Guest Blog Series – For the Poet in You #7

Blind, Deaf And Dumb

Originally published at Frank Solanki


Frank Solanki

I’ve got to make a confession

I hope that you don’t mind

I can only see your face

To others, I am blind

I can hear your whispers

Even hear you in my dreams

I must be turning deaf now

For I can’t hear others scream

People talk to me all the time

But I am totally numb

I only respond to your voice

To others, I am dumb

I only want you around me

Others, I just ignore

They are all just diseases

You are my only cure

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The Art of Disguise #8: Burberry brings the Whole Art of Trench Coats to display

Burberry, its trench coats and its history. Straight from Singapore… By L.R.

For all those who missed the Burberry Trench Coat Exhibition in Singapore at ION Orchard, here are the details! Burberry is the classic British brand that is known for its trench coats… why even the royal family owns those coats! It is recommended by the royal stylist and do I need to go further about its reputation?!

Starting with the Tools!

As soon as I entered the store, I witnessed the Burberry essentials to make the coats. It was displayed on the wall and a table on the right. All the tools were put on display and even some of the iconic straps with buckles and a few other fabric pieces made into belts and collars were exhibited.


Here is a closer look – get to see what was displayed on the table!

The Most Important part of making a Trench Coat? Assembling!

The Burberry attendant went on to take me into the journey of Burberry from its past to present. After showing these tools, he went on to show me the way Burberry cuts its fabric and the different pieces they gather to make the signature trench coat.

These pieces are to be assembled properly before the trench coat is made. Also, one thing that is amazing about this company is that all its coats are made in Britain. No, no third world country is taken advantage!

It’s more fun when it has the C-word: Customised!

A fun fact? Most of the Burberry trenches are customised! So, they do need your exact measurements! During the exhibition time, Burberry prompted that its buyers can get their monogram on their trench coats. It becomes just so special with the initials in a golden coil!

Usually, since it is customised, Burberry doesn’t really suggest the monogram concept. However, the exhibition took it to a whole new level!

Fashion. Check. Stop!

The next stop was at the different collections ranging from 2010 to 2017 were on display! There were mannequins lined up as though they were on the runway. The attendant told that personally he liked the latest collection trench with the cape the best! Who doesn’t like a bit of batman and harry potter and gothic nature? Cape has surely turned the comic enthusiasts more into fashion!

Personally, I liked the one with the lace. It looked more elegant. Another surprising thing is that all the trench coats displayed there had different fabric!

Tropical Country and Trench Coats… something is funny

I couldn’t stop myself but ask the representative about how often do these coats sell on average! Singapore can never be extremely cold. Professionals are allowed to wear shorts to work due to the weather conditions! Then, how do these trench coats sell?!

He replied that usually the spring/summer collection never faces any reduction in sales. As for the autumn/fall and winter collections, people travel to the colder countries and he just smiled. Yep, Burberry makes the cut. People do need Burberry in their lives.

The Time it became famous!


These outfits look kinda vintage today but in the past, it served great purposes! The outfit on the left was used a 100 years ago. It was used by a person to battle the cold in one of the poles, if I am not wrong. He used the same fabric to build a tent and he survived the cold! That is one of the first times when the Burberry fabric was acknowledged!

The outfits on the left belong to a certain Sir and Lady who sailed their way to a place of extreme climate. In return to the fabric and outerwear from Burberry, they named their ship as “The Burberry”!

These pieces are still there in original condition! The store attendant went on further to tell me how Burberry embraces its past. He took me to the nearest set of trench coats. He showed how the current trench coats mimic the ones made during the World War time! There were places to hold the gun and there were clutch for the arms! The shoulders of the trench coats did surely have the army like definitions!

I missed the portrait room because I went to the exhibition only during the last few days. However, this was one grand experience!

Raffiey Nasir Haute Couture 2017 is nothing but Ravishing!

Singapore meets Raffiey Nasir at Singapore Modest Fashion Weekend 2017 “Gala Night”… by L.R.

Raffiey Nasir started out his journey in 2009 and here he is, featured at the Singapore Modest Fashion Weekend 2017! This is reportedly the first modest fashion show at Singapore and all the collections showcased spoke in different tones. I attended the last segment of the fashion weekend last Sunday and witnessed 3 designer collections.

