Dior casts a spell of African Fashion on its French Couture

Figuratively, a modern popular poem: different intense emotions, different lengths of lyrics, irregular rhymes but a consistent rhythm and meter -Dior Resort Collection 2020

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Dior Resort Collection 2020 proudly presents the dialogue between African prints and French touches detailed with mystery and exquisiteness.

For the first time, African grounds witnessed the launch of Dior’s Couture. Decorated with floating candles, fire pits, locally designed cushions for the guests, the El Badi Palace of Marrakech weaved the steamy and mystical aura that befitted the Dior Resort Collection 2020. Trust me, the pictures definitely don’t do justice to the place.

The theme “Common Grounds” shows the explicit appreciation for the combination of cultures through fashion. This collection also intends to pay homage to former Dior designer Yves Saint Laurent, who was inspired by North African fashion.

Maria Grazia Chuiri teamed with several African artists to come up with this 113-look Resort collection.

Needless to say, a lot of cooks make a lot of broths. Dior Resort 2020 Collection is flooded with trends. I have chosen to only highlight those that are in connection with the Moroccan fashion. Get to know if it reflects the Common Grounds theme too!

#1 If it Pops, then it is Dropped

The Collection may boast 113 distinct outfits but all of them employ only neutral and sombre colours. Given that African fashion uses a lot of bright colours, I was disappointed at the first glance.

But, the more and more I witnessed the ethereal look of the Dirt Resort Collection 2020, I started to appreciate its uniqueness and setting. It does follow the Common Ground theme as French fashion uses subtle colours and this Collection showcased the toned down colours of Morocco.

It is possible that in today’s world, these colours add to the sophisticated and regal look to the designer clothes.

Shades of grey, white, faded metallic blue, maroon, brown, black, army green and eggshell rule the collection.

dior resort collection 2020
P.C. Vogue

How to style it Dior Resort Collection 2020 style?

The top and the bottom or better yet, one-piece dresses are styled in not only the same color but also the same shade. It is hardly ever interrupted except in cases where the outfit becomes monotonous and you need to add a big black belt with golden metal edges.

Pair it with a pair of black boots in accordance with the style of the dress and you are set to go!

#2 Celebrate Patterns & Motifs

Now, this is what I’m talking about! This trend is seen in over 70 looks and it embellishes the ethnic fashion in every way possible.

African prints and motifs are famous for their unapologetic big and bold designs with contrasting colours. They incorporate a lot of designs based on nature – trees, pebbles, rivers and sky. You can count on this collection to give you that!

The patterns reveal a lot of the attitude behind the collection – elegantly fierce and subtle but striking.

Somehow, the looks with the patterns did not reflect the Common Ground theme. Perhaps that is why only over half the looks have these prints.

This collection pairs different patterns and motifs effortlessly. Get to know how to style like it below.

dior resort collection 2020
P.C. Vogue

How to style it Dior Resort Collection 2020 style?

Tip: Use the same two shades or colours of patterns on outfits to make it blend together.

Most of the patterned outfits use the same fabric/ material to create both the top and the bottom. This way, the big and bold designs are evenly placed.

Personally, I feel that when you do this, it becomes overwhelming and I would suggest you to either wear sleeveless or knee-high boots/ midi-dresses to give some space.

Wear a pattern-matching accessory and make sure that it is NOT a solid colour.

#3 Let’s talk about dresses & skirts

Mini, midi, long? A-line, princess, straight? This collection has it all. If it only had filters and you could choose the one that suits your body type and even have a variety of dress/skirt choices!

dior resort collection 2020
P.C. Dior

About the Common Ground theme, I feel that this skirt/dress style fits both the cultures very well! However, it cannot be considered a trend because it is a common clothing article across most cultures and it does not all follow a specific fashion.

How to style it Dior Resort Collection 2020 style?

The skirts are usually in the same print or solid color as the top and the dresses are even in shade. So, the way you can style it would be the way you pair up the skirts or buy your dresses.

I believe that it might be a little monotonous but you can spice it up with accessories and a nice hair updo!

#4 Essentials – Accessories

One thing that you would notice in ever look is that each model would wear an accessory around the neck or on their hair. This usually adds on to the outfit making it look complete. This is something that is unique to this collection.

As for the theme, I feel that French wear more chains while Africans wear both. The difference would be that French wear dainty and delicate accessories while the Africans sports bold and colorful accessories. I don’t think that they could find a mid ground for that trend but bringing this as a trend definitely enhanced the looks.

How to Style it Dior Resort Collection 2020 style?

Okay, so I am gonna tell you something that you already know but sometimes forget. You wear something around your neck when the neckline is low and if the neckline is too high, you wear something on your head like a bandanna. If this is in the same colours or print as your outfit, then you are in Dior Resort Collection 2020 style.

dior resort collection 2020
P.C. Dior

Something unique that I noticed and will help you spice up your accessories game while you style it the Dior way is to wear Asymmetrical Earrings. If you skip reading this part, then don’t worry because I’m gonna quote it below! This is a must these days!

Asymmetrical Earrings get you in the A-list

Yep, I got a favourite piece in this collection. Let’s be real, there are over 100 looks and choosing the favourite should be tougher than designing them all. I made my decision! Ta-da!

There maybe 113 but #87 stole the show. P.C. Dior
Oops Vogue

Not to poke fun or anything but I went through two different websites to curate these images – Vogue and Dior. Surprisingly, Vogue had 114 looks and not 113 as per what Dior claimed. Um… Vogue, isn’t Dior the mastermind of this collection? I went through each look to find out that there is one outfit that is definitely not created by Dior. Probably, I would wear it on a lazy Tuesday and the bandanna to try to camouflage myself into this collection. But if I had to have a number 10 in my list of the worst denims in history… this would be one of the top candidates for consideration.

It was great writing this piece after a long time. See you soon. Love ya always.


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