna know how I feel?! (Oh man!)

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I panic when my friends ask me to comment on their outfits! I know that they are judging me on how I comment on their outfits. As a fashion blogger, I know the truth but if their outfits are not really great, I am stuck at a Catch-22 situation. Can’t let my opinion out either way. I try to tell them what they want to hear… If there is any flaw, yes girls, I downplay it!

#3 Yes, I’m learning along with you

It was around this time last year when I fell hard for learning about fashion and how it works. However, I’m not an expert when it comes to fashion. I usually do my research before I write a good content blog entry. Also, when readers ask me to write about men’s fashion or fashion that I’m not really concentrating on, I do a loooooot of research! I make sure my tips and advice is right because I value you guys. ❤

#4 Trends… not all are worth following

It is quite unexpected but in real life, I don’t follow some trends that are Internet-crazy. I write about them – why they are good and why they are bad. But, that doesn’t mean I’ll follow every single one of them! I love the current shape of my eyebrows.. I would never trade it for the eyebrow trends! That is why I empower you with the knowledge of why and how to sport the trend and then, you get to choose whether it suits your personality or not.

#5 It is my second-life

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Being a blogger is my second identity. I’m a University student with grades to keep up and college activities to do. I blog about fashion because it is my passion. I never want to see blogging as a work because I would rather write quality content than many bad articles just to fill up the space. I have to apologise that I haven’t been active lately but I’ll make it up to guys at my first opportunity!

Love you! ❤

Can you feel the love tonight? Then, you can smell it too!

Scent of a woman? Think of scent of a man too! Scents really work with love! By L.R.

When I thought that it is all about  falling in love at first sight, I came upon an article that said that you involuntarily fall in love at the first smell too! While we notice our S.O.’s eyes and hair and everything ‘pretty’, we do involuntarily smell them too! It is not about the perfume or the deodorant or the cologne that they use… it is something different that we smell!

Source: The Odyssey Online

It smelled fishy…. until I found a study!

It is funny that our smell attracts only a selected few… the ones with whom we will eventually fall in love! I researched more on this intriguing stuff and found that there was a study set up on this, “Smelly T-shirt Study”. As hilarious as it sounds, it is worth it! I wrote an article about it and I sent it to an online news website! It got published!

Exclusively for you:

I put up some distinct features that men notice in women and women in men! Enjoy!



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The Art Of Disguise #1: When denim and choker is exchanged for lace and ballerina shoes!

unnamed-2Hey guys!

This is my first post in the series! To give it a little bit of introduction (apart from the intro I gave in February to March!), this is about dressing in a completely different style and seeing if it could change your attitude or personality for sometime! Can you be different when you are dressed differently? Can you feel or think differently when you are wearing different clothes?

It is all about the style swap!

FullSizeRender 24I met my vlogger friend Vindhya today to hear about her stories on this theme! Interesting fact: She has some clothes, that her mother made her buy, which is really not her type… This was like a long time ago but she told that when people complimented her, she actually found herself a bit prettier!!! Well, this is like a loooong time ago and so, we did something to really know whether she had different feelings in different clothes or maybe just to find that she feels the same regardless of which style she sports!

She is not Vindhya without her signature choker chain, her denims, her tank tops or metallic accessories or outfits! We explored a little bit today – went to the malls and she tried out different outfits that I chose for her. After this, we went back and we did style swapping – where I dressed her up like how I would dress myself!

BEFORE we went to the mall, Vindhya was dressed like this:

FullSizeRender 23

After the outfit experiment at the malls!
FullSizeRender 22

Outfit #1: Romantic Fashion Style with a Pastel Pink Button Down Dress and Ballerina Shoes!

We explored the romantic fashion style first. Surprisingly, she felt good in that style and actually liked it as an outfit and she kept telling me about how she would love to pair it with her boots! This was actually the first time I saw her without her choker chain! It is also one of the times when you see her with a pastel pink shade!

She did not tell much about her feelings or thought or anything change with this outfit! But, it did change with the next outfit…

Outfit #2: The Classic Fashion Style with a Monochrome Jumpsuit.


This is a burgundy monochrome jumpsuit with lace details and a neck tie-detail – we decided to make it style it up like the classic scarf style. This is when it started happening!