This collection was exhibited at the end – people do say that best things wait for the end to happen! The Gala Night show’s hostess revealed that the collections are based on the Eid celebrations that will happen during late June 2017.

IMG_6848    IMG_6839

Guess that there were 19 outfits in the collection… Here, I have displayed 10 outfits! Nope, it isn’t that these were my 11 favourite outfits but, these were the only outfits i could catch properly in my phone camera! Although I was seated in the first row in the second tier (it was elevated – the first tier of seats were reserved for the designers’ guests) of seats, I couldn’t get snap these pictures clearly – Forgive me! Note to myself #1- Get a camera, the next time you go to a fashion show.

IMG_6890   IMG_6821

The Palette for the Night!

Shades of blue, tan and black ruled the runway! Champagne, tan and sparkly metallic colours are the indicators of festivity… the surprising colour in the palette is blue and the shades of same! Blue is always a calm colour. A colour that radiates elegance. A colour that doesn’t want to be out of the occasion. But, it sure is a colour that will not be forgotten! Nasir takes this to his advantage a features multiple outfits with this colour.

“Blue is always a calm colour. A colour that radiates elegance. A colour that doesn’t want to be out of the occasion. But, it sure is a colour that will not be forgotten! Nasir takes this to his advantage a features multiple outfits with this colour”

IMG_6901   IMG_6831

Trends the reigned the collection

All the outfits conveyed modesty with its long skirts. The reason why each of them spoke differently is because of the difference in design! The trend of ruffles seems to have an effect on this collection. Along with these playful ruffles are cheery fringes and tassels! Personally, I felt that they could be reduced as looked overdone with the dress. It looked like there was too much going on. However, they did bring life to the dress!

IMG_6864  IMG_6859

For the ‘Shape of you’

Are you Apple-shaped woman or Perfect hour-glass? Then, these are made for you – the waist part is usually covered with layers of dress or fringes and so, it gives a fuller appearance! I wouldn’t suggest the Pear-shaped gals to go for this collection as it might make your hips and waist appear broad….but the first pic in this post (with the pants) maybe your best chance. My rectangle lasses, this is the match made in heaven! This collection sculpts to show you off as a shapely woman.

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 1.50.08 pm

My favourite bits and pieces

One of my favourite outfits is a pink one, but I couldn’t snap a non-blurry picture of it… Sorry guys.. However, I did get a picture of this dress (look below the next para!) It was the only dress of the its colour – It had a certain punch to it.

My two other favourite parts of the show was the tan-brown outfit (displayed as the first picture in this post) and the totally futuristic collar-lines! The tan-brown outfit is particularly spectacular for one, it has a beautiful contrast between the colour and the sparkly silver and two, it is an outfit that people can rock in even on days outside the entire festivity!

Most of the neck lines were the basic necklines.. there were of course some boat-shaped neck lines.. and then there were these collars that stole the show! People do love long necks… but there will soon be a time when the collars are back in fashion! The broad collars show majestical elements. It is combined with the boat-shaped necklines and this is quite an interesting twist… But do remember, while wearing this kind of neckline, DO NOT wear statement earrings! A neck piece (a big and bold one) would do the job… and do be considerate of it because you don’t want to overdo the dress.


Next up is THE dress that stole the thunder of the show! With a special introduction (a mystical song) and a huge round of applause, I can safely claim that this dress was a  definite hit. The metallic patterns graced the dress as though fabric has never seen its finest in fashion. It did hug the body like most of the displayed outfits but had uniqueness added to it.  It had the metallic light on it and the tan in the dress showed itself off too! It was elegant and it stood out compared to the rest of the outfits. This was a perfect outfit to close the show.

“The metallic patterns graced the dress as though fabric has never seen its finest in fashion”

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 1.47.06 pm

The designer, later on, brought to light that even though this collection may embrace the occasions, it is nothing but the Raffiey Nasir Haute Couture 2017!

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication. Nasir was one of the only designers who met his collection’s admirers after the show was over! He was kind enough to engage in a small talk with us.


