Science Explains the Want for Makeup ~ For La Femme

It’s all science, babe


Get the red lipstick – the cherry red one – and learn to do the smokey eye that you have always wanted to master. A little blush and a brush of contour – babe, you are all set. Feel guilty that you indulge in makeup?

“It is not you. It is Science.”

5 Scientific Reasons for Why We Choose Makeup

#1 It is just Sexually Arousing and “Feminine”

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The first time I came to know of this was when I was reading a book, as a child. A girl blushes in the book and it implied that she is interested in another person. Good for that girl character because the boy was falling in love with her in the next chapter. A little research into this phenomenon and I found that rosy cheeks is actually sexually arousing! It makes a person not only prettier but also sexier.

You can also get this sexually arousing trait from lipstick and eye shadows! The more facial contrast, the more feminine and sexually attractive you are. Brighter lipstick against darker hair, Smokey eye against the whites of the eyes, the interplay between the highlighter and contour – its all contrasts! Women’s faces with makeup tends to have more contrast than the female faces that don’t wear makeup. Biologically speaking, makeup just tends to highlight the “femininity” seen on the face!

#2 Glow of Youth

Almost everyone wants to look young! Youthful exuberance is always sought after. Why?

Media portrays younger looking women all the time and celebrates them. A second reason would be that women engage in social comparison and want to look more youthful than the other. A third reason is you can get beauty products with promises for a price and you can change your looks with money! It is not rocket science anymore, so why not?

To achieve this youthful glow and look, women tend to use makeup. Younger women usually produce their own collagen. After the early twenties, lesser and lesser collagen tends to be produced by the face. This leaves the facial skin a little dull. The eyelashes tend to distance themselves from each other a little bit as you grow older. Fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear on the face. All of these can be concealed using makeup. Apate, Greek Goddess of deception, might as well be the Goddess of “Youth”.

#3 Averageness and Symmetry is Attractive

Research shows that people prefer to see average faces over faces that are unique! An average face indicates that the person is healthy. Biologically speaking, healthiness is a sign of an attractive person. Voila!

Symmetry can convey pleasantness. It is easy on the eye and people with symmetrical faces are received better by others. It is also attractive. So.. the question is…

symmetry makeup
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How is this related to Makeup? Averageness of complexion and face shape are considered attractive – ever wondered why some people apply more contour and others apply more highlights?

To “correct” the face to be average, can actually make you attractive! Attractiveness can help people, especially women, to have an advantage over the others in many ways in life – a few things include the easiness of getting a job, higher salary and getting things done their way, and usually people tend to be agreeable with them. Attractiveness comes with benefits. So, why not use makeup to our advantage and use it!

#4 Influence the way Others Look at You

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Everyone has an opinion on how women look when they wear makeup and in some cases, people also have opinions on women not-wearing makeup. Well, we can’t speak for all but studies have revealed that there are major traits that beautified faces can convey.

Usually, people perceive women who wear makeup to be attractive in general. Men see these women as prestigious while most women perceive a woman, who wears bold makeup, to be dominant. When women wear the same look of makeup (anywhere from minimal to bold), they hold a mutual trust and admiration for each other. Go Girlfriend!

#5 Signification

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Kohl worn by an Indian girl, V-shaped contoured and highlighted face by Korean girls and drawn defined features by many many Asian girls have one thing in common. In all their cases, makeup is used to add an explicit reference to their personal or social identity. Science says that it can be used to highlight your culture, class, religion and just your personal style. Women usually conform with one of these societies and communities and follow the beauty rituals and cosmetic usage. Makeup usage also comes with the type of events people go to. Do you think any celebrity would walk the red carpet without makeup? Think about it.