She felt very formal like she was going to attend a business meeting or like she was a person with power! When I noticed her movements closely, I did notice that she started moving around with a confident aura – the way she walked to the way she moved her hands! I felt that she looked dignified!

Outfit #3: My style!

After a long day at the mall, I was surprised that she actually had the energy to try on another outfit! This time, she was dressed in my style! I love the Indian prints with a British touch but I felt that she would look better in the current styles that I love: frills, ruffles, lace!


The first thing I did was to take her choker chain off! That is me at sometimes but i would always love a thin delicate chain more than a choker! She wore a smocked dress with a lot of ruffles! It was layered with a lace coat and a chain of course! I also parted her hair in a different way – she always takes a centre partition and I just like side partitions! I am not a person who wears bold make-up and so, she wore on a Pink Paws Paluches Rosees shade from KATY PERRY ❤ Covergirl Collection. unnamed-1

She told me that she felt the outfit was very comfortable. After the shoot, she also told me, “I totally didn’t feel like myself. And I felt more delicate and submissive. I was totally out of my element”. If I didn’t know her from before, I would definitely say that she did look like a shy and sweet next-door girl!

“I totally didn’t feel like myself. And I felt more delicate and submissive.”

-Vindhya, the model in these pictures and vlogger of fashion, music and random fun stuff!

It was quite a day with Vindhya and the different outfit styles! Her videos are mostly fun-based and what she loves! Here is one of her favourite and best videos – Date Outfit Ideas By Vindhya B ! Do see her videos and if you like it, give a thumbs up! Stay tuned for the next one in the series The Art Of Disguise!

Recent update: You can see how the style swap happened and our reactions to it here: The Art of Disguise! STYLE SWAP W/ PRIYA //Vindhya B.

Top 5 Fashion 2017 Q & A answered By Two Leading Bloggers

By L.R.

Hey guys!

The first month of 2017 is almost over and the Top 5 Fashion Q & are answered! The Two Fashion Bloggers featured are the ‘Fashionably Yours’ Yosra B. Abdallah and the French Femme Madeline!

Yosra B. Abdallah


She is the one behind the Fashion & Lifestyle Blog SOYANCE , LE BLOG D’UNE STYLISTE !!

Lets Start with her Q & A!

1. Which colour is going to trend this year in the fashion world?

I am not sure about the new trending colour, but according to Pantone green is the colour of the year so we expect many green shades. I guess one is always safe with nudes and basic colours like black burgundy grey and blue! When watching different 2017 Ready to wear Runways, I noticed that stripes are predominant and in monochrome especially. I can say stripes will be the pattern of the year 🙂

Stripes over colours – Stripes will trend this year! Source: Pinterest

2. The one accessory that you can’t live without…

My black bag. I guess we women tend to take a lot of things with us when going out. That is the one accessory that I can’t live without!

3. Which style is going to be back in style this year?

We have already witnessed an invasion of flowers in the fall/winter season. Flowers of all kinds and on all types of garments: from leather jackets to black ties. We will see more patches, beads on our garments which means “Less is not more” this year!

We will see more patches, beads on our garments which means “Less is not more” this year!

– Yosra B. Abdallah

4. Would you prefer fashion over comfort?

Honestly, the first thing that crossed my mind was heels! I fancy them a lot because my favourite style would be rather glam and trendy than sporty but can only wear them on special occasions! So, whether at university, at work or in meeting, I prefer comfort but I would make sure I won’t ruin the whole outfit. When I must be productive, I would go for flats or wedges! Also I think feeling comfortable makes you look beautiful and confident! If you are struggling in a super heels or a mini dress in the wrong place that would look unattractive.

5. If you can own only one outfit, then what will it be?

I am thinking about the kind of outfit that I would wear all year round to attend meetings or for work. Without hesitation, I choose my pair of straight jeans, a tunic, a scarf and a black bag and some flats or small heels (obviously)!

Without hesitation, I choose my pair of straight jeans, a tunic, a scarf and a black bag and some flats or small heels (obviously)!

– Yosra B. Abdallah

Top 5 Trendy Outfits for 2017 – Hand-picked by our very own Yosra! With Styling Tips!

