9 Worst Denim Trends in History

Denim was initially designed for the countryside people. The overalls were the famous of that kind. These days, denim can be seen anywhere and even on the fashion runways. However, we could have lived without these trends…

#9 Upside down Shorts

S.C. Google

Why? Just why?

#8 Wearing Denim in Spring/Summer

S.C. Google

A denim dress is actually kinda cute. But when it is patched up and paired with another material,… it shows that the designer has taken a real risk. Wearing denim during the summer/spring season is kind rough on the skin as it can cause rashes. So, I salute the designer for trying his/her luck but this is a big NO for me.

#7 Jeankini

S.C. Jeankini

Okay, so, um… where did the designer think that we will wear it? To the beach? The heat is gonna cause us to sweat and in the denims, it is gonna cause irritation. Okay, so what if we swim? NO. Denim becomes heavy as it absorbs water. I find no practical use for it.

#6 Denim Boots

S.C. Google

J Lo wore it. But people, remember that if it is not your style, if it does not complement your personality, then please don’t wear it. I like being experimental but no, this trend is bad because it looks like your jeans have come off and it is still hanging at your legs.

#5 Ripped Denim

S.C. Google

Have to warn you, out of the top 5 worst denim trends, 3 are of the ripped kind. Honestly, ripped jeans are nice and even hot and casual at the same time. But, when it is done like this, I applaud the designer for the courage to launch this design. This is overly done. It is like the object form of the abstract concept of “trying too much”.

#4 Linked jeans?

S.C. Google

So, I came across this trend. I have to admit that it has the potential to gratify the senses. But, wearing it outside can be unbearably humiliating (for me) as your underwear can be seen in public. If you want that, then you do you.

#3 Butt ripped Jeans

S.C. Google

This is possibly one of the jeans that you don’t want to wear because you feel uncomfortable in it. Imagine sitting on those rips! The skin there is gonna suffer and it can take ages for your butt to regain its shape and cure from the redness.

#2 Knitted jeans?

S.C. Google

I have to say that this is a very creative idea. I highly appreciate the idea but for jeans? Basically, you have to be super conscious every time you wear it. also, what about comfort? Every time you take it off, your skin will be red and marks will be there all over your skin. Imagine wearing this for the day and wear a nice short dress for the evening! A disaster. Okay, we are getting too ahead of ourselves. Fitting our legs in will be the hardest part for this jeans. It will take you a solid 20-30 minutes.

#1 The Winner

S.C. Google

Um… so, the whole thing about this denim article is that it uses the least amount of denim material it possibly can and still be an article of clothing. I don’t understand why this exists in the first place. Like why would someone wear it? I might even miss the clothing material in the first glance because there is so little of it. I guess the designer embraced the “Less is More” fashion.

This was fun. But again, a disclaimer, just because I declare that these are the worst trends shouldn’t make you stop liking any of these trends if you had already liked it before you read this article. If you really liked it then, then it suits your personality! But please steer clear of #1. PLEASE.


P.S. If you are thinking why I wrote the number 9 and not a rounded 10, then maybe I wanted you to guess a #10. Maybe, you can scroll to the top of the post and find it right under the title! Ha-ha!



The Art of Wearing Living Coral in 2019

Living in Fashion

Every time I see the colour Living Coral, unbeknownst to myself, I pair it with daylight. To me, it is a very daytime colour and it does not suit night life and to a soirée? However wonderful the outfit maybe, it wouldn’t be in my top wardrobe choices for the evening. If I do wear it when the sun is down, then you better expect the lights to be bright anywhere I go. I need daylight or bright white light to go with this colour.

How To Wear Living Coral?

Living Coral is not an easy colour to match or pair. It has its very own distinct identity. To be honest, not everyone likes this colour because some people perceive it to be soft while others may see it in a different light. Unless you feel like it can add to or complement your personality, I would advise you to not use it so much. You can still wear it subtly. I’ll get back to this at the end of this post.

