5 steps into Autumn!

Wardrobe changes are about to begin!

#1 Mid-length skirts

We are done with summer dresses… but skirts? No! It’s a great time to invest in mid-length skirts. Pair it with boots and you are ready to go. For shorter girls, you would look shorter if you go for a full-flair skirt. So, make sure that your skirt has a slit.

#2 If you really wanna wear those dresses!

Some of you, like me, love dresses and I hate to see them go for a waste at this season and in winter too… Tried and tested, wear your dresses with tights (choose fishnet/thin translucent if you can bear the gusts of wind!). Or, you can wear above-the-knee boots! It works perfectly well too!

#3 Now that we got the outfits done, accessories come in!

Big belts can easily be your statement piece this autumn. Better to go with bolder accessories than the thinner and delicate counterparts! Try on a few scarfs and ta-da! This autumn is all about making a statement. Be a minimalist when it comes to the number of accessories. Wear just one or a maximum of two.

Source: Pinterest

#4 A Trench can never be less than Iconic

A good trench coat is a must-have! You can wear it into winter as well! For this season, I would recommend you to have a thinner coat like a duster. However, a trench would give you a great look. It gives you a standard look that you can wear it to any place regardless of whether it should be formal or not. Living in the tropical part of the northern hemisphere, I don’t really experience harsh winters. For those like me, we can go for our trench coat cousins – the trench-coat look-alikes but with a thinner material to suit our season!

#5 For those into Street Style

A good bomber jacket and trainers is essential. A staple look would be a crop tee, jeans, bomber jacket and your favourite trainers. To dress up your look, you can wear boots. Top it off with a cap! Wear dimmer colours. Bright colours or colour pop is not in. Maybe button-me-down clothes or zipped clothes can lift your look. One of the best styles for this season to look chic and casual will be Street Style.

Source: Pinterest

5 Confessions of a Fashion Blogger

By L.R. ❤

Hey guys!

It has been a long time dear readers but I am back! I really can’t believe it that this semester is still super intensive.

Now for the secrets…

#1 Guilty as charged

Source: Giphy

Hmmmn…… On any normal ‘ordinary’ day, I do NOT dress up. It is hilarious when I introduce myself as a fashion blogger and I’m not in the most fashionable clothes that day. I know that some fashion bloggers are extremely motivated to dress up every day and every day is a gift to wear something special. I completely agree with you but it’s just not me. On any given week, at least 4 days would be good and I can’t assure you about the rest 3 days!

#2 Hahahaha… you wanna know how I feel?! (Oh man!)

Source: Tumblr

I panic when my friends ask me to comment on their outfits! I know that they are judging me on how I comment on their outfits. As a fashion blogger, I know the truth but if their outfits are not really great, I am stuck at a Catch-22 situation. Can’t let my opinion out either way. I try to tell them what they want to hear… If there is any flaw, yes girls, I downplay it!

#3 Yes, I’m learning along with you

It was around this time last year when I fell hard for learning about fashion and how it works. However, I’m not an expert when it comes to fashion. I usually do my research before I write a good content blog entry. Also, when readers ask me to write about men’s fashion or fashion that I’m not really concentrating on, I do a loooooot of research! I make sure my tips and advice is right because I value you guys. ❤

#4 Trends… not all are worth following

It is quite unexpected but in real life, I don’t follow some trends that are Internet-crazy. I write about them – why they are good and why they are bad. But, that doesn’t mean I’ll follow every single one of them! I love the current shape of my eyebrows.. I would never trade it for the eyebrow trends! That is why I empower you with the knowledge of why and how to sport the trend and then, you get to choose whether it suits your personality or not.

#5 It is my second-life

Source: AZQuotes

Being a blogger is my second identity. I’m a University student with grades to keep up and college activities to do. I blog about fashion because it is my passion. I never want to see blogging as a work because I would rather write quality content than many bad articles just to fill up the space. I have to apologise that I haven’t been active lately but I’ll make it up to guys at my first opportunity!

Love you! ❤

When do you look the Most Attractive?

Secret Spilled

Hey everyone!

Exclusively for this month – Five tips for everyone, three special tips for our girls and three for the guys!

#1 Just listen

Everyone loves to talk about themselves. Don’t just hear them but also listen! Remember the small details. Ask genuine questions and not the fake ones to show that you are interested. Don’t smile with your teeth throughout even if the person is dead gorgeous. Smiling with lips closed during the talk and a flash of teeth towards the end shows natural and genuine interest!