  1. Since embellishment is very trending, I think one can add a touch of style to one’s old outfits by adding patching to the bomber jackets, sewing some buttons on the jacket collar or adding some bead details on one’s jeans. Dare to be unique and to impose your own touch! Features: Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear collection and Roberto Cavalli Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear collection.
  1. Layering is a technique that I use a lot in styling or designing because it gives new possibilities and makes good impressions. I am currently enjoying wearing my knit wear over a white long shirt
Photo credit Pinterest

3. If you are looking for some fresh breath to your outfits, think about wearing a scarf, adding a hat , buying a statement necklace, that will add a style twist to your outfit.

Photo Credit Pinterest

4. My favourite garment so far is the Palazzo pants. As a hijabi, it helps me wear short blouses easily. They are perfect and super comfortable for summer especially when they are printed.. They can be a great alley in official events too when they are in the perfect fit and the right fabric. They make you look longer with the right heels! You should try it!

Photo Credit: Etro Spring 2017 Ready-to-Wear collection

In this look: I tried to do my scarf differently, to layer a shirt with a knit dress and to add Tunisian-inspired /traditional accessories: the broche and the necklace!!


4 tips with 5 outfits!! Thank you Yosra!! To see more of her latest fashion updates and lifestyle posts, catch her here: SOYANCE, LE BLOG D’UNE STYLISTE.

Madeline Vidal

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 5.06.42 am.png

 She is the fashionista from the blog The harmony in our clothes !! And here she answers the 5 Fashion Q & A!!

1. Which colour is going to be trending this year in the fashion world?
I would say “greenery” according to Pantone, this color is truly beautiful and I can’t wait to see it everywhere in shops!

2. The one accessory that you can’t live without…

Definitely glasses, I feel naked without them and wear them everyday. The only moment when I don’t wear them is when I wear sunglasses haha!


   Source: http://www.fashionisers.com/trends/fall-winter-2015-2016-eyewear-trends/

3. Which style is going to be back-in-style this year?

I would say retro prints, from the 60’s to the 80’s. This era has already been brought back in style, I just think it’s gonna stay there a little longer.

Source: http://www.fashionisers.com/
4. Would you prefer fashion over comfort?
Sometimes yes, sometimes no, it’s a question of balance. Fashion is nice, but if it means being uncomfortable I don’t think it’s worth it. I’m mostly thinking about shoes here, those beautiful heels can sometimes be very painful (then again you don’t have to wear them). Nowadays fashion definitely rhymes with comfort ! It just depends on
the style you like. My favorite shoes are from the brand Superga, and they also are the most comfortable ever!And when it comes to clothes, you can be warm, comfy and feel good in very cute pieces. I don’t think you have to compromise anymore since the fashion industry gives us so many options to chose from.
Sometimes yes, sometimes no, it’s a question of balance… I don’t think you have to compromise anymore since the fashion industry gives us so many options to chose from.
– Madeline Vidal
5. If you can own only one outfit, then what will it be?
That’s a hard one … I would say something that I can wear everyday, like a simple pair of jeans + sweater + flats if it’s cold, or a dress if it’s summer. It’s just so easy to throw on and go out and about.
Top 5 Trendy Outfits for 2017 – Specially selected by Madeline Vidal!
1. For its envious ruffles and stylish belts!
Source: http://sensiblestylista.blogspot.fr/2017/01/how-to-style-a-ruffle-maxi.html

2. Velvet and military-style embellished jackets; Source: http://www.afashionnerd.com/2016/11/connection-its-not-that-typical.html; Pic 1

3. Metallic boots and embroidered jeans!! Pic 2 – Source: http://larisacostea.com/2017/01/winter-wonderland/

4.Fur Coats

Source: http://pagesbymegan.com/2017/01/dressing-for-miserable-days/


5. Kimonos / retro style


Thank you so much Madeline!! Do check her latest posts on Fashion at her blog: The harmony in our clothes !!

Hey guys! Which outfit do you like the best out the 10 hand-picked trends? Do you guys have any questions for Fashion 2017? Would you guys have answered the questions differently?

Waiting to hear from you guys!!