You guys do remember Vindhya, the vlogger, right? Yep, we went together for this show! She is standing to the right of Nasir! Having a friend with you is a good thing! Having a friend with the same interests and craziness is the best thing ever! We were thrilled to take a photo with Nasir and to find our way to a pita place twenty minutes away! This whole experience of going to a fashion show was super fun! Raffiey Nasir, if you are reading this, then I must say that you made our day when you talked to us and posed with us for a picture!


Guest Blog Series – For the Poet in You #6

Good-bye also means letting go…
Written by Adrija Chakravarti and originally published in THE RINK

Goodbye (Sonnet)

Source: Oprah

Do you remember the good old days?

When you were the only person who understood

We were catching a few of the sun’s rays,

Looking at the blue-green sea, we stood.


You were always supportive, always there

I was always trouble but you still kept

My secrets and you always did care

And with those fond memories, I almost wept.


But, then you changed, you became heartless,  mean

Those old memories forever gone

I kept quiet, hoping you could be cleaned

From the taint of teenage change, from bullies


I was wrong, so I let go of the past

I let go, my friend, and found peace, at last.

©Adrija Chakravarti

About Adrija in her own words:

Poetry was never my favourite topic in school, but this particular one is one I am quite proud of because it was written about personal experiences. I wrote this poem about losing one of my closest friends in middle school who then turned out to bully me for the rest of the year. Even though this happened, looking back, I am thankful for it as it made me stronger. Poetry had given me a chance to express my feelings and it gave me more appreciation for the literature form.

Thank you A!! Your poem is deep and shows the brightest side of letting go…! Love your work!

Dearest readers and poets!

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Can you feel the love tonight? Then, you can smell it too!

Scent of a woman? Think of scent of a man too! Scents really work with love! By L.R.

When I thought that it is all about  falling in love at first sight, I came upon an article that said that you involuntarily fall in love at the first smell too! While we notice our S.O.’s eyes and hair and everything ‘pretty’, we do involuntarily smell them too! It is not about the perfume or the deodorant or the cologne that they use… it is something different that we smell!

Source: The Odyssey Online

It smelled fishy…. until I found a study!

It is funny that our smell attracts only a selected few… the ones with whom we will eventually fall in love! I researched more on this intriguing stuff and found that there was a study set up on this, “Smelly T-shirt Study”. As hilarious as it sounds, it is worth it! I wrote an article about it and I sent it to an online news website! It got published!

Exclusively for you:

I put up some distinct features that men notice in women and women in men! Enjoy!


Source: Pinterest

Guest Blog Series – For the Poet in You #5


Source: Psychology Today

Do you know what is despair?

I don’t know it

but from what I see nobody does.

Do you know what is despair?

An orphaned child who enjoyed the love of mother

suddenly finds himself on the road

with no one to guide no one to provide

that is despair, despair for mother’s love.

Do you know what is despair?

A confident business man who enjoyed the wealth

suddenly finds himself in so much debt

with nothing to drive him nothing to help

that is despair, despair for the right vision.


Do you know what is despair?

A friend who enjoyed the warmth of his mate

suddenly finds himself helpless to help

with nothing to share and nothing to cheer

that is despair, despair for a lost friend.


This is the despair that torments

me whenever I see you.

©Nilesh Rajendran

Nilesh is a person, who looks beyond the outer world and looks into emotions and feelings with a philosophical touch. With all his poems centred on his life experiences, he really does not depend on cameras to capture the moment. The experiences filled with great magnitude and gravity are his special interests – poetry topics. Being just 19 years old, we can definitely say that he will keep writing and captivating his audience with words!

Thank you N!

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The Art of Disguise #7: 3 different Fashion Styles with responses from friends, S.O., and OKCupid!

Originally published in Bustle and written by Marie S. Ospina… Exclusive news on poetry submissions for the guest blog series.

This article was published on August 21st 2014 in Bustle. Marie tells about her three days with three styles and three responses from three different people/platform! And here you go!

P.C.: Bustle Feed – Marie S. Ospina’s post. 21. 08.2014


I Dressed as a Goth, a Party Girl, and a Manic Pixie Dream Girl — Here’s How My Friends, Partner, and OKCupid Reacted

This is actually based on an experiment but a story worth reading! Find out her art of disguise and if really did work!

Exclusive news: Poetry of all genres are accepted! This blog series will end with just 4 more poems! What are you waiting for?! Send it in to