#2 Dress in Red


Red is regarded as the third colour to be named in most languages after black and white. It signals something passionate. Originally, it was used to find the ripest of fruits (during our great ape times) and then it was associated with love and lust. It is scientifically proven that there cannot be any other colour that can trigger attractiveness like red. Now guys and girls, get your red outfits on! Don’t overdo it but don’t forget it either! Click here to find out why red is always a sensation!

#3 Be around the person

You don’t even have to speak to the person for them to find you attractive! Just be around them. Over time, your quirks and your way of things will slowly rub on them. Familiarity with the advantage of proximity is the best you can hope for!

#4 Shoes, shoes and shoes


The first subconscious thing a person notices about you is your footwear. Quick! Go spend the money on shoes rather than anything else! Guys, go for the classic closed shoes with good stitching… my dear girls, you have all the freedom in the world to choose your favourite brand; I know that I can trust your taste! But do get a pedicure session ASAP!

#5 This is a bit weird but wait to be approached… it will make you look 10 times more attractive. Science IS weird.

So, have you seen these playboys who talk to every person in the group and leave out that one hot girl? He is using the tool of avoidance. So, the girl would immediately not get the attention she is used to and decides initiate conversation with him. Trust me, when a person initiates a conversation with you, you will look 10 times more attractive in their eyes.

Now for my ladies!

z-cicek-desenli-brokar-abiye-elbise--lila--gamze-ozkul-278235-1Girls, it is a scientific fact that you look so much more appealing when you are ovulating. So bring the diva out of you during this phase.

Be self-confident because most men find this quality attractive but in the other end of the universe, there are still some communities were they find shy girls beautiful!

Remember that you don’t need to expose skin to look beautiful. You just have to be elegant, carry yourself gracefully and be charming as always!

Gentlemen —

Wear branded clothes – It just makes a man look better. Always look presentable. Subconsciously, a girl expects her man to have a status and resources. A good outfit can take you to heights.

DO NOT overdo your gym workouts. Some girls get freaked out by heavily muscled guys… Maintain the lean figure!


When you want to attract the girl you have been eyeing for weeks now, make her see you with a musical instrument even if you don’t play it. Science says that girls always associate a charmer with musical instruments!


Top 5 picks for each style from Stella McCartney Pre-Fall/Winter Collection 2017-18

Stella McCartney has come up with the brand new collection that just released a few days ago. It is all about fall and winter this time!

Fringes, blazers and weather-bearing fabric encrusts this collection to its ultimate! Black, white, faded red and camel brown are the dominating four colours on the palette reflecting winter.

Casual Style: 

This is the daily-wear style. This came as a complete surprise to me that Stella McCartney has Casual styles in this collection. This usually festive brand does come up with great daily-wear clothes…. daily-wear clothes that wouldn’t get you cringes but glances of pure admiration.

This is the most casual outfit that I found in the collection. Not great but still chic.

Source: Vogue

This is the most futuristic of Stella McCartney’s closet of casual outfits. It is my favourite as it has a unique style that may come up to be the trend soon. Also, it goes with the weather. You don’t want to wear short exposing clothes this winter!

Source: Vogue

Gothic style:

For all those who scream black, Stella has got a lot for you to choose from. It goes from sleek black to black with golden dots and sequins. The range for black is from head-to-toe full-sleeved collared black ensemble to leather black cape.

You can never go wrong with this outfit.

Source: Vogue

This is my favourite black outfit as it has the flavour of gothic and punk in it; yet, it is so elegant and graceful, all at once.

Source: Vogue

Prints and Fringes to enliven the Fall and Winter:

Yes, you are right, there are quite a few prints and fringed clothes. The prints do not overpower the mood of the winter/fall but it’s presence is felt. Fringes on the other hand dominate the outfit and makes sure it has the spotlight.

Girly style:

Stella McCartney is not Stella McCartney without a lace outfit. This is the only lace outfit but it does have a edgy effect to it. It shows the feminine side in a powerful and bold way. It is not completely girly but it can be put under this style as who loves lace more than the girly girls?! The pleats complete the girly side to the dress.

Source: Vogue

Fur to the fullest:

Don’t get me wrong! I love animals and I don’t encourage killing them! This collection does include a few fur coats. I am not sure if it is real fur or not but from a fashion point of view, it would not be right for me to not review it.