Now, to people like me, who love this colour (I love it and wearing it to the beach is my idea of a vacation), it is hard to match a printed design on Living Coral with anther printed design. This year marks the trend of pairing contrasting prints together.

Maybe, to excuse that part, you can wear a one-piece Living Coral clothing article – a dress, romper and what-not.


If you do need to pair it with another colour, go for solid colours. A Living Coral solid top is good for any day-time occasion. White or Cream blends in brilliantly with this colour.


I’m sorry to say this but DO NOT wear your gold or silver accessories with this colour. Rose gold, diamonds and PEARLS will make your day.

Bring your Pearls out!

How To Wear Living Coral for those Who Don’t Like the Colour but still Want to Live Up the Fashion Colour of the Year?


A Living Coral Handbag. YES. It is always in trend and goes with everything. EVEN A NIGHT PARTY.

Apart from that, you can do a Living Coral makeover (lipstick/eye shadows/ blush). But, DON’T do everything in Living Coral, add colour or reduce colour according to your outfit. Sorry for treading in your lines S.C.


What else? Accessories of course! A pair of earrings can do you more good than you can ever think of! A scarf around your neck or a pair of pumps, it might as well make your day.

Finally, DO NOT overdo Living Coral, it will be living tragedy at your expense. 

screen shot 2019-01-08 at 5.24.24 pm
S.C. Google

That’s all for today! Have fun experimenting this entire year!


Dolce & Gabbana Christmas?

Christmas = Geranium says Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana released a Christmas Collection this year, “Geranium Collection”. It has traces of Oriental designs. Um. Okay maybe Ancient designs but I have a strong feeling that it is also Ancient Orient in style but Italian in motifs.

In the Christmas Collection 2018, they have released 24 new items including headbands and dresses in printed silk. Out of the 24 new pieces, 21 are online exclusive while five are available only for pre-order. The price ranges from 145 Euros to 2450 Euros.

Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 11.55.31 AM.png
S.C. Dolce & Gabbana

Cherry Red and Emerald green are the primary colours in the collection. Faded Yellow, Sky Blue and the iconic duo black and white complement the Christmas colours. Only one blouse in that collection stands out as a pure white one.

Dolce & Gabbana is known for abundant prints and very little negative space. I must say that I’m surprised with their white blouse.

Frankly, I am a fan of solid colour. The brand does not resonate with my style. But, who am I to argue? It is the Italian fashion luxury house.

Anyway, let’s continue with their major fashion trends in their Latest Collection.

#1 Floral this Winter

Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 12.57.53 PM.pngIt is certainly a bold move to go floral for Winter instead of Spring. Dolce & Gabbana release the ornate element for Christmas. They use the Christmas colours but it represents something closer to heart; Geraniums are usually found in the Mediterranean region which includes Italy. In their collection, the red Geraniums are clustered together with their leaves and they end in a twirl of golden lace with a blue one in them. It sure is an early revival of the flowery wardrobe.

#2 Polka Dots

Black on white is a classic duo and bringing vintage back are the polka dots in Dolce & Gabbana’s Christmas Collection. It fills in the smaller gaps and adds to the sophistication of the “Ancient” look.

Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 1.00.13 PM.png

#3 Stripes

I mean, yes! Stripes are paired with polka dots in one of the silk shirts. Patterns together does go well in their collection. It is surprising that plentiful patterns do not overtire the eye but instead actually offer pleasantness.

Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 1.01.13 PM.png

#4 Juxtaposing Colours

Dolce & Gabbana never fails to put two conflicting striking styles right next to each other elegantly. The Mediterranean Faded Yellow, Sky Blue and White is in stark contrast to the Red, Green and Black. The patterns put the disunity of the palette into place effortlessly.

Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 1.05.22 PM.png

That’s the four trends for this Christmas people. Merry Christmas!



More Confessions…

…But I am here to stay

Hi friends,

It has been a long time since I have blogged. Forgive me for that. This blog is not an iconic “I’m back” blogpost but rather a ramble of confessions. I hope you greet me well on my return. I will put up that I’M BACK blogpost soon!


S.C. Priority

I have always wanted to be a writer but something happened in the past few months. Oh, excuse me, it has been a little more than 12 months. I was taken over by the gust of winds that dived into university, personal stuff and of course, my beloved laziness.

To everyone else, this was my response to why I haven’t blogged in months: “I have been ‘so busy’ with everything.”

I did not give the blog priority. I admit it.

Felt the Loss of an Identity

S.C. Identity

Yes, you read it right. “L” is in caps and for sure, the “I” is in caps too.

Truth? Yes, I did do my assignments and learn for my exams. But, I have watched more movies and television series than I can count or even remember. I have gone window shopping multiple number of times. Never once did I take the effort to blog. I would think about it but suddenly it seemed like “work” and not my passion.

The identity of a fashion blogger that I had built for a long time became like an identity that I had to work for… like my fashion sense was not good enough to critique or celebrate the fashion trends around the world… that my friends, I would say is me over-thinking.

I did not realise then that only when I keep blogging will I improve.

So, I’m here people, back in the game. It is time for me to gain not my identity but the confidence in owning that identity.

“It is time for me to gain not my identity but the confidence in owning that identity.”


5 steps into Autumn!

Wardrobe changes are about to begin!

#1 Mid-length skirts

We are done with summer dresses… but skirts? No! It’s a great time to invest in mid-length skirts. Pair it with boots and you are ready to go. For shorter girls, you would look shorter if you go for a full-flair skirt. So, make sure that your skirt has a slit.

#2 If you really wanna wear those dresses!

Some of you, like me, love dresses and I hate to see them go for a waste at this season and in winter too… Tried and tested, wear your dresses with tights (choose fishnet/thin translucent if you can bear the gusts of wind!). Or, you can wear above-the-knee boots! It works perfectly well too!

#3 Now that we got the outfits done, accessories come in!

Big belts can easily be your statement piece this autumn. Better to go with bolder accessories than the thinner and delicate counterparts! Try on a few scarfs and ta-da! This autumn is all about making a statement. Be a minimalist when it comes to the number of accessories. Wear just one or a maximum of two.

Source: Pinterest

#4 A Trench can never be less than Iconic

A good trench coat is a must-have! You can wear it into winter as well! For this season, I would recommend you to have a thinner coat like a duster. However, a trench would give you a great look. It gives you a standard look that you can wear it to any place regardless of whether it should be formal or not. Living in the tropical part of the northern hemisphere, I don’t really experience harsh winters. For those like me, we can go for our trench coat cousins – the trench-coat look-alikes but with a thinner material to suit our season!

#5 For those into Street Style

A good bomber jacket and trainers is essential. A staple look would be a crop tee, jeans, bomber jacket and your favourite trainers. To dress up your look, you can wear boots. Top it off with a cap! Wear dimmer colours. Bright colours or colour pop is not in. Maybe button-me-down clothes or zipped clothes can lift your look. One of the best styles for this season to look chic and casual will be Street Style.

Source: Pinterest

5 Confessions of a Fashion Blogger

By L.R. ❤

Hey guys!

It has been a long time dear readers but I am back! I really can’t believe it that this semester is still super intensive.

Now for the secrets…

#1 Guilty as charged

Source: Giphy

Hmmmn…… On any normal ‘ordinary’ day, I do NOT dress up. It is hilarious when I introduce myself as a fashion blogger and I’m not in the most fashionable clothes that day. I know that some fashion bloggers are extremely motivated to dress up every day and every day is a gift to wear something special. I completely agree with you but it’s just not me. On any given week, at least 4 days would be good and I can’t assure you about the rest 3 days!

#2 Hahahaha… you wanna know how I feel?! (Oh man!)

Source: Tumblr

I panic when my friends ask me to comment on their outfits! I know that they are judging me on how I comment on their outfits. As a fashion blogger, I know the truth but if their outfits are not really great, I am stuck at a Catch-22 situation. Can’t let my opinion out either way. I try to tell them what they want to hear… If there is any flaw, yes girls, I downplay it!

#3 Yes, I’m learning along with you

It was around this time last year when I fell hard for learning about fashion and how it works. However, I’m not an expert when it comes to fashion. I usually do my research before I write a good content blog entry. Also, when readers ask me to write about men’s fashion or fashion that I’m not really concentrating on, I do a loooooot of research! I make sure my tips and advice is right because I value you guys. ❤

#4 Trends… not all are worth following

It is quite unexpected but in real life, I don’t follow some trends that are Internet-crazy. I write about them – why they are good and why they are bad. But, that doesn’t mean I’ll follow every single one of them! I love the current shape of my eyebrows.. I would never trade it for the eyebrow trends! That is why I empower you with the knowledge of why and how to sport the trend and then, you get to choose whether it suits your personality or not.

#5 It is my second-life

Source: AZQuotes

Being a blogger is my second identity. I’m a University student with grades to keep up and college activities to do. I blog about fashion because it is my passion. I never want to see blogging as a work because I would rather write quality content than many bad articles just to fill up the space. I have to apologise that I haven’t been active lately but I’ll make it up to guys at my first opportunity!

Love you! ❤

When do you look the Most Attractive?

Secret Spilled

Hey everyone!

Exclusively for this month – Five tips for everyone, three special tips for our girls and three for the guys!

#1 Just listen

Everyone loves to talk about themselves. Don’t just hear them but also listen! Remember the small details. Ask genuine questions and not the fake ones to show that you are interested. Don’t smile with your teeth throughout even if the person is dead gorgeous. Smiling with lips closed during the talk and a flash of teeth towards the end shows natural and genuine interest!

#2 Dress in Red


Red is regarded as the third colour to be named in most languages after black and white. It signals something passionate. Originally, it was used to find the ripest of fruits (during our great ape times) and then it was associated with love and lust. It is scientifically proven that there cannot be any other colour that can trigger attractiveness like red. Now guys and girls, get your red outfits on! Don’t overdo it but don’t forget it either! Click here to find out why red is always a sensation!

#3 Be around the person

You don’t even have to speak to the person for them to find you attractive! Just be around them. Over time, your quirks and your way of things will slowly rub on them. Familiarity with the advantage of proximity is the best you can hope for!

#4 Shoes, shoes and shoes


The first subconscious thing a person notices about you is your footwear. Quick! Go spend the money on shoes rather than anything else! Guys, go for the classic closed shoes with good stitching… my dear girls, you have all the freedom in the world to choose your favourite brand; I know that I can trust your taste! But do get a pedicure session ASAP!

#5 This is a bit weird but wait to be approached… it will make you look 10 times more attractive. Science IS weird.

So, have you seen these playboys who talk to every person in the group and leave out that one hot girl? He is using the tool of avoidance. So, the girl would immediately not get the attention she is used to and decides initiate conversation with him. Trust me, when a person initiates a conversation with you, you will look 10 times more attractive in their eyes.

Now for my ladies!

z-cicek-desenli-brokar-abiye-elbise--lila--gamze-ozkul-278235-1Girls, it is a scientific fact that you look so much more appealing when you are ovulating. So bring the diva out of you during this phase.

Be self-confident because most men find this quality attractive but in the other end of the universe, there are still some communities were they find shy girls beautiful!

Remember that you don’t need to expose skin to look beautiful. You just have to be elegant, carry yourself gracefully and be charming as always!

Gentlemen —

Wear branded clothes – It just makes a man look better. Always look presentable. Subconsciously, a girl expects her man to have a status and resources. A good outfit can take you to heights.

DO NOT overdo your gym workouts. Some girls get freaked out by heavily muscled guys… Maintain the lean figure!


When you want to attract the girl you have been eyeing for weeks now, make her see you with a musical instrument even if you don’t play it. Science says that girls always associate a charmer with musical instruments!