Source: Vogue

The fur coats give a warm feeling and it makes the winter look warmer. It looks perfect with any dress beneath it – let it be a solid colour or full prints. The coats have different patterns and this pattern styles give depth to the outfit.

This is Stella McCartney pre-fall/winter 2017-18 collection for you, dear readers!!! Yes, there are the trench coats, blazers and capes. But those are all a bit too normal for Stella McCartney’s brand new collection! Meet you again with another review and top picks of a new collection!

Until next time,


P.S. To see all 40 outfits, see Vogue France.

June marks the next month ~ 6 months In!

June Cover Page With Model S

Hey people! Happy June to all of you! College has been pulling me in all directions and I promise you that this month I will update as much as I can… This month, we celebrate the youth and power. Along with that, 3 major brands have let out their special collections!! Review time this month!

Special blog post this month – When are you the most attractive?! Stay tuned!


Instagram Tricks #04

You know you thought it was all fine… until you saw it! #2 is essential. By L.R.

Hey guys! Sorry that I have not been here in a while! Coz it was vacation time!!! Back to college now and regular stress has resumed! Hahahaha!

In this post, it is going to be about Instagram captions!

1. It’s all about the size

*Paper Towns* Source: Pinterest

You don’t need to write volumes of books under that one picture or escape without writing one at all! This is the place to show how witty you are as a person. Once you take the picture, you are bound to be excited to share it and you wouldn’t spare much time for the caption. You know what? You should coz that is when you can prove that you are beauty with brains. ALSO, do not write your caption for more than 20 words. NO. Refrain from long captions. What you can do instead is, break it into different lines.  The easiest way to do this is to type it in the notes app in your mobile and to copy and paste in the caption box. Ta-da!

Common Captions (from which you can drive your inspiration!)

  1. I can be your princess and your worst nightmare.
  2. Too sweet to handle.
  3. A smile is a blessing.
  4. Without you, I can be anybody but with you, I am someone special.
  5. I know that I’m so cute!

2. Different Tricks into writing a good caption!

Source: Pinterest

Some questions that I get asked frequently is how to write a good caption. The best is to steal the golden lines from poems, quotes and lyrics!

“Would you die for me? No, that is too easy. Would you live for me?” *Suicide Squad*

That caption would catch anyone’s attention! Make sure the quotes aren’t bland and they have emotions attached to it!

“Real men don’t take selfies” is another common caption. It is assertive. It makes the caption good stuff. It has humour to. Humour is a good thing to work with. It makes the caption memorable! Humour with rhyme is Genius!

3. Hashtags – The Functional Number found!

The number is *11*. At least 11 hashtags per post will get you a good number of engagements! The best would be 11 but you can put up to 30. After 30, it may not be worth it. Try not to make the hashtags look spammy. You can do this either by inserting them as the first comment or use the ‘dots’ or ‘hyphens’ to separate them from the caption. You can do this using the notes app. So, the hashtags will not be seen until the other users click the See more option.

Source: Scene.sg

Instagram Tricks #03

When you pose in front of graffiti walls, you must do this. By L.R.

Hey guys! I have been noticing lately that there are many of you bloggers who love to take pictures by standing against the graffiti walls….Hmmmn. That sure is quite interesting. Make these pictures stand out!

1. Avoid the Common Mistake

Source: Daily Telegraph

This picture can be a classic example of what is right and what is wrong. Still don’t get it? Many people do not get the colour schemes right. They need to outshine the graffiti behind them to actually be seen. The guy in grey is more prominent than the guy in black. Do not wear darker shades only because you look good in them…. Think about what would be different from the art’s colours… What would pop out…Also, another major part of this mistake is positioning yourself. Position yourself in such a way that there is lesser distraction behind you. You neither want to restrict the screaming art nor let it scream more than you. Choose well, readers!

2. Lighting – Get it right

Source: Pinterest

Natural lighting is the best when it comes to these pictures. With black being the ultimate favourite colour of most graffiti artists, you can see a lot of black up there. So, if there is too much black, then avoid the “vignette” option. If there isn’t, then use it to a level that it teases the picture and adds on to the mystery of the picture. You can add a little bit of saturation for the colourful walls. Do not add much exposure as either you might disappear or the art may fade away… While editing this picture, keep in mind that the wall must pop out – not you. When the wall looks great, you will be seen definitely!

Waiting to see your Instagram feeds with this trick! Keep